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Z-squared | 8580 comments What is the policy on Norton critical editions? Are they considered adaptations and kept separate, or are they to be combined with their parent work?

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rivka | 43570 comments Mod
I think we generally keep them with their fellow editions of a work, but I don't know that we have an established policy per se.

Lobstergirl They are combined with all the other editions of the work. (They would not be considered adaptations in any case because they contain the original work, not an adaptation.)

There are other publishers besides Norton who are going the route of including essays about the work, with the original text. I've seen these from Signet, I think. If we tried to separate them out it would quickly become a disaster.

Also consider that a lot of people read these Norton and Signet editions with additional essays, and if they were separated from the original work it would distort the ratings. If you read P&P as a Norton ed. and your friend read it as some other edition, you would see their rating and review go through your feed and it would not show that you had also read P&P which would be disconcerting.

There are a lot of threads about for Norton.

Elizabeth (Alaska) | 6780 comments Would this also apply to books with annotations, so that these editions with the original work, plus additional material pertaining to the original work (and only the original work) should be combined?

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rivka | 43570 comments Mod
Yes, as a general rule annotated books are combined with their fellow non-annotated editions.

Z-squared | 8580 comments thanks for the clarification y'all!

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