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message 1: by Maria Hill (new)

Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) Well so I am now officially starting part III of this very, very long tome!.

Part 1 concentrated on Mr Norell - not a particularly likable character - which let's face it seems to be the point of him. His worst sin? Buying up all of the magic books in England and refusing to let anyone use them.

Part II is dedicated to Jonathan Strange, who is far more dynamic and a bit of a War hero. He is a little neglectful of his wife and very remiss in not helping to get a Magic School set up.

Part III - Will be about John Uskglass - at last we will learn about the enigmatic man that used to rule three kingdoms in England, Fairy Land and Hell.

message 2: by Margo (new)

Margo I'm into part 2 - not too sure where as I'm doing the audio. I am laughing at the moment that they can't give Strange any Honours (Knighthood, Barony etc) because they would also have to Honour Mr Norrell and "nobody likes him well enough" !

message 3: by Margo (new)

Margo Maria -how are you enjoying it so far?

message 4: by Maria Hill (new)

Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) I am at home with a Chest infection and between lots of sleep, I am reading it and still really enjoying. I am amazed at how obsessed Jonathan Strange still is with Mr. Norell and the lengths he will go to (view spoiler) just to annoy Norrell.

message 5: by Margo (new)

Margo Sorry to hear you are laid up Maria - get well soon! This is probably a good book to read when you're not so well as it is one you can just dip in and out of quite easily.

message 6: by Fannie (new)

Fannie D'Ascola | 499 comments I finished the book on Thursday but I'll wait on the post on part III just in case I didn't remember and spoiled something.

All I can say is that I wasn't a fan. Sometimes I was hooked, but most of the time not. It's really well written though.

message 7: by Margo (new)

Margo I'd agree with your assessment Fannie - I was hooked by the first part but now by now I'm getting a bit bored in patches. It is the writing and the humorous touches that are keeping me going. The first part was 5 stars, the second is 4.

Although I read this 5 or 6 years ago I have completely forgotten how it ends!

message 8: by Maria Hill (new)

Maria Hill AKA MH Books (mariahilldublin) That is why I love my lousy memory Margo - It makes rereads so much more fun! The reason why I buy so many books is that I plan to reread most of them!

I am finding it tough to keep reading this and The Parentations by Kate Mayfield while sick and slightly feverish. Both are excellently written but I find it hard to concentrate on the prose when ill - so I am picking up plot-driven books at the moment instead. Hope to return to this early next week though as I did enjoy the author's style. However, I think it could probably have done with an edit. Not sure where mind.

Without spoiling - where you happy with the ending Fannie?

message 9: by Margo (new)

Margo Finished pt 2 today and I had forgotten a lot of the really cool stuff in it. In particular I enjoyed Stranges method of saving Belgum from French invasion - lets just relocate to America! How to send messages across the pond in the 19th century? Try using annoying birds that won't go away and repeat the message over and over again 😁

I appreaciated the war scenes much more on the reread. I think that when Strange got back home he was suffering from PTS. Of course such things weren't known about in the 1800's. It is difficult to be sure what is going on in the characters heads due to the obsercational style of the writing. The author is watching and commenting on the events rather than getting involved in them but I read a lot into Stranges aversion to guns.

What happened to Arabella was a shock - how could I have forgotten? Old age lol

There was definitely a dip in the middle of this section but it picked up nicely 😊

message 10: by Fannie (new)

Fannie D'Ascola | 499 comments Maria wrote: "That is why I love my lousy memory Margo - It makes rereads so much more fun! The reason why I buy so many books is that I plan to reread most of them!

I am finding it tough to keep reading this a..."

I didn't like the ending. Ieven thought that it was a perfect ending for a magical book like this one.

Margo, it was a shock for me too what happened to Arabella.

I was glad also about how it ended up for Mrs Pole.

message 11: by Milou (new)

Milou I am listening to this on audio. I really enjoyed part 1, but seemed unable to keep my concentration on certain chapters of part 2, especially in the middle. The last few were great tho. And yeah, what happened to Mrs Strange came as quite a shock to me as well.

message 12: by Melanie (new)

Melanie | 1324 comments I’m loosing interest too. I think it’s because as the reader I am not investing in the main conflict . I don’t care if France of England wins per se. the character dramas are also not holding my attention. I’m am actually most interested in the plight of Mr. Black...

message 13: by Alan (new)

Alan | 158 comments I really enjoyed the second part, though I admit to slowing down in my reading about halfway through it--could just be that I've been distracted with other things though!

I'm anxious to find out what happens with Arabella though--just starting Part III now.

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