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Distance inconsistencies.

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Vadim Is anyone else bothered by all the distance inconsistencies throughout the book? Let me review the Odyssey's path through space: it made 5 jumps to get from Earth to Ranquil. First, 4.5 light-years to Alpha Centauri; Second, 28 light-years to the battle where they found Milla; Third, 20 light-years to an agricultural colony; Fourth, 20 light-years to Port Fuielles; Fifth, about 30 light-years to Ranquil. The last distance isn't given specifically, but it is stated that the maximum distance a transition drive can travel at the current time is about 30 light-years, so it can't be much more than this; all the other distances are specifically mentioned as coordinate calculations.
Ok, so let's hear what Weston tells Roberts: we found Milla 45 light-years away from the Sol system, the colony was 58 light-years away from Sol, and Port Fuielles is 90 light-years away. How can this be? Even traveling in a straight line 4.5+28 =/= 45!
Also, according to Weston the distance between the colony and Port Fuielles has to be at least 90 - 58 = 32 light-years. That is if they're in a straight line away from Earth. If they're not in a straight line then the distance can be much grater, however it can never be smaller. Yet, earlier in the book they jumped exactly 20 light-years from the colony to get to Port Fuielles. What the heck? This is so confusing!

Vadim Nobody else is bothered by this I guess. Ok, here's something else that I remember that made no sense to me at all: Whenever Weston is on the bridge, Roberts is also there as his second in command, supporting him. However, whenever Weston leaves the bridge, he leaves Roberts in charge. So, Roberts is on the bridge when Weston is there and he's on the bridge when Weston is not there. When does Roberts get to leave the bridge? Does the man not sleep!?

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