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Frank Dravis Wisconsin Author Review

"The Foundry features Achelous, a man living a mysterious double life as an embedded native on an undeveloped world while also trying to defend that world from intergalactic turmoil. Dravis’s world-building skills are finely developed, as are his very real complex characters."

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Frank Dravis Review by Midwest Book Review

"The Foundry launches a new series that centers on cultural anthropologist Chief Inspector Achelous Forushen and his struggle with the galaxy-wide mining conglomerate Nordarken Mining, which would plumb the riches of the primitive world Dianis. Originally charged with protecting this world, Forushen is reassigned far away under suspicious circumstances and thus finds his loyalties and mission sorely tested."

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Frank Dravis Review by Portland Book Review

"The world building is complex and dual layered, with the science fiction of the advanced cultures that are involved in their own remote clash, and the fantasy and historical fiction elements found on the planet Dianis. Dianis is a flash to the past, with cultures reminiscent of those found on Earth in the 14th century. Members from the IDB work on studying the cultures and planet itself while endeavoring to protect it from predatory advanced cultures. Achelous and his fellow IDB field agents insert themselves into the cultures for better recon, and thus begins their conflict between what their job tells them they should do, and what they believe to be right. "

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