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ELMH | 5 comments Hey there,
I am offering free beta reading and developmental editing for the month of June. I have been participating in beta reads, critique swaps, and developmental editing for five years. I have my bachelors degree in English and History. I am currently returning for my Masters in writing. My services are most suited for writers that have finished their manuscripts, but certain areas still need to be hammered out. Sometimes you are just too close to your manuscript to see the forest from the trees. Developmental editing aims to improve the content and structure of a manuscript by examining character, plot, pace, and setting. But, it can be a painful process. It may require examining subplots, merging characters, and "trimming the fat" off your literary baby. It is a rough, but an incredibly necessary process to go through prior to the copy editing stage.
The genres I am willing to read include romance, fantasy, and sci-fi.
If interested in this service, please dm me.

message 2: by Dave (new)

Dave Anderson | 54 comments I am looking for a beta reader for my completed 72,000 word New Adult Romantic Suspense novel. I hope you'll find this interesting. Here's the blurb.

Having suffered physical, emotional, and sexual abuse by the time he was eleven, Cody has lived a life few would envy. But instead of being crushed by his experiences, he rises above his circumstance through an incredible act of sacrifice he hopes will free him from the ghosts who haunt him. When Cody is forced to examine the impact abuse has had on his life, he must decide how much of his past he can safely reveal. While revealing his deepest childhood secret might be liberating, it might also prove to be his undoing

When we hear about kids like Cody, all but the most cold-hearted of us sympathize. Some may send them their prayers, but most of us will forget about them in a matter of days. We close our hearts and minds to them not because we don’t care. It's just in a world so filled with heartache we can’t afford to spread our emotional resources too thin. We have to protect ourselves, so stories like Cody’s float by us in a 30 second spot on the evening news and make us feel subtly grateful for our more fortunate births.

message 3: by Jackie (new)

Jackie | 6 comments ELMH wrote: "Hey there,
I am offering free beta reading and developmental editing for the month of June. I have been participating in beta reads, critique swaps, and developmental editing for five years. I hav..."

Hi there! I am looking for a beta for my 58k word New Adult romance, with explicit scenes. It's about a woman and a man kissing on the sidewalk and how they get to know each and deal with their own personal demons as they work through their relationship. It's a first draft, and is currently being proofed, I want much needed feedback and comments! Thanks!

message 4: by Chris (new)

Chris Liberty | 40 comments are you still beta reading? My email address is I have a dinosaur novel I'd like you to read. I'm not sure if that's considered fantasy

message 5: by Mary (new)

Mary | 3 comments Hello! If Young Adult is a genre you're willing to read for, I have a completed 54k-word manuscript I would love you to look at. It is complete and I've done some polishing for the rough stuff, but I'm interested in hearing another person's opinion on the cohesiveness of the plot, characters, all that kind of stuff -- "trimming the fat," as you say, and making the story tighter.

Blurb: After the events of her freshman year that leave her isolated from her former friends, the soccer team where she once felt like she belonged, Bernie Winters begins her sophomore year at Bear Creek High School alone, unable to participate in class or even escape into her art as she once would have. Faced with the consequences of a secret that imploded publicly, Bernie now finds herself friendless and unable to accept the help of parents and teachers alike as she struggles to live her life under the burden of memory. As time passes and Bernie befriends the weird and wonderful Kaia, reconnects with her childhood friend Imre, and finds her place as the middle child of divorced parents, she must reconcile her memory with the person she is becoming and learn to accept the truths she has been denying.

If you are interested and willing to devote your time, please private message me, but either way have a nice day!

message 6: by Chris (new)

Chris | 2 comments Hi! I'm currently writing a fiction story that is now turning into a larger fiction novel and I would love you to read what I have so far! I'm pretty new to the group so I'm not sure if you would be open to reading something unfinished but your "developmental editing" really drew me in!

A brief blurb on what I have so far: Long-time friends Zelda and Henry go on a trip to Paris, something they've done many times, but their relationship is deteriorating as Henry decides to introduce her to an older acquaintance.

Let me know if you're interested or might be open! I appreciate your time regardless :)



message 7: by Jordan (new)

Jordan | 5 comments Hi, thanks for making this post! I'm currently working on a cyberpunk Sci-Fi novel about time-travel, cybernetic hybrids, and paranormal superbeings. The story itself takes place in the alternate year 1960 and currently rests at 137,432 words in length. The manuscript has some good material, however, I 'm trying to trim this to only 80,000 words, keeping all the juicy bits while reserving the cut-out scenes to be included on my website for dedicated reader's consumption.

I was looking for someone who would be up to the challenge of parsing through the story, leaving notes on sections/details that could be ejected, line-edits, and other suggestions are all welcomed. Feel free to shoot me an email anytime if that something that peaks your interest.


J.S. Young

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