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SOLVED: Adult Fiction > SOLVED. Contemporary Romance - Female lead owns real estate business and male lead's name is Adam and he also has a model friend named Simone. [s]

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Ally | 3 comments Genre of the book is contemporary romance as the female protagonist owns a real estate business and she also has a pet parrot that repeats a specific phrase but I can't quite remember the phrase her parrot repeats often. The story starts with her office closed and it was raining/pouring heavily outside. She was wearing a robe maybe? Then the doorbell rings and in comes the male lead named Adam with his model friend Simone (Maxwell??? IDK). I remember Adam in the story was part of this rich and powerful family and I think he was running for Senator/Governor?? There was also a part where they get stranded at a vacation house/cabin during the storm. There's also this architect dude that comes along and says he's a "future" person while Adam is a "now" person I don't remember his name though.

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I read this 7 years ago!! It was around 2010 so probably the publication date was aound that time. The book itself looked pretty much what 21st century books look like and I think it was set in the US and well language obviously used was English. I think the author was a female.

Please help this has been bothering me for a whole month now and I've tried everything from putting the phrase I typed in the spoiler to looking for covers of the books, quotes related to it, and character names but none of the results ever hit the mark for this one.

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Ally | 3 comments UPDATE: I remembered Adam and the other guy who also liked the girl were fighting over the Sinclair(e?) property. They both wanted to buy the villa and there was a mention about the vineyard of that estate. Additionally, I think the female model friend of Adam is named as Simone/Simeon Raoux?? This model friend likes Adam and misleads the female protagonist halfway through the book by not delivering the message the female lead asked through the phone to Adam.

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Ally | 3 comments Omg yes that's the book! Thank you so much!

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Juels | 2569 comments You're welcome.

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