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message 1: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) Lisa J. Hobman and Lisa Hobman are the same author. It's confusing to know which is the correct one.
At first she put Lisa J. Hobman on her books, but now she is publishing as Lisa Hobman (without the J).

Because both author names are on goodreads, some books are listed under both names. Could someone take a look at it?

message 2: by Philip (new)

Philip (burnnerman) | 5913 comments It is possible the author does not want those combined.

A couple books on the one without a middle initial have only been released under that name. If the author does not want the name with the middle initial on those books, we cannot do it.

message 3: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) okay, so we can't do anything about the double listed books?

message 4: by Olivia (new)

Olivia (livka) | 7927 comments Hi Lusie,
As Philip said that applies to the books that have only been released under one name.
I corrected and combined all others (this wasn't a straightforward task, as some books were re-relased under changed title, so next time the links to the books that have do be combine would be really helpful.
This is the only one I didn't have book on Lisa J. Hobman profile to combine with

message 5: by Lusie (new)

Lusie (illusie) okay, i'll do that next time. Thank you

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