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Little Women vs Penderwicks (All the Similarities)

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*I'm going to be editing this a LOT because there are so many similarities that I've forgotten half of them, so if there are any missing, leave a comment and I'll make sure to add it!*

the obvious ones:
1) Rosalind - Meg (sweet, takes-charge sister)
2) Skye - Jo (smart second sister)
3) Jane - Beth (airhead, sweet)
4) Batty - Amy (kind of nobody, likes her own routine, marries the one who should have married Skye/Jo UGHHHH)
(and I don't want to be rude but the other two don't rlly count since they aren't full Penderwicks, at least not the ones who are in the majority of the books)

the less obvious ones:
Dusek - Father Bhaer
Mrs March - kind of Iantha, also mostly Mr. Pen (see below)
Mr. March - kind of Mr. Pen, almost mostly Mrs. Pen (see below)

the really not obvious ones:
>> Mr. March is out of the picture the first half of the book, and Mrs. March is basically a single parent. Mrs. Penderwick is out of the picture the first half of the series, and Mr. Penderwick is a single parent. In the middle of the book, Mr. March comes home, and is there, involved a ton and then kind of peters off - and Iantha becomes a Penderwick at the very very end of book two, which is roughly in the middle of the series, is there a lot in the fourth book, and then the fifth you don't really hear much from her.

>> Wesley is Amy's Fred Vaughn that she meets in France or somewhere and Laurie is like what about him and she's like well I could have been happy with him if I had tried. Which is basically what Batty says because she's like oh I do love him but not the kind of love that he deserved, something along those lines. If you want page numbers from LW, I can give them to you. :)

>> Fred Vaughn ends up deciding he wants to go to blank (don't remember where) and Amy doesn't want to so she leaves him (!!), just like Batty telling Wesley she doesn't want to go to Oregon (plz come back Wesleyyy)

>> Batty travels a lot, too, just like Amy. She sees the sights. She's upset, JUST LIKE AMY, because it's right after she breaks up with Wesley and then she sees Jeffrey (just like Amy is upset after she breaks up with Fred, then upset about Beth's death, then sees Laurie).

>> Laurie comes into the garden where Amy's sitting and watches her and is like wow she's so grown up and then she looks up and sees him. JEFFREY DOES TOO DANG IT. He looks in the window and is like that's Rosalind and Lydia's like nah and he's like wow she's so grown up and then SHE LOOKS UP AND SEES HIM CRAP.

I'm just surprised that she didn't kill off Jane (Beth) - seems like she did everything else! Basically just copied LW word for word. I was reading LW, just skimming after the part where Laurie proposes to Amy (a little ways after that tho) which was ew but we're not going to dwell on that - but a little while after that it's just like so Penderwicks it was disgustingggg.

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I think you can use my literature references discussion ( Little Women theory).
Please consider that Beth isn't a writer.

Fred lives in England, and Amy would have to move. She rejects him mainly because she doesn't like his blonde hair color.
Laurie meets Amy in Nice, sees how matured she is and spend some time together. Then Laurie leaves and apparently Amy rejects Fred's proposal ( we don't get much about details). Then Beth dies, and Amy writes to Laurie, Laurie comes ( even if Jo is sitting in grief at home), and sees her in the garden...OK, I'll reread this chapter...Isn't Amy reacting similar like Batty when she sees Jeffrey?
I just think that Birdsall mixed character and fate of two sisters.
Like Jane is a writer like Jo. But actually, Beth lives in her own world and suffered from heart disease. Like Jane's heart is broken...

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*Corrected! Thank you. idk why I was thinking Beth was a writer...

aw that's sad, to think of Jane's heart as being broken. I mean, I was never all whoo team Jane, but it's still sad and I never disliked her. :(

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Skye is blonde and hates literature like Amy. But she's the second oldest and clever tomboy like Jo.

Rosalind is quiet and likes cooking like Beth. But the soft-hearted, responsible oldest sister like Meg.

Batty is shy and loves animals and music like Beth. But the youngest sister, who gets the boy, like Amy.

We could include Lydia and Ben as Meg's twins Daisy and Demi.

And Dusek isn't a good Bhaer because Jeffrey is settled in Germany and is the one who should return to the family, like Bhaer.
Bhaer never urged Jo to marry him. He was so shy and asked her only in the end.
But the reason for Skye was flimsy: I can't understand why it was necessary to invite Dusek's family to Rosalind's wedding and then: TA- Da, now you can marry because everything is felt forced. For me, Jeffrey had still more similarities to Bhaer than Dusek has.

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Curiously, I found a bed time short movie of Little Women. Beth is there reading books and absent-minded. But perhaps the Penderwicks are already influencing LW.
Perhaps Birdsall mixed Elizabeth from Pride and Prejudice and Elizabeth from Little Women in Batty. Mrs. Tifton's demanded marrying ban is quite similar to Lady de Bourgh's. And little Georgia, Nick's daughter, could be named after Georgiana.

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I thought Lady Catherine and Mrs. Tifton were similar too! I thought maybe she was going down the "last man in the world I could never marry OK nvm" road, but apparently she wasn't :(

ig she started out with P&P and LW mixed, and then ended up just going all the way for LW :P

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Nisha I always knew that Jeanne Birdsalle might pull a Little Women in terms of who ends up with Jeffrey, but I thought it would be Jane, not Batty, considering their developmental gap for most of the series. 19 and 26 isn't that significant, but idk, did anyone else envision a love triangle between Skye, Jane, and Jeffrey?

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Yes, I was previously a Jane shipper because Jane seemed to be similar to Amy, but actually she is also like Skye a mix of Jo and Amy, and perhaps of Meg and Beth, too.
I assumed that Jeffrey is not 100% Laurie, but also Pearson is Laurie because he was Skye's buddy at home. That's why I assumed mostly that Skye and Jeffrey (he's calm and kind like Bhaer, but younger.) and Jane and Pearson would get together. But Pearson wasn't in the last book!
And for me Batty was always Beth - and Laurie was really kind to Beth. In Little Women, Jo asks Beth if she loves Laurie, and Beth answers: No, of course not - he loves you!
This was what I expected. For Jane I would also have liked Artie or Nick, and I'm so frustrated that she was never lucky/happy in love...Then I hoped that Wesley could be fitting, but he could be too young for Jane.

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Westley, imo, would still be a perfect match for Batty and I'm still mad about that...I always thought of Batty as Beth, too! She and Jeffrey always seemed like brother and sister to me, never potential lovers. Ew!

@Mona, right? I was like ok yeah she could make it LW but so many people are shipping Skeffrey she wouldn't dare, because everyone knows that Jo and Laurie were a glitch in the book! It made me really sad when she still did that. I thought about the love triangle too, but Jane seemed to airheaded that she didn't have time for love, yk?

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Jane wants to be loved. She wishes some attention and romantic, thoughtful gifts. She was Skye's rival, when the visit in Boston was possible. She even writes a text that Jeffrey would say to Skye that he likes Jane more than Skye. And she is so happy about the Prelude for Sabrina Starr by Jeffrey...she would like compositions for herself.
And her crush on Dominic...
I think she is crushing a lot of boys, but actually she always just talks about heartbreaks. Jane is perhaps disappointed because no boy matches to her imagined Prince Charming.
And sometimes I think that Pearson would be the right one: He seems to be interested in theatre plays and also poetic thoughts.
And don't forget: In the beginning it was Pearson whom you described as airhead!!
Jane spent her time in the Penderwicks so much with her love Stories..she Just needed perhaps a Break...

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Yah ig Pearson's an airhead (wow u must have a rlly good memory, I didn't know I said that lolol) but still, Melissa admits to Skye that she has a crush on him so doesn't that make them rlly good for each other esp because Pearson's kind of annoying, like Melissa? idek tho haha

Artie's so sweet though that he seems more poetic than Pearson who's into sports. Artie's just an artist, not a sporty person.

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Why is Pearson sporty???.?
Pearson thinks that Skye has written the play and admires it because of its thoughts of love and death...
But for a book 4 epilogue I would decide for Artie (:

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He plays soccer. I mean, ig that doesn't necessarily mean sporty, but it's a sport and as far as ik, Artie doesn't play any.

Yay, go Jartie! :)

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I think I have found a theory to explain all the mess:
My theory is that Skye was supposed to get together with Jeffrey because Birdsall considered her to be Amy. I think that Birdsall kept this theory at least in book 1 and 2. Birdsall couldn't be sure that she would manage to write a series of 5 books. There's a mirror structure. The only foreshadowing with Batty and Jeffrey are the cute ending scenes: Jeffrey gets Batty's wings, in book 2 , he embraces Batty alone after Skye and Jane embraced him together, in book 3, Batty is in a Car together with Jeffrey and Alec, whereas Skye and Jane drive together with their aunt, and in the last book, Mrs.Tifton thinks that Jane or Skye want to marry Jeffrey, but doesn't think about Batty.
Um, yes, I always saw Skye as Jo because she's a tomboy and second-oldest, but actually her ambitious, neat character fits better to Amy (and also her blond hair).
We never could hope for Jo and Laurie because in the interview on Kirkus Birdsall said that Amy was her favorite character and she didn't like how Alcott treated her. Actually, how Skye was annoyed by Jane, this could be a revenge on Alcott/Jo. When everyone saw Skye as Jo and Batty as Amy (no, she's Beth!), Birdsall tried to change her shippings. Batty turned out to become more and more Amy, and Skye more and more Jo (In book 3 Jane cuts her hair, but Skye keeps it short in book 4). Batty moved from animals and piano to singing ( I guess Amy was the best singer next to Marmee and Meg), and the mentore relationship is based on the Mentor idea of Amy and Laurie.
In the last book, Batty is completely Amy. St. Francis of Cameron is a reference to Little Rafael ( the archangel). To fill the gap, Lydia was introduced as a new Beth (yup, she does the cleaning and never attended to (dance) class). Lydia is itself a proof that Lizzy/Darcy was never a chance. Lydia is based on bubbling/ effusive Lydia Bennet, but Birdsall tried to give her as well Amy a better reputation. In fact, the European Dusek should be a little hint for Bhaer, but the characters are so different!! The insta-love and wedding urge is more based on Laurie/ Amy in Europe.
Oh, and Alice's Aunt Carol and the author Lewis Carroll are of course sly references to Amy's Aunt Carol. There are references to Camp Laurence ( Alice as Grace?). I'd rather see Dusek as Fred Vaughn instead of Bhaer. In fact, for me there are just too many Amys... Birdsall is a traitor if she really decided on that way. Skeffrey would be Jo/ Laurie, Amy/ Laurie and Jo/Bhaer in one couple. It would be perfectly Little Women .

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Yah she's such a traitor. She was acting all Skeffrey and now bam. What happened already?? It would have been such a sweet book if Skeffrey had finally gotten together after SUCH A LONG WAIT.

And she's said since the beginning that there would be five books, so we've all known this was the last one and it's not a stretch to assume that she knew where she was going with the story, it just felt like she was going towards Skeffrey and then suddenly changed her mind in the fourth book and actually made Baffrey happen in the fifth. I was so confused, annoyed, and really really sad! :(

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I really agree. In the interview she said already that Skye and Batty would fight in her imagination. That's why she cut Skye so much in the last book.And that's why Dusek is such a no- character. Because Skeffrey was the better way. I still can't understand why she wasted Wesley. Why? All girls are "improved": Skye lost her temper, Rosy is "strong", Batty has a lot of ex-boyfriends (she's 19 and was with 10 years still afraid of boys!), and Jane lost her crushing.
I'm even more confused because Jane is suddenly such a spinster. Some reviewers like the idea, but it isn't Jane! OK, Skye was the tomboy, but Jane alone isn't satisfying, neither for me nor for her character. All the characters are messed in the last book!
Really, perhaps you don't agree, but Jane was the most female sister. She loved dresses, dolls, jewelry, weddings, romance, poems, dedicated music, - I know that Jane said in the middle of the series in the middle of Point Mouette that she shouldn't get married and Skye said Batty should marry Jeffrey - and this would be a mean marker. Jane's crushing past (revealed in book 3 and 4) annoyed me sometimes even more, but Jane's too much a tomboy, like Alcott, suddenly against patriarchy, blah. Jane was always the admiring one, the bright girl, and it's such an extreme change...of course, Jane was never too vain or girlish. She had Sabrina Starr as a heroine, dressed as Tommy in his football clothes, was Mick Hart at soccer, and decided not to marry as Rainbow in her play. Anyway, there would be so many possibilities. I can't understand how Birdsall wasted Artie (or Pearson or Dominic).
It was so cute how we imagined a perfect wife for Nick, and Birdsall brought a woman called Laura. No figure, no character...I wished she didn't give a name because then I could name her Marianne or Harriet (Geek Girl)..

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Ok, everybody, let's take a look at "Castles in the air": Perhaps the Little Women characters for our Penderwicks get clearer:

"After I'd seen as much of the world as I want to, I'd like to settle in Germany and have just as much music as I choose. I'm to be a famous musician myself, and all creation is to rush to hear me. And I'm never to be bothered about money or business, but just enjoy myself and live for what I like. That's my favorite castle." -- Laurie, matching to Jeffrey.

"I should like a lovely house, full of all sorts of luxurious things––nice food, pretty clothes, handsome furniture, pleasant people, and heaps of money. I am to be mistress of it, and manage it as I like, with plenty of servants, so I never need work a bit. How I should enjoy it! For I wouldn't be idle, but do good, and make everyone love me dearly." Meg, matching to Rosalind. Or Jane?

"I'd have a stable full of Arabian steeds, rooms piled high with books, and I'd write out of a magic inkstand, so that my works should be as famous as Laurie's music. I want to do something splendid before I go into my castle, something heroic or wonderful that won't be forgotten after I'm dead. I don't know what, but I'm on the watch for it, and mean to astonish you all some day. I think I shall write books, and get rich and famous, that would suit me, so that is my favorite dream." -- Jo. Do you agree with the match for Jane?

"Mine is to stay at home safe with Father and Mother, and help take care of the family," said Beth contentedly. "Don't you wish for anything else?" asked Laurie. "Since I had my little piano, I am perfectly satisfied. I only wish we may all keep well and be together, nothing else." --Beth. Who agrees that it's Batty?

"I have ever so many wishes, but the pet one is to be an artist, and go to Rome, and do fine pictures, and be the best artist in the whole world," was Amy's modest desire. -- Isn't Skye as ambitious as Amy?I know, it's not the same, but it depends on your picture of Amy...Could be perhaps also Batty, but only since book 4.

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I just reread a bit of book 1, and I got a new, old impression: Jeffrey is also James Laurence (Laurie's grandfather). His interaction is also more based on that: How Skye speaks about him, when Jeffrey is behind her, - how Jane makes her first visit to Jeffrey: Being Neighborly. Jeffrey is kind and helps Batty/Beth to get her first piano, even his "he, he" (chapter 6), and how Batty and Jeffrey embrace at Mr. Penderwick's wedding: Beth finds the palace beautiful.
Of course, Jeffrey is also similar to Laurie, but slowly believe the theory that Jane and Skye are both Jo, and Mr. Laurence and Laurie are Jeffrey. The age difference between Laurie and Amy is 4 years, between Jeffrey and Batty 7 years.
As you might guess, this is the way I would connect it with Little Women. I don't want to see Batty as Amy. And that's why I would assume that Jeffrey is just a friend for Batty and for Jo (Skye/Jane?) a love interest. And even in The Penderwicks in spring, Batty's interaction with Nick is more like Laurie an Amy (when he tries to persude her not to travel to Boston/go to Aunt March). I do like Skeffrey. But I am still frustrated because Jane is alone and everyone seems to like it.

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What about Skye as Amy in the new BBc series?
At least better as Kirsten Dunst or Liz Taylor.

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I agree abt Batty being Beth. idk about Jo and Jane but I can see it, I think...

and I think Skye is definitely most like Amy even though Amy is more into clothes and being graceful than Skye is (in that area, Skye's more like Jo bc they're both bumbly and stumbly and clumsy and tend to say the wrong things and aren't really very girlish at all).

Also I'm sorry that you didn't get your Jane married - that is sad, and as a Skeffrey fan who didn't get her wishes fulfilled, I can say that that is the worst disappointment, when everyone else seems fine with something you dislike strongly. So even though I was never on the Jane Train, I do understand where you're coming from and I'm so so sorry that Birdsall was such an idiot and didn't marry Jane! I did want her to be married, I just didn't mind as much as I would have if Skeffrey were already together - I think Skeffrey overshadowed Jane, so I didn't really think about her being single. Don't worry though, she's only 25 and thankfully Birdsall didn't ruin her with any weird husband that she made up on the can still imagine her with someone perfect! (Pearson or Artie or someone brand new that you make up to suit Jane.)

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And that wouldn't be a terrible Skye but you'd need to straighten her hair and cut it shorter... Luna and I had a PERFECT Skye, but while we were transferring the pins to my fan cast board, they all disappeared. We tried to track them down but no such luck. :( and I haven't found a perfect one since 😢

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Of course, not a perfect Skye...I meant it just as a new picture for Amy...
I'm just so frustrated because the most of the readers were so dump and destroyed Skeffrey just because they were like: Oh, this is like Jo and Laurie, but Batty could marry Jeffrey because she's Amy. And that is the sad point. I really could imagine that Birdsall did that's why jump and make Batty to her new Amy in The Penderwicks in Spring. Actually, it feels like Skye is the main character and it's not so easy to see Amy in Skye because Amy is always more in the shadow and seen through Jo's eyes...And this time Amy is a cool tomboy and we see airhead Jo through her eyes....Batty is the only sister after Skye we're seeing at school. And both have a class mate called Ginevra.
It's not just that Jane should marry. I would accept that she is waiting until her success. But that she was never lucky and then decided not to try again after so many heartbreaks..This is as odd as Skye falls insta-love with a random guy and marries him in a hurry. Wesley predicts success for Jane and perhaps she'll be happy then. Most reviewers missed Skeffrey, but all seemed to like that Jane should stay alone or be gay. This sudden attitude ist so-unlike Jane! She's suddenly a perfect Louisa Alcott!
And Nick isn't available anymore, so either Artie (Bhaer for Jo) or Pearson ( Laurie for Amy).
Actually, I do like the book despite all disappointments and I'm trying to write some additional chapters like a long epilogue. I'll work on alternate endings
I'll try some alternate endings. Wesley should return and after the urged marriage, Skye could get divorced from Dusek, and Jane could get either Wesley (?), Pearson - but I had Artie already in my fanfic and epilogue to the fourth book (:

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It's just unfair that even if Jane is not married in the book, there's no one possible for her, no one in prospect. I thought of Wesley, but he's Batty's boyfriend and could be a good Frank Vaughn. But actually Jack Pelletier reminds me of my Frank because he's also ice-hockey player and broke his arm (?). Some claim that Lydia would be Beth and anyway this could make sense...Idk

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yk if you're going to have Skye get a divorce then why have Jane marry Wesley? Why not have Batty marry him bc they're the cutest cpl and if Skeffrey's going to happen, Batty should get someone. And then Jane could marry Artie bc you already know this but I have such a soft spot for Jartie despite not being all whoo-whoo about Jane and her romantic relationships. OOOOH you should DEFINITELY have some DOMINIC DRAMA!! :O that could be the title of the chapter, too, if you wanted to be funny lolol 😂😂

oh yeah and you could have Lydia and Jack engaged! Like, have Lydia 18, Skye and Jeffrey already together, Rosalind and Tommy have like two girls and a son or something, yk that kind of thing, so that you can wrap up the frayed bits of what remains of the Penderwicks story.

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I can't write a divorce. I have my fanfic in my heart and I realized, that I'm under Birdsall's influence. My first ending of the new fanfic is abolished because it got Batty and Jeffrey together. I understand the good reviews because Birdsall' s book is a lullaby for brain. I guess if I hadn't the ache for Jane and not my fanfic for comparison, I would get persuaded, too. I'll use a new section for how Birdsall got me in rage with her interview and I found a lot of goofs in the book (I read it slowly the second time). Either Birdsall has very bad memory or it was really ghostwritten.

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aw yessss, I hope it was ghostwritten. It didn't really read like a real Penderwicks book. All those birdcalls, that was weird (tho that's not what I mean when I say it didn't read like a Penderwicks bk).

Yes yes yes definitely I really want to read your section about Birdsall's interview and list all the goofs you found because I'm really curious! (and besides, I could include that in my review.)

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Birdcalls = Birdsall?

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ok if that's what that is, Birdsall needs to get freaking over herself, all that "youngest is best" crap and everything 🙄🙄🙄

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I'll post the goofs today in a section. But you'll go to bed soon? I've just got up an hour ago (:

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Ya it was rlly late, I went to bed pretty soon after :)

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Proofs why Batty is Beth:
Batty was also called Battymouse and Beth's nickname was Mouse.
Batty is as shy as Beth, she is afraid of other people and likes hiding.
Batty loves animals, she loves and loses a beloved pet like Beth (And feels guilty that's why): Pip, the canary and Hound, the dog.
She likes music like Beth and is the only one in the family who can play the piano. She gets a piano in the story. And she can sing.
She's the one who gets sick (in Book 4). In Birdsall' s retelling Batty got never scarlet fever, but suffered from a psychological fever (feeling guilty for Hound's and her mother's death.). Jo/Skye feels guilty for her sister's pain .
Batty's relationship with Jeffrey is the friendship between Mr. Laurence and Beth (Beth finds the Palace Beautiful). Batty trusts someone who's older and confides all her sorrows. She gives a present (wings/slippers). (But she's not as afraid, when the other one says "He, he".
Beth seems to be the youngest sister because Amy is quite mature for her age. In the famous 1949 movie Beth is far younger than her sisters.

And think of book 2 of Gardam Street: When a sister is allowed to visit Jeffrey, Batty doesn't want to go because Hound would have to stay at home. That means that Jeffrey is not sooooooooooo important for her as some people would like to see it.

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Chapters; ?
Prologue (Book 2): Playing Pilgrims (1)

Book 1:
chapters: 5-9 (Jo visits Laurie, Beth and Mr. Laurence, Amy gets humiliated,a rescue, Meg gets disappointed), 21: Laurie's runaway plan and a little argument.

Book 2: 14 (Secrets!), 4, 2, 10 ( everyday life and theatre plays.)(30?: the sisters switch the visit), (32?: sister's sacrifice)

Book 3: 15, 11: sisters without parents,and Jo's hair cut, 6 (a piano)

Book 4: 11 (pet's death) 18 (illness), 19 (Amy stays somewhere else and has a dress-on), 22 (return from war), 23 (Meg and John Brooke), 39 (Mentor)

Book 5: 12 (Foreign visitors) 41 (Laurie returns to Amy), 43 (Amy and Laurie return married as a surprise)
four chapters from Jo's boys (the final book of Alcott's Little Women series): Josie plays mermaid (8, the essential inspiration of mobiles, rocks, acted death scenes and embodiments;), The worm turns (9, dealing with the "keep talking into marriage"), Aslauga's knight (21) and Positively Last Appearance (22)- well, I guess this was inspiration for poor Wesley. AND Pride and Prejudice in "Pins and Threats"

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oh my gosh you went to so much work tysm! I didn't think you would do all this, I really really appreciate it! I just wanted all the evidence in one place so that I could show my sister and tell her she's delusional if she thinks Batty and Jeffrey could ever be a thing, I thought you just had a couple points. I wouldn't have asked you to do it if I knew how much information and points you had gathered!

So thank you sm for doing it, I really appreciate it and I can't wait to tell her :) (she's coming home for the wkend so I have to wait until then unfortunately...)

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I did it for my fanfic already. Don't worry, I know Little Women by heart (:
I just needed the chapter titles and then I wrote it here, without rereading the Penderwicks. I did it everything already for my fanfic and because I wrote a fanfic for Little Women, I had to reread Little Women anyway. But I tried to read Jo's Boys and understood for the first time the text entirely and this is quite new for a theory.

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The problem is that Beth and Laurie shippers exist which I would tolerate if Birdsall would admit it.
If you like, you could try to read my mentioned Jo's Boys chapters. I think that almost no readers know it and perhaps it's also online. Would be interesting if you agree with my theory. I did already a comparison with Little Men, but always Little Women was stronger.
Perhaps you shouldn't read my Little Men comparison because this deals more with names.
But in this last book, almost nothing was genuinely Penderwicks. But I guess the mentioned chapters of the Little Women series.
And of course My favorite Pets, LaLaLand and Disney.
Whether readers might like it or not,
I hated it mostly because of her clumsy attempt to make Skeffrey forgotten and a lot of goofs dealing with the first book and the series.
And because of Nick and Jane who shouldn't left behind on this way. I would be disappointed even without hoping for Skeffrey

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this thing is so accurate

^^ your LW theory. That is so so cool that violinist in German is Geiger! I wondered where she got the last name. I thought it was such a cool name, now it's even cooler :P I wonder if she did that on purpose? She must have researched LW to death

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Or copied. Jane writes about art forgery (:

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LOL that's probably it. In fact you probably aren't too far off the track, I bet that's exactly what that thief did. >>:( lolol

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