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message 1: by Jayelle (last edited Jul 30, 2014 09:45AM) (new)

Jayelle Cochran (jayelle_cochran) | 3 comments I think that it would be fun for us to list the books we've written with a tagline (one sentence that describes your piece) and links to find out more.

Please don't spam and don't list the same book twice. This should be just a simple listing of self-published books, added by the author themselves.

Please use the following format, or one that is similar:

Picture of your book cover (click the add book/author link above to figure out how to link to your goodreads page)
The name of your book (can also be linked to your goodreads page)
If your book is part of a series and links to other books in the series.
Tagline (one sentence that describes your book)
Your author name (can be linked to your profile on Goodreads)
Your website
Your e-mail (if you feel comfortable posting it)
A list of 5 or fewer online stores where your book can be found (amazon, smashwords, B&N, etc)
A list of 5 or fewer offline stores that sell your book

Please don't post a synopsis or any long description about your book.

Please don't post a listing for the same book more than once. If it's in a series then you can post a simple link to previous books.

Please don't beg for readers or reviewers. Everyone knows you want both because we all want them.

The reason for the e-mail and/or a link to your author profile and/or a link to your website is so if people want to review your work they can contact you.

Remember, if someone wants to learn more about your book they can click any of the links you posted. Begging for it (which is common in groups like this one) won't get you any more readers than not begging for it would. So, there's no point and it'll only clog the pages

One more point to make...If this list goes over 20 pages, I suggest we close this post and create another. This will make it simpler and those who were on page one won't be forgotten.


message 2: by Jayelle (last edited Jul 30, 2014 09:46AM) (new)

Jayelle Cochran (jayelle_cochran) | 3 comments Sadie's War A Supernatural Uprising Novel by Jayelle Cochran
Sadie's War : A Supernatural Uprising Novel
Book 1 of the Supernatural Uprising Novels

"A blind traumatized teen learns of love, and becomes the catalyst for a revolution!"

Written by, Jayelle Cochran
Official Website:
e-mail: jayellecochran @ gmail dot com

Online stores: (kindle and paperback) (nook) (paperback)

Offline stores:
If you ask for "Sadie's War by Jayelle Cochran" at Barnes & Noble they'll order it for you. It's not yet on their shelves though.

message 3: by Norman (new)

Norman Crane (normancrane) | 8 comments Goblins & Vikings in America Cover

Goblins & Vikings in America: Episode 1

A series about Vikings who land in America, find goblins and other adventures.

Written by Norman Crane
Official Website:
email: norman.m.crane [at] gmail dot com

Online stores:

The first episode of the series is free. The others are not. There is no paperback at the moment.

message 4: by C.E. (new)

C.E. (purplemountainhighway) | 9 comments Magic America Coming of Age in an Altered State by C.E. Medford

'Magic America : Coming of Age in an Altered State' by C.E. Medford.

A magical realism, coming of age story with the grit of an urban novel and the fun of an underground comic book.


Online stores: (Amazon paperback and ebook. Nook and Kobo ebook only)

message 5: by Ramona (last edited Jul 30, 2014 06:42AM) (new)

Ramona Matta | 8 comments Between The Lines Of Tango by Ramona Matta

Between The Lines Of Tango is a classic fiction about a Tango dancer from Argentina named Sophia, who's musical journey turns into a bittersweet dovetail of love and sacrifice.

Written By Ramona Matta
Official Website is currently under construction

Available in Paperback and E-book Format

Enter the Goodreads book giveaway to win a free copy!

message 6: by Caroline (new)

Caroline Greyling | 2 comments Five: A Maor Novel
Book 1 of the Maor series
Young adult paranormal romance novel about a prophecy, a girl who discovers a supernatural secret about herself and the two boys she must choose between.
Caroline Greyling
Your website: and
Five A Maor Novel (Maor series) by Caroline Greyling

message 7: by Piper (new)

Piper Templeton (pipertempleton) Piper TempletonRain Clouds and Waterfalls My Beatles-inspired slice of life short story collection follows young protagonist Ellen from childhood to young adulthood as she navigates life's ups and downs with the Beatles' music as a constant in her changing life.

My book can be found online at amazon and Barnes & Noble online.


message 8: by Deonta (new)

Deonta Turner | 2 comments I have published two poetry books on Amazon!

Book 1: Mixed Emotions and it is a poetry book about mixed up feelings that people go through

Book 2: The Spoken Word is a poetry book about motivation and ambition.

Online Stores:

Please support me : )

message 9: by Ray (new)

Ray Litt | 1 comments Hey guys, my book club is taking review, CALLING ALL INDIES! to submit. We only do self-pubs, and we promote for two weeks straight. no purchases, no fees, nothing required. we just do it for fun, if anyone's interested. Good luck!

message 10: by Joyce (last edited Dec 01, 2014 08:53AM) (new)

Joyce | 7 comments Escape from Assisted Living by Joyce Hicks
Joyce Hicks
What happens when a mom escapes by train from senior living to claim her late husband's secret safe deposit box in Chicago? What effect will this escapade have on her daughter?
Available at Amazon in paperback and Kindle:

Goodreads give-away Dec. 1-6

message 11: by Joyce (new)

Joyce | 7 comments Hi--Just a reminder, today 8/31 and 9/1 and tomorrow, my book Escape from Assisted Living is a Kindle Count Down deal for .99. It's an entertaining read about a family facing a mother's old age and her refusal to give up her freedom. What's Amtrak for, if not escaping your children!
Go to
and look for my book under the "Literature and Fiction" category.

message 12: by Amaka (new)

Amaka Lily | 1 comments Hello everyone, my name is Amaka Lily and several months ago, I published my debut novel, Shifting Allegiances- A Nigerian's story of Nigeria, America and Culture Shock. It's basically about a Nigerian girl's experience of adapting to America and gives some insight into how Africans see America.

Right now, my book is currently available on Amazon internationally.
Here is the US link for it:

Also, I am participating in a Goodreads giveaway and giving out 20 autographed copies of my book.
Enter to win here:

My Goodreads profile:

message 13: by Odessa (new)

Odessa Rose (odessarose) | 2 comments Hello Everyone,

I haven't been here in a while because I was working on a new web site for fiction, horror, and romance writers. It's called Odessa Rose Present The Pitch, and it is a great place for writers to read and discuss their work through video. Check out the site and the submission guidelines then submit your video. I love reading and writing, and I love hearing authors talk about their work. Hope to see/hear your pitch soon.

message 14: by Sydney (last edited Dec 02, 2014 10:45PM) (new)

Sydney (sydneypaigemccutcheon) "Two Lives Thrown Together—One Holding All the Secrets—Will the Truth Bring Them Closer or Only Rip Them Apart?"

Henry by Sydney Paige McCutcheon


Sydney Paige McCutcheon

Available on Paperback/Kindle:

[Kindle Countdown Dec. 24th thru 31st Kindle Only $1.99]

message 15: by Phoenix (last edited Nov 03, 2014 08:48AM) (new)

Phoenix Kelly | 1 comments My 1st book out Taking Pleasure Seriously ... we all have to start somewhere right ...

Smashwords -

Amazon -

I would love a review or feedback ...

message 16: by Ronel (new)

Ronel van Tonder (ronelvantonder) | 1 comments
Compile: Quest
Book 1 - Corrupted SUN Script

Genre: Science-fiction

Following the story of two women from discordant halves of a future earth, COMPILE:QUEST tells a harrowing tale of the sinister facets of society, the abuse of power, and how human nature can overcome adversity.

Ronel van Tonder
Can be found on:
Barnes & Noble

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