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message 1: by Oksana (new)

Oksana W | 140 comments Hello!

I'm looking for some help with my historical fiction manuscript. It takes place during word war two, in Poland.

Here is a brief summary:

In the spring of 1944, former fencing instructor Anatoli Ryszkowski is arrested by the German police in Warsaw for his role in the Polish underground army. His captors soon realize that his love for his son, Pavel, and his courier, Malgorzata, could be bent to their own advantage. The choice he is given is simple: to tell the German prison commandant everything he knows about his underground network, or lose his son.

The following summer, the people of Warsaw make the fateful decision to strike back against their German occupiers for control of their city. The battle leaves no one untouched, as a desperate struggle for each street of the capital drags on far longer than the Polish soldiers ever imagined. Anatoli now must decide to what lengths he is capable of going to protect the only family he has left.

I'm open to swapping outside of the historical genre. I like contemporary/general, literary, fantasy, mystery, romance, some scifi. Long story short, I'm more curious in your project itself than the genre! Let me know what it's about!

Thanks for reading, and I'd love to hear from you!
You can message me here, or at

message 2: by [deleted user] (new)

I have always been interested in the Warsaw uprising although I have not read as much about it as I would have liked.

I have a complete historical fiction mystery. It is fairly long at approx 200k words. Maybe we could work something out. Best would be to email me if you are interested.

Here's the synopsis.


Wicked City

This story is based on actual events.

In 1912 Winnipeg was declared the Wickedest City in the Dominion. In 1913 someone tried to burn it to the ground.

When Tommy Logan, an amiable, hard drinking ex-constable, ex-soldier, and bounty hunter nearly dies while arresting the notorious Meechum brothers in Iowa, he decides that it is time to quit wandering and return to the home.

Home is Winnipeg, a wild frontier town rushing headlong into the twentieth century carrying within it a volatile mix of railwaymen, whores, gamblers, drunks, millionaires, bankers and Baptists.

During the hottest and driest summer in memory, conflicts smoulder between the fledgling labour movement and the clutch of self made millionaires that control the city, between the shameless open brothels of Point Douglas and the outraged temperance and moral reform movement, between the French and English, and between the booming city sprawling out to the west and the festering foreign slums north of the Logan yards.

Tommy plunges into the most bizarre arson case in Canadian history. For eighteen months the city has been terrorized by a wave of fires that have injured hundreds and caused millions of dollars of damage. The police seem powerless, and the citizens live with the fear that it is only a matter of time before one of the fires overwhelms the weary fire department and engulfs the entrire city.

As Tommy arrives, the tempo of the fires increases, gripping the city with an unbearable tension that threatens to tear its fragile social fabric apart. With one eye on his old enemies, he sets out to solve the mystery, save the city, and win a woman.

His investigation is complicated by troubling suspicions about the activities of his childhood friends; Mike Corcoran, a detective with too much money, Nicolette DeGrandpre, Queen of the Madams, and Nellie McPhee, hostess of the city’s most exclusive floating poker game, who also happens to be his wife.

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