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These boys, I tell ya!

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Marcy *throws all feels out to the masses because why the heck not?*

Okay. So, Deck. He's just GREAT, yeah? Like, he's a hunk (or, rather, 'a wall' :)) but with depth & sensitivity, all hidden underneath humor, and f-bombs, and SEXINESS, LORDHELPME I love the guy.

And Naim! Oh God, NAIM. I just... CANNOT with him! No words for this character. None. Someone help me with this!

Also, shout-out to Keller and Jen! Their relationship with Deck and Naim, respectively, is fantastic. With each other - TOO CUTE!

I don't know where I'm going with this, except to say I'm still thinking about them!

*feels better* :)

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Lillian MacGowan I love that you love them! I do too. They're my babies because I'm a little unhinged and weird. And thank you re: Jen and Keller! I really wanted that "dumb boys" relationship with Deck and Keller but something a lot more mature for Jen and Naim, while still maintaining a sibling factor. I think I gave myself a crush on Keller.

Marcy I have a crush on Keller too!

Completely unexpected but then I was chuckling over his and Deck's crazy banter, and then their shared name (awesome!), and especially because of his love for Jen.

But I think what sold me on my crush on Keller, was what Jen told Naim:

'Do you know that my husband thinks you're one of the best men he knows?'


Everyone loves Naim, awww :)

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