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message 1: by Helen (new)

Helen Hyland (helen_hyland) | 13 comments Hi All, I am looking for some Beta's for my Apocalyptic / Romance (book 1)- approx 59k words - completed and has been through a professional edit round.

I just would like some content read and suggestions.

I like most types of books, YA, NA, Sci Fi, M/F Romance, Fantasy, mystery. Preferred if you are fluent in English or its your first language.


In two weeks life on Earth would end. Victoria Phillips was one of the fortunate ones, she'd won a spot in Earth's underground sanctuary. Unfortunately, it came with Phoenix Tanner. He'd been sent to escort her to safety, but the man drove her nuts with his arrogant, annoying, sexist attitude. She was torn between kicking his shins and running her nails down his back, tracing that delicious tattoo.

She was relieved when they picked up more winners and his attention shifted away from her. But the more time the group spent together; the more she got to know Nix...and she began to suspect that the lottery wasn't all that random after all.

Would this apocalypse turn the world into a Utopia or a Dystopia? That is if they even survived

message 2: by Kirk (new)

Kirk | 128 comments Hi Helen (and anyone else reading this),

I'm currently looking for beta reader or critique partners for my 10K word sci-fi short story, and I came across your post. I'll critique a script of any length in return. Here's a (very rough) blurb for my story:

We've all seen movies about brave explorers leaving Earth in search of new homes when the planet becomes uninhabitable. But what about those that stay on Earth? What about those that get left behind? My story tackles that question, and follows a father and son as they try to carry on, and as they think about what to do next.

It sounds a little dark, but hopefully I've made it positive and up-lifting. Anyway, I don't need any critique on the prose, as yet. That includes spelling and grammar issues. Those things can wait until a later draft. I want to get the bones of the story right beforehand. What I need help with now is someone who can pick out any problems with the story's plot, character, and pacing. And I'll do the same your story.

As for anyone else reading this who happens to be interested, I'm available to beta swap and critique any genre, and a script of any length. I don't really read romance and erotica, as they're not really my cup of tea.

If this sounds up your alley then send me a private message.

I hope to hear from you soon.


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