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message 1: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1473 comments Way back in the beginning of time, it was suggested that this game could be used to get some help discovering artists that we didn't know much about. And that is exactly what this round is about for me.
Some months back, I acquired a free copy of one of Alice's albums, and to date, I haven't got around to adding to my collection, so let's have some suggestions.
I am prepared to accept anything which Alice got credited on, so the list of possible nominations appears to be endless, hoping to find some good ones.

Usual rules, noms close Sunday 10 pm, and it looks like I am gig free this weekend, don't know what to with myself now :-(

message 2: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 9070 comments Kicking off

Journey In Satchidananda

message 3: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1473 comments There goes the one I have :-(

message 4: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Spacepig wrote: "Way back in the beginning of time, it was suggested that this game could be used to get some help discovering artists that we didn't know much about. And that is exactly what this round is about fo..." some music, mibbe?! :)

Or do some off those jobs around the house that always get put aside! lol!

message 5: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments After Tim, from the same album:

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane

message 6: by Val (new)

Val H. | 15778 comments After Duke

Gets into the groove from 2:40 on....

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me

message 7: by Tech XXIII (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6727 comments efterval,

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me
Turiya And Ramakrishna

message 8: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 9070 comments Spacepig wrote: "Way back in the beginning of time, it was suggested that this game could be used to get some help discovering artists that we didn't know much about. And that is exactly what this round is about fo..."

Firstly, sorry for nicking your nom, Space! ;-)

This round will be a voyage of discovery for me also. I've only got one Alice Coltrane album too - a bootleg CD of 'Turiya Sings' from 1982, the first of four albums released only on cassette for the members of Shanti Anantam Ashram, of which she was spiritual director.

message 9: by Sj (new)

Sj Brooke | 2205 comments from "The Elements" (Joe Henderson album)

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me
Turiya And Ramakrishna

message 10: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1473 comments After sj

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me
Turiya And Ramakrishna
Angel Of Sunlight

message 11: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1473 comments Well, I had been hoping that by nomming something a bit out of the ordinary it might instill some interest from one or two of you. I couldn't have been more wrong!

Welcome folks to the lowest EVER turn out for Fave Artists in its 359 round history. Disappointing to say the least, but it has confirmed my suspicions.
To run these threads means a considerable shuffling of my time and a fair bit of effort, and I am not prepared to do that if there is no interest. So, we have 5 noms left, if anyone wants to nom anything more then fair enough, but I am not going to ask for any again. Once they are done, that's it from me for this game, if anyone else wants to take over feel free to do so.

I have to say I was quite surprised by the Duke's suggestion that I could listen to some of Alice Coltrane's music while doing odd jobs. Do you really honestly think that this kind of music can be used as a distraction from painting the fence, or cleaning out the drains? If so, then we listen to music in very different ways Mr Duke. For me, this is the kind of music that you can only immerse yourself in, preferably with the headphones on, in a darkened room, with a nice filled bong by your side. Any thoughts of domestic drudgery should be far away in the dark recesses of the brain. I dunno, maybe that's just me.

Anyway, a huge thanks to everyone who did find the time to nom. I had considered dropping the points system to a two point round for this one to celebrate our nadir, but then I thought, all the tracks are going to be worthy of some points, let's give them the chance (assuming anyone votes) so we'll stick with three.

The playlist:

And the noms:

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me
Turiya And Ramakrishna
Angel Of Sunlight

Voting closes as ever at 10 pm on Thursday evening for anyone who is interested :-)

message 12: by Lez (new)

Lez | 7490 comments I’m so sorry, Space. I’ve had my sister staying with me and kept forgetting to find time for this.
I completely understand you not keeping this going. I ran out of artists long ago - Clifford T. Ward was a last gasp choice and we all know how that worked out! Thanks for all your time and effort anyway 👍👍👍

message 13: by suzysunshine7 (new)

suzysunshine7 | 14594 comments I'm very sorry too, Spacepig, I've not come across Alice Coltrane before now and I mistakenly thought that we still had another day to think about nominations for this one ;o<

message 14: by theDuke (last edited May 21, 2018 03:55AM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Blimey Spacepig! You read too much into folks comments doncha!
My comments were nothing more than an paltry attempt at raising a wee smile from you, mate!

But that said....I must confess that while I've haven't heard of Coltrane's music before, jazz not really being my forte (aside from the likes of Kenny Ball & Acker Bilk)...from what I've have heard of her music, she had produced some lovely songs in her time.

Furthermore...I believe I did say "Listen to some some jobs around the house!" The all important conjunction, there! lol!

However, perhaps, you may have a point regarding doing housework with music.....I find that I enjoy doing tedious house chores far more, when listening to me fav music at high volume on the ghettoblaster! And yes, I still have an original '80's GB, works just as good as it did when new! :)

I always have the radio on, or a CD playing in me garage when I'm doing me DIY projects makes those long jobs pass by far more pleasurably.

Ironic then, that my man cave project (which I'm itching to get back to resuming asap) is going to be my new music room..eventually! :)

Now's time for me to post a rare dig at some, so i'm gonna have a rant I don't normally like to cause a fuss..but I think high time a few truths and points need to made regarding the futures of FA and of Themes. So...bare with me folks...

Regarding the future of FA; well, there had been times when I hosted it, when I had my doubts about the future of FA, given the diminishing interest and number of participants, & did think, maybe it has had it's day? But then I thought, there are thousands of bands out there yet to be nom'd, it's not that it's the music that's the just folks need to take the time to root them out, but are folks tiring of FA? Perhaps the current format, which I think badly needs changing, is getting stale? Mibbe it's time to change the Thread title? Many of us will already had nom'd their favourites, so this idea that we can keep nomming more favs is getting a tad stretched now! And of course, there will be some that will never get nom'd cos they're the kind of bands few will have any interest in & perhaps few if any will like them. Take my beloved King Gizzard & Lizard Wizard for eg, I will never nominate this band on FA, simply because I know folks won't be interested in them...and I don't think I wanna read other folks negative comments of KG&TLW, even with the best intentions or in a humorous manner, given the comments I've already seen posted about their music, Tech's included, but then he and I move in very different circles, so I've forgiven him for his comments of Gizz! King Gizzard, as far as i'm concerned, have rewritten the book on psychedelic rock music, everything they done has been original, experimental, and completely refreshing..and will knock the spots off the likes of Adele, Ed sodding' Sheeran..and that odious c**t Beiber!! Great music that never gets the radio play or recognition on the global music stage, thanks to wankers like Piss Waterman & Simon Cowshite peddling the mass produced shite, that's plagued the charts for decades. So these niche bands have taken to doing everything themselves, producing their own music, in their own studios they've built (or in hired ones), released via their own labels, no managers, no record bosses or contracts...they do all the hard work themselves. and now band's like King Gizzard, are established on the global cult circuit, playing to sell out shows the world over. And I think it's fantastic! King Gizzard, are by no argument at all.. THE hardest working band going currently..and reaping the rewards for it, after a slow, tough few years when they first started out. Their 4th out of 5 albums released last year Polygondwanaland...was the biggest selling album they've made, due to a genius move on their they gave it away free! No copyright 10s of thousands of physical copies have been sold, new variants are still being made, and they keep on selling, 6 months on. Many labels, new, old, small & big..have given percentages of proceeds back to the band, so they haven't lost out at all. It's a genius move on their this album will now propel them onto the major music scene. I even heard a TV commercial the other day, that used one their songs, the first I've ever come across. But...despite all the originality and sheer hard work they put into their albums ( by far their best yet), folks still turn their noses up at them, cos they just don't get what they're doing. Sure..they don't write love songs (I hate soppy songs anyway!), nearly all of their material is very abstract and ethereal, but I dig all that stuff, most folks won't, so....that's why KG&TLW isn't ever going to appear as nomination from me on FA.

Getting back to FA, one has to think pragmatically here; as we all know, that there are now fewer participants today, than there were, when we were on Amazon, Themes used to get an average of 25 noms per theme, and as many as 35+ on Zon. Today, around 15 average to 20 tops or so now. We all have widely different tastes in to get say 10 noms in a round today, from 15 or so regular participants, is doing very well. My Amboy Dukes got 9..which I don't think is at all bad. Granted, 6 is a bit on the low side, but then how many of us know of Coltrane's music, or perhaps more to point, are prepare to give her a chance? Maybe there just aren't many jazz fans amongst us, perhaps.

Someone recently did mention, that the bands that get the high interest, are those that were the more famously successful & popular bands. That is true, those bands will always garner more interest, but does this mean then, that this thread has had it's day, because folks are no longer prepared to try out music that they aren't as familiar with? For me, no, but I can't speak for others, but that's the impression I get. I have always, tried to find a nom for nearly every round I've participated on, with very few exceptions, whether I like an artist or not. Case in point, Nick's Public Enemy round, run a couple of weeks ago. I don't like hip hop, never have, never will, stat. But I found a nom & I did listen to the playlist...just didn't vote that time, cos I just don't like their music. But the point is, I still participated and listened to them, cos sometimes, i'm pleasantly surprised and get to enjoy somebody's music, i'd wouldn't have ever given the time to hear, cos it isn't what i'd normally choose to listen. That for me, is the entire point of FA and Themes..and the sole reason why I continue to join in on it...I have bought dozens of albums from bands nominated on these threads, that I'd probably would never have taken the time to listen to. Some of you folks have been playing this since the get go, far longer than I have, so I just wonder if some of you are now getting bored of it, hence the intermittent participation from some you, or mibbe, some are getting more selective? And yes, I do realise that some only join in on the ones they're interested in, but then doesn't that miss the point somewhat? If I only listen to those that draw me, then my record collection would be smaller than it is, currently!

This thread has been running for over 6 years now, personally, I still think there is still life in the old girl yet...but perhaps, it's time to shake things up a bit. When I was running FA, I was trying out some new ideas to jazz it up a bit, some fell flat for sure, but if one doesn't try something out, one won't know. But one or two ideas did take off. 1 idea I did introduce, was for folks to nom 2 tracks for lesser known artists, and 1 for well known artists. And that did work well for a while. But I can't remember why that was stopped. So why not reintroduce this again Spacepig. Niche artists will never get as much interest, so can't see why those that are, can't have 2 or more noms/person. The whole point of these threads, is to showcase an artist's music, so how is one gunna do that with half a dozen songs? And as the then host, deciding who is or isn't 'well known', that I left to my discretion. The only thing no one can make someone do, is get folks to listen to the playlists and vote on them...but that can't be helped.

So, I say again, why does it always have to be just the one song nomination, all the time? Mix it up a bit, Spacepig & offer some flexibility! :-)

And I don't believe folks have run out of nominations..there are thousands of bands yet to be nom'd, folks need to root them out, as I do all the time, and I have plenty of little known artists to nom yet. The point of FA for me, was to discover new bands, that I wouldn't have otherwise have come across..maybe some folks have tired of doing this? Or maybe folks don't have the time to find new music, real life taking precedent an all that. One thing I did notice, that as summer is approaching once again, the number of nominations per round do drop a tad, as folks take their annual holidays and what not. question...if some folks are really struggling to find new bands to nominate, then why can't we renominate previously run artist/bands? Some of us weren't around the first time they ran, and furthermore, only a fraction of songs from a band's back catalogue would've been nom'd the first time around, so these bands will still have plenty of life in them for another go or 2. And given that FA is over 6 years old, who can remember what was nom'd for those earliest rounds?

I think I raised this point quite some while ago, and the general impression I got, was that folks didn't want reruns of previous artists again. This I never understood, why? An artist might have produced 300 songs in their career & perhaps only 20 of them were ever nom'd on their round? I don't understand those people that think, just cos they've had their go, they can't be renom'd....that's nonsense! Which is precisely why I am asking folks to renominate the older themes on Themes, as some of them could go around many times. I'm going to pick an 'run' theme for my next nom, and I recommend others to do so, if they stuck for a nom. I said....there are fewer participants now, so I do think these old Zon threads need to be tweaked and new ideas introduced every now and then, to keep it fresh. Some purists won't like it, but stuck-in-the-muds, tend not to go the distance, whereas those that reinvent and are prepared to make changes, and try new things out...tend to stick around! Gee....hark at me getting all philosophical!

Basically, the dyed in the wool types, spoil things imo, as they're the type that causes an idea to go stale, and I say that as a traditionalist. It's time to shake everything up, reinvent the idea...and start again. This is Goodreads, not Zon, so these old threads need to take a new direction, or they'll die a slow death. Some folks won't like it..but changes all the time..I should bloody life is nothing like it was only a few years I say take things by the scruff of the neck, give a good shake, throw out the stale refuse..... IT'S TIME FOR CHANGE FOLKS!

And a final, thought on this, before I shut up for good, cos it's not like me to be so emotional about such things....but I will offer to take up the baton again, if you've had enough Spacepig, But I will completely rewrite FA from the scratch, as it needs it. I have no wish to do so currently, as I'm content to stick with Themes for now, & I wish to give that a minor make over too, cos I've had enough of folks wanting things to stay the same all the's tedious.


message 15: by theDuke (last edited May 20, 2018 11:40PM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments .....(ran out of characters!)...

And so, to end my rant...folks, I shall not be repling to any comments to me, regarding my thoughts and comments, but feel free to discuss them amongst yourselves, as I have now said my piece on this..and that's all i'm going to say on it. It's just that, this has been has been brewing in me noggin for a while now, and I feel it's time to open up the pressure valve, come what may..just that i'm getting tired of these dyed in the wool's boring.

I just don't understand or get these people who want everything to stay the same all the fecking time, or whinge when something does change, it's boring, tediously irritating and extremely annoying, and is a sure fire attitude to killing a good idea stone cold dead. Life is full of changes, some are good, some are deal with it! Shite happens!

Rant over!

So, you were folks! :-)

message 16: by Tech XXIII (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6727 comments nice rants gents!

to keep this going, why not just 'year zero' things?

or have a 'greatest hits' round where folks could nominate (or re-nominate) the artist they enjoyed the most, i.e. for me, ramones round was a hoot, i would be happy to 'do it one more time for me'!

message 17: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Do it then Tech..Ramones reloaded! :)

message 18: by Lez (new)

Lez | 7490 comments Right, well I’m voting if no-one else is!

Walk With Me 2
Turiya 1

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me -2
Turiya And Ramakrishna -1
Angel Of Sunlight

Not my sort of thing but quite liked these two afrer a second try!

I’ve a probably controversial idea for a future Fav Artist thread. Will put it forward after votes.

message 19: by theDuke (last edited May 21, 2018 04:54AM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments I'm thinking of opening up a new thread in the general section..simply entitled 'Ideas' for people to put forward suggestions to make on any threads within this group. There are some threads especially in the games section, that have been slowly dying since they were started, cos they are barely getting any interest now, including one or two I started. I lost interest in lot of the word games..cos they never change. I've tried to introduce a little fun into them & take 'em in a new direction, but they then get reverted back. That's the trouble with an idea...they just go stale after a while. But folks wanna keep 'em going that way..till it dies completely. So I don't bother with the word games too much now.

message 20: by Sj (new)

Sj Brooke | 2205 comments Walk With Me ~ 3
Turiya And Ramakrishna ~ 2
Angel Of Sunlight ~ 1

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me - 5
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 3
Angel Of Sunlight - 1

message 21: by suzysunshine7 (new)

suzysunshine7 | 14594 comments I'm afraid that, with very few exceptions, I really don't like Jazz. And all but just two of these tracks contain just about everything that I absolutely dislike the most about it as a Music genre as well - and not even the use of 'a nice filled bong' would help me to start liking Jazz either! - LOL! ;o> ...

After Sj ...

Walk With Me - 3
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 2

Journey In Satchidananda
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me - 8
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 5
Angel Of Sunlight - 1

message 22: by Gordon (new)

Gordon (skiiltan) | 2940 comments After Suzy

Journey in Satchidananda - 2
Angel of Sunlight - 1

Journey In Satchidananda - 2
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me - 8
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 5
Angel Of Sunlight - 2

message 23: by Val (new)

Val H. | 15778 comments After Gordon,

I enjoyed listening to this - doesn't everyone enjoy something different now and again? The first two tracks I've voted for were good enough for me to do some further research on this artist. I suspect my nom is leading at this point because it has that familiar Ramsey Lewis-like funky piano, and it's probably not representative of her work in general. Funny, I don't hear much of these selections as jazz; I hear psychedelia, funk, soul.

Journey In Satchidananda - 3
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 2
Angel Of Sunlight - 1

Journey In Satchidananda - 5
Something About John Coltrane
Walk With Me - 8
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 7
Angel Of Sunlight - 3

P.S. I am still making my way through Duke's rant and will be back later with my thoughts.

message 24: by Tech XXIII (last edited May 21, 2018 10:31PM) (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6727 comments efterval,

nice! cool! yeah!

3 - coltrane
2 - journey
1 - walk

Journey In Satchidananda - 7
Something About John Coltrane - 3
Walk With Me - 9
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 7
Angel Of Sunlight - 3

message 25: by theDuke (last edited May 22, 2018 12:13AM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments I think you hit it on the nail Val..and I agree....the first thing that came into my head, when the first track began playing... psychedelic! There's a strong psyche presence in her music most notably from the use of a Asian instrument called a tampura that sounds a bit a like a sitar, (on The Beatles Tomorrow Never Knows, the use of a sitar on it had a similar effect) so no surprises then..I actually quite like this kind of Jazz! Very ethereal & smooooooooth! As Jazz Man (John Thompson) would say "Niiiiiiiccceeee!" :)

This is precisely..why I do this...cos every now and then, someone comes along, that I wouldn't have ever given the time of day to listen..cos it's not my normal cup of tea...but...I get the pleasure of discovering someone..that piques my interest. So for once....Spacepig, need not feel disappointed by the lack of noms...cos it's served it's purpose....I'm interested! Enough to want to ask Spacepig...based on the psycedelia elements of her music, as is present in Journey In Satchidananda ..which album should I check out first?

PS: Apols for the protracted I'm one that considers myself as a 'quiet' person...and not one given to rocking the boat usually; but thus I think I have a 'Vesuvius' complex...when I do blow my top..the sticky molten hot stuff just pours out. I just felt it was time to clear the air and blow the cobwebs away...cos otherwise I think FA will be dead in the water before the summer is out. It's been scraping it's erse on the floor for months now. But I like FA & want FA to continue..but things have got to change or it won't survive much longer.

And yes, I know..i said I was finished ranting....but what can say...I'm a passionate man!

message 26: by theDuke (last edited May 21, 2018 11:47PM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Anyhoo, getting back to business..the number of songs maybe lacking, But is pleasantly made up by the length of them..nice!

Angel Of Sunlight - 3
Journey In Satchidananda - 2
Earth - 1

Journey In Satchidananda - 9
Something About John Coltrane - 3
Walk With Me - 9
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 7
Earth - 1
Angel Of Sunlight - 6

The album Illuminations, featuring Carlos Santana's wailing guitaring, sounds like a good un to start with, followed by Journey In gonna see what they're like.

message 27: by Tech XXIII (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6727 comments "when I do blow my top..the sticky molten hot stuff just pours out"

yeah, it'll do that! - booooooooooom! :)

message 28: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments :-D

message 29: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 9070 comments theDuke wrote: "I think you hit it on the nail Val..and I agree....the first thing that came into my head, when the first track began playing... psychedelic! There's a strong psyche presence in her music most nota..."

As I haven't yet taken a listen to the playlist, it may be jumping the gun somewhat, but whilst there may be elements here that sound psychedelic in some of the pieces here, it's because, as with the later music of Alice's husband John Coltrane, there is an intense spirituality running through her music. Where his was, I think, a Christian Faith, hers was rooted in Indian mysticism.

I'd agree with your initial choices to kick off. :-)

message 30: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Then I like Indian spiritual mysticism Tim...who knew! :)

message 31: by Val (new)

Val H. | 15778 comments My response to Spacepig's righteous anger and Duke's rant:

First I’d like to thank Spacepig for challenging us with something different. It’s a great shame that his nominated artist has been so poorly supported. I would love to nominate artists from different genres (you all know how much I revere Sir Kenneth McKellar! And what about Patsy Cline?) but I’m sure I would get a similar uptake. Unfortunately, it seems to be the norm now that posters don’t have the time or inclination to investigate anything unfamiliar. It has made me angry in the past but I think we have to accept that we are a smaller number and most people have more pressing issues in their lives. I am lucky that I have the time and good health and my family doesn’t have any major issues at present, but not everyone is in that position and things can always change at the drop of a hat. And I can understand why Spacepig doesn’t want to continue giving us his time in compiling the playlists. We all tend to take it for granted when the hapless “someone else” does all the work. So a big thank you Spacepig for all your effort to date. It really is greatly appreciated.

I had my rant after Lez’s nomination of Clifford T. Ward also had a poor turn-out. I stand by what I said then but just because familiar artists are more popular is not sufficient reason (for me) to want to revisit them. I can think of nothing worse than plowing once more through the catalogue (albeit extensive) of The Who, David Bowie, Led Zeppelin, etc no matter how much I may, or may not, admire those artists. Duke says “An artist might have produced 300 songs in their career & perhaps only 20 of them were ever nom'd on their round?”. But unless you bring in some kind of filter, I guarantee you that people will nominate the same songs and we’ll get the same winners. Can I get an early bet on for David Bowie and “Life On Mars”? And speaking as one who loves that song, I would be one of those voting for it again.

One possibility would be to only seek nominations from albums released in the 21st century or artists who had released albums in the 21st century (so you might wind up voting for their old material vs their new stuff) but I don’t think that is going to increase the number of participants. And that is the crux of the matter: we are a small band! (BTW, whatever happened to Grimmy? I thought he made the great leap). Posters have voted with their typing fingers that they can’t/don’t want to have to investigate. Duke says “are folks tiring of FA?” and also “there are thousands of bands out there yet to be nom'd”. I think the themes threads, although much smaller than they used to be, are better supported because posters can usually come up with at least one offering without major effort. So it’s not voting threads they are tiring of, just anything that requires time to investigate. And as for all those bands yet to be nominated, for starters, many don’t have a large body of work on YouTube and posters aren’t always keen to go to Bandcamp, Soundcloud, Vimeo, etc. So maybe you have to be content with 6 to 10 nominations and accept that as the status quo. But as Duke has already said, you are not going to get a broad overview of an artist’s output with only a handful of nominations. I would support the 2 nominations per artist idea so we do get a better representation of the artist’s work, but I don’t think that will bring any more posters into the ring.

It also seems that posters are sending a clear message that they don’t like fringe genres – I include here jazz, country, rap, hip-hop, heavy metal, among others – and I doubt we will ever change that. However, I do recall reasonably good turn-outs for Andy Williams, Johnny Mathis and Bing Crosby (back in the 'Zon days) so maybe everyone has a secret well of nostalgia.

I apologise for not having any new ideas but if Duke and Lez have some still milling around in their heads, I’d be keen to hear them and give my honest feedback.

We could always ask people who no longer participate (Blastro, David, Philip, Jemma sometimes) whether they have any interest in Fave Artists (or voting threads in general) but I suspect the answer will be real life gets in the way.

message 32: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1473 comments After theDuke

I'll post my scores just now, then respond to some of the comments after the voting closes:

Earth - 3 (thanks Sj, CD now ordered)
Journey In Satchidananda - 2
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 1

Journey In Satchidananda - 11
Something About John Coltrane - 3
Walk With Me - 9
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 8
Earth - 4
Angel Of Sunlight - 6

message 33: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 9070 comments theDuke wrote: "Then I like Indian spiritual mysticism Tim...who knew! :)"

:-) The drone inherent in Indian classical music is a key feature of much psych music, Duke.

message 34: by suzysunshine7 (last edited May 22, 2018 08:07AM) (new)

suzysunshine7 | 14594 comments ... and one of the key things that also tends to instantly decide for me whether I am going to like, or to want to listen to any more of a Track, or not.

I've discovered through the Music Forum and these Threads in particular that I am definitely not at all keen on most kinds of Psychedelic Music - although I do try my best to always keep an open mind on these things and will still try my best to do so ;o>

message 35: by theDuke (last edited May 22, 2018 09:32AM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments I've just bought a 1st pressing of Journey In Satchidananda...just checking out the Santana collaboration.

Been reading the responses..perhaps it's time to have a proper discussion about what direction FA should go in, what do folks want from it..and such....I have a few ideas of my own...but if everybody put their views & suggestions in the hat, after this round has concluded..then we can find out where everybody stands.

message 36: by theDuke (last edited May 22, 2018 01:14PM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Tim wrote: "theDuke wrote: "Then I like Indian spiritual mysticism Tim...who knew! :)"

:-) The drone inherent in Indian classical music is a key feature of much psych music, Duke."

Funny how I have heard loads of classic psyche music..where traditional indian instruments are used, but never really picked up on it's relevance before....I live and learn! :-)

message 37: by Tim (new)

Tim Franklin | 9070 comments After Space..... needed a couple more points, really ;-)

Earth - 3
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 2
Something About John Coltrane - 1

Journey In Satchidananda - 11
Something About John Coltrane - 4
Walk With Me - 9
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 10
Earth - 7
Angel Of Sunlight - 6

message 38: by theDuke (last edited May 22, 2018 01:21PM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments That's another thing I wish to raise Tim..the scoring system...I've never liked the fixed point scoring system & would like to see that changed that as well, as i'm currently working out a brand new scoring system for Themes..which will work far better than this current set up...shock horror! I just hope I ain't digging myself a very large hole here! :-O

message 39: by Spacepig (new)

Spacepig Pig | 1473 comments OK then, first off, in the interests of pedantry, one point each deducted from Walk With Me and Turiya And Ramakrishna. Suzy only used two votes, but gave the max points. It won't change anything though.

Journey In Satchidananda - 11
Something About John Coltrane - 4
Walk With Me - 8
Turiya And Ramakrishna - 9
Earth - 7
Angel Of Sunlight - 6

The role of honour - First place is Tim, with Journey In Satchidananda, followed by Tech's Turiya And Ramakrishna and Val makes it into third place with Walk With Me.

No doubt there will be plenty more comments to follow but, the most pleasing thing about this round for me was that, despite the poor turn out, the vast majority of us (there's always one!) that took the time to investigate this artist, surprisingly enough (!) found something to enjoy outwith our own comfort zones. I think I may even have detected a slight nod of approval from Tech there, This is the kind of thing that makes it all worthwhile to me, which is why I get upset when hardly anyone joins in, so a mega thanks to those that did.
Even more rewarding is when people are interested enough to go an seek out more to listen to, and thanks to Sj, even my wallet is a few quid lighter after this round :-)

Next round just coming, let's see what reaction we get.

message 40: by theDuke (last edited May 25, 2018 01:53PM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Congrats to all the winners....nice choice Spacepig..and I shall be joining you in pauper corner I will at least be adding a couple more albums to me collection just as soon as they arrive! :)

message 41: by Val (new)

Val H. | 15778 comments Thanks Spacepig. I've also just bought "Journey in Satchidananda" and looking forward to being spaced-out.

Also in the bag was Helen's (endorsed by Lez) recommendation on the What Are You hearing thread of Halcyon Days' "One Thousand Violins". As Duke says, these threads surely lighten one's pocket.

message 42: by suzysunshine7 (new)

suzysunshine7 | 14594 comments Oops! - and sorry once again Everyone! - I had never realised before that the Voting had to be like that if you didn't/couldn't use up your full number of Votes.

I think it's just as well that I'm pulling out of these Threads now - LOL!!! ;o>

My very best wishes to you all with whatever you decide to do next with these Threads ... BYEEE! ... x

message 43: by Sj (last edited May 24, 2018 05:39PM) (new)

Sj Brooke | 2205 comments I do hope you are joking suzy🌞7️⃣! ... x

message 44: by Tech XXIII (new)

Tech XXIII  | 6727 comments yeah, slight nod! i absolutely enjoyed the playlist ('cept for santana's fannying about), pity there wisnae mair! not going to run out and buy any albums, but she goes on the 'mental' list as something that's going to be fine if it ever comes up again. but to be fair, although enjoying many (many?) of the rounds, i can't recollect ever buying anything on the strength of it, but that's not to say i don't enjoy playing - i do, and will forward a nomination each time, even if it's something i can't stand (really?).

however, i do think that the key to continuing this thread in an inclusive and enjoyable manner is to avoid nominating the obscuroes - in the main it doesn't interest folks, alice coltrane as reference point. i'd never heard of her, and by the low turnout, a fair few hadn't, or had the notion to investigate and forward a nomination! but, by the same token, i share val's view that the 'biggies' rounds can be entirely predictable! would a 'year zero' just be having us repeating ourselves? where do we go? who put the bomp? i don't know!

message 45: by theDuke (last edited May 25, 2018 02:19PM) (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments I surely hope Suzy isn't yet another that is vacating these threads, as that's the prime example of what's going wrong of late...too many folks are leaving FA for various reasons. We need to find a new way of steering these threads in a new directions, to try and hopefully regain interest in them again. Granted, Themes isn't suffering with lack of support, as FA is, as Themes will always offers more variety & flexibility than FA does. But then that's the nature of FA, it's just one artist or band at a time!

And if ever there was proof that popular artists draw more interest than lesser known ones do, then Tech's Morrisey clearly is a prime example! Already at 9 just to repeat myself (again!)...irrespective of how many participants a lesser known artist gets, it should be up to those hardcore few contributors to make up the numbers, to showcase an artist's let's see a re introduction of multiple song nominations from those that are willing to do the research and offer them up.

Beyond that...well..i have a few ideas..but I doubt they'll help with increasing support for those rounds with lesser known musicians. As that olde phrase goes.."you can lead a horse to the water, but ya can't make it drink it!" :)

message 46: by Lez (new)

Lez | 7490 comments Are you starting a thread for fresh ideas Duke?

message 47: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Ah, I forgot about that Lez! I was wonder if such a thread would have much life in it...what do you think?

message 48: by Lez (last edited May 25, 2018 02:33PM) (new)

Lez | 7490 comments Well I’ve got a couple of ideas but don’t know where to post them.
If we stay on this thread people won’t see them
I suppose you could change the title of this one so the discussions (rants?) could stay together? 😀

message 49: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments I'll put something up in the General section shortly Lez, best leave this thread as is...just in case anybody wants to return to it for reference purposes, as I sometimes do.

message 50: by theDuke (new)

theDuke | 5792 comments Correction, just posted the new thread in the holding pen, as I can't put it in General, until, perhaps, Gordon can move it.

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