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Bela (Evil) & Kara

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Here we are

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Evil | 1611 comments Hi
Sorry I fell asleep:)

How do you feel about mermaids?

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I would love to do a sex slave mermaid thing haha, that sounds amazing

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Evil | 1611 comments Okay! So how about a mermaid is captured and sold at an auction to either some prince or maybe a pirate?

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I love it! Can I be the mermaid?

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Evil | 1611 comments Sure! I shall be a pirate then muahahaha!
But just a heads up I’m going to bed so I won’t have my character up until sometime tomorrow

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Ok! That’s no problem! Should we also share limits and turn one when we do characters?

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Ons* not one

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Evil | 1611 comments Yeah that’s a good idea

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Can you do your character first?

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Evil | 1611 comments Yea no problem)

Name: Captain Kirrus Gales

Age: 28

Sex: male

Appearance: https://goo.gl/images/FAHUvA

Bio: will develop as we go along

(His personality, turn ons, etc. will all develop with his bio but my basic idea of him is that he’s a hard ass who doesn’t take shit from anyone:)

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Name: Karana Taylor
Age: 22
Appearance: https://ae01.alicdn.com/kf/HTB1bQLmQF... https://i.pinimg.com/736x/7c/37/34/7c...

My only limits are bathroom play and mutilation really.
My biggest turn ons are: orgasm denial (!!!), public humiliation, bondage, pain (within reason)

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Evil | 1611 comments How does she look a mermaid? Like color of tail

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The second picture is her tail

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Evil | 1611 comments Ohh gotcha lol it looked like one giant link XD

How should we start?

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When he buys her? Can you go first? Oh, and one question. Will she turn human on dry land? In Some stories they do and some they don’t, I just think it might be easier.

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Evil | 1611 comments Yeah I can go first. I’ll leave any shifting possibilities up to you—she is your char after all.

Also, I’m thinking that maybe Kirrus is at the auction, but he lets someone else buy her and just stalks them until they’re on the ocean. How does that sound?

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And he steals her from him or something? Sounds good? Maybe the other man was ganna murder her or something so she’s extremely grateful and will do anything to repay Kirrus?

I think I’ll have her shift when she’s dry, just so mature scenes are easier.

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Evil | 1611 comments Yeah that sounds good. I’ll go ahead and start then)

Captain Kirrus Gales
I watch the full auction proceed at an agonizingly slow pace. With a few of my crew mixed in with the crowds, I watch the buyers claim their prizes and move on. I’m tempted just to cut my losses and see what i can find on the water. We’ve wasted half the day waiting for any kind of excitement. Until a large glass tank is brought to the platform. “Last item of the day: a mermaid caught off the coast of the Green Isles!”

The auctioneer calls out an opening bid, sending the crowds into an uproar. I perk up. A mermaid? I lift my chin a bit so I can see the tank. The auctioneer raps on the glass with his knuckles—I can assume to get this mermaid moving.

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Karana’s hands were tied before she was put into the tank. She hissed at the auctioned as he pounded on her glass tank. This caused her to struggle in the tank and pull against her bonds. Karana was not going to go without a fight and whoever bought her would have a hell of a time breaking her spirit. That much she knew for sure. Karan’s looked around in a sort of panic as people started to make bids on her. She could only imagine what sort of plans these filthy pirates had for her, which only made her more angry.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
In the dark tank flashes of blue slap the glass but the container doesn’t do even as much as crack. The auctioneer laughs at the creature in the box and asks for bids. Again the crowd is thrown in a uproar, voices shouting numbers faster than a shark on a hunt. I smirk. I almost want to place a bid. Almost. Then some pompous fool I recognize as the prince calls out an absurd amount. The masses fall silent and the auctioneer starts his count, last call for any bids. Then his gavel cracks against the podium and the prince’s guard go to fetch the box. I whistle a soft tune signaling for my crew to return to the ship. Let’s see where this pansy goes.

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Karana glared at the prince as the auctioneer declared she was now his. Karana struggled in the box as she was carried away towards his ship. She tried to open the box or to break the rope holding her hands together. It was no use really. She didn’t stop until they set her down inside the prince’s ship. She looked around at her new surroundings, for any clue on how to get out.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
I shout orders from the harbor as I storm onto my ship. My crew scrambles to get us out of the harbor and on the prissy prince’s tail. I watch his monster of a vessel take her sweet time leaving the island. Throwing off my civilian disguise I drag on my tricorn and pull on my leather trench coat. My sword hangs at my hip as I climb up the rigging to the crow’s nest, watching our pursuit.

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((Could we either do a time skip or could you play like the prince or something? Cuz I don’t know what to write))

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Evil | 1611 comments Sure)

My guards set my prize right in my quarters, in the middle of my cabin. I shut the door and latch it. I flip a dagger in one hand as I unlatch the glass box and throw the lid open. Then I thrust one hand into the tank and grab her by the tail until I can see her shining scales. “I’ve heard a mermaid’s blood grants immortality,” I purr.

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Karana fights against the Prince as he opens the box and pulls her tail out. “No! No! Please stop!” She begged him, crying. “It’s just a myth, my blood won’t give you anything!” She kept squirming and fighting against him but she was having no luck.

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Evil | 1611 comments Prince
She yanks her tail back trying to get free but I tighten my grip and with one arm yank her out of her container until her lean body hits the floor. Then I wrap both arms around her chest with my knife to her throat, my body pinning hers down. The tip of the blade pressed against her soft flesh but before anything happens a deafening explosion rocks the ship, throwing the both of us across the cabin. I slam into the wall and brace myself as my crew starts yelling orders to each other.

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Karana screams but it’s caught off when he hits the floor, hard. She squirms underneath him as he has her pinned down, stopping only when he pressed the knife into her skin. “Fine then, kill me, then you’ll know my blood won’t do a damn thing!” Karana flew across the room and hit the wall with a high pitched scream.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
The Pacifica latches onto the princes ship, five grappling hooks piercing her side. My crew cranks back the hooks until we’re right up against her side. I hop down from the crows nest onto the other ship as two canons go off. The princes men scramble for their footing but I slip through the chaos easily and kick down the door to the princes cabin.

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Karana felt herself drying out as the battle waged on outside the cabin. She scrabbled for anything to cover herself up with as her tail turned into legs. She looked up in horror and fear as he burst into the room, right as she found a loose curtain on the floor.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
The door lands with a boom on the wooden planks. Scanning the room, I keep an eye on Captain Pompous struggling to find his footing on the rocking of the ship. Then I look over and find a small form cowering behind a fallen curtain. Well now. Doesn’t that make my job easier. I don’t bother with the blabbering fool. I just scoop the maiden off the floor and throw her over my shoulder. Of course the bastard tries to argue but doesn’t make a move.

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Karana screams as he grabs her, trying to fight against him as he slings her over his shoulder. Karana realized that it wasn’t going to be any use but that didn’t keep her from trying her hardest to get away from him and back to the ocean.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
I snarl as she starts thrashing and yank the fabric away from her. My hand claps with an echo on her behind as I shift her around again. “Watch it, wench! I can always throw you back in with ‘im!” I snap at her, hopping back onto the Pacifica while my men prepare for the Prince’s one last hurrah. They scatter barrels of black gun powder with my first mate readying the fuse.

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Karana realized he was right, he did just save her from certain death with that prince. Maybe he wouldn’t kill her, but maybe he wanted her blood just the same as the prince. She’s just have to wait and see. But at least shed get to live another day.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
The wench finally settles down enough for me to hold her without issue. I watch as the fuse on the prince’s ship starts burning away, sizzling as the flame eats it away. Setting the girl down on the deck for a minute I shout commands to my crew to get us moving.

We’re a good distance away when the fuse finally runs out and the ship is blown Sky high. I smirk triumphantly as my men let out whoops of joy. That was just too easy. With a disappointed shake of my head I pick up the mermaid girl and carry her to my own cabin

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Karana quickly tries to cover herself up when he set her down. She watched, speechless as the fuse shortens and the ship blows up. She couldn’t believe it, sure, the prince deserved to die but his crew? what did they do but obey orders? She glared up at the captain as he grabbed her again and took her to his cabin. “Look, I don’t know what you want but I swear, my blood won’t grant you immunity, it’s just a myth.”she looked at him nervously.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
I snort. “What do I care for your blood? Frankly I’ve known many a merfolk—some are my closest mates,” I reply, wondering where she came from. Never have I see one with quite the coloring she has. But then again my friends are living color, hiding in the coral like masters of disguise.

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She sighed, relieved that he didn’t want her blood. “Then... then why did you take me from him? Why did you save...... me I guess?” She shifted nervously, not liking the way he looked at her.

((Should she maybe be royal, that’s why she’s colored with her bright blue?))

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Evil | 1611 comments Yeah that sounds good:)

Captain Kirrus Gales
I shrug. “Waste of a man wasting a pretty young lady just cause of an old wives tale? Please, even I’m more decent than that,” i answer dryly as i help myself to run stored in a cabinet. I offer her a swig from the bottle.

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“Oh, well, um thank you then, for saving me.” She smiled just a little bit. Karana hesitated a second before excepting his offer and taking a drink before handing it back.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
I take back the bottle and chug the rest. “Where ya come from?” I drawl, sitting on my bed as the ship gently rocks with the sea, studying her as she tries to preserve her modesty. I have to arch a brow at that—most didn’t care if they went bare.

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Karana still sat with her knees to her chest and watched as she chugged the rest of the bottle. “The ocean.” She gave him a sorta sassy look and cocked her eyebrow.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
I narrow my dark eyes at her. “Don’t Test me, little girl. You’ll learn very quick that I don’t take lip from anyone—especially weak little wenches like you,” I spit at her. “Now answer; I don’t repeat myself.”

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She stared back at him, she really wasn’t intimidated by him but she didn’t know why not, she should be. She rolled her eyes and sighed. “Fine, I come from the sea, better?” She smirked.

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Evil | 1611 comments Captain Kirrus Gales
My eyes drill holes into hers and I lurch to my feet. Towering over her, I grab her by the throat and shove her against the wall. “No shit, fishbrain. Specifics. Now.” I squeeze her throat once but don’t choke her—just trying to get my point across.

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Karana gulped as he stared at her and walked over to her. She screamed and fought against him as he slammed her against the wall. Her eyes got wide in fear and she clawed against his hand. “Ok, ok, fine, just let me go.” She managed to squeak out.

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Evil | 1611 comments Releasing her, her small frame plops back down onto the cushioned couch against the wall. I stare her down and cross my arms over my chest. Whenever she’s done playing dumb, I’m ready to listen. “What territory do you belong to?”

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