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Olivia Gallman In the book Edenbrooke the main characters are Philip and Marianna. Marianna is a lady but acts more like a tomboy. She finds it hard to live with her strict grandmother after her mother died, who practically dropped Marianna and her twin sister off with Philip’s mother. When Marianna goes to live with her mother's best friend, who has been hosting her twin sister for a few years, she meets a man named Philip. Phillip, the oldest brother in the family, falls deeply in love with Marianna but Marianna’s sister causes some trouble. All the women are wanting to marry the most suitable man, Philip. There are many times they miscommunicate and that is probably the biggest conflict between them.

I relate to Marianna, because when she hears something she's very quick to assume something and sometimes I do that. I also feel like Philip. He is constantly trying to hint that he really likes Marianna, but she doesn't seem to get the message. Miscommunication happens to me a lot. Also, when I read this book, the author does a really good job at making you feel like your there, and you just laugh out loud. It's so funny and you feel like your in the room.

I personally really loved this book, and would read it again later on. My favorite part about this book is when they are have dinner at the inn. It's just a very funny part. It gave me a good laugh, and I could read that part over and over again. As I said earlier, I loved how the author made you feel like you were there. There was so much good character detail. I loved that the author made another book call the, Heir to Edenbrooke, which was so good. The Heir to Edenbrooke was on Philips perspective. It was fun to see his side and thoughts. I loved that the author did this.

I would definitely recommend this book to almost everyone. This book has almost every type of writing to entertain anyone who reads it. I do think girls might like this book more, it is a big romance that girls typically like better. I would give it 5 stars, because I really loved it. I read this whole book so fast, because it was so great. I even quickly read the Heir to Edenbrooke because this author is very good. I would definitely recomment this book, and all of her other ones.

I read the whole book.

Hunter This book is certainly one of the finest. So easy to fall in love with! I've read it countless times, and I'm set on naming my daughters Marianne and Cecily! Regency is my new favorite time period. I love how detailed it is with Marianne's feelings; how she's extremely attracted to a man without even knowing it. Poor Philip- he's in agony trying to woo the girl he loves! But I adore how everything works out. And oh my goodness, when she gets kidnapped, my jaw literally dropped her Dad walks in. I think her twirling obsession is amazing!!

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