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message 1: by Zimmergage (new)

Zimmergage | 2 comments Hi I am look for a beta reader for my novel. It is a teen fantasy with futuristic elements. It is about a group of teenager trying to survive in a war torn world. It has some romance but it is not a big factor.
Book 1 of a trilogy. Third Person point of view. Multiple points of view.
Please keep in mind that it has some LGBT content, swearing, and violence.
It is only 45k long.

I am looking for someone who can point out the inconsistencies and any suggestions is appreciated.


message 2: by Siva (new)

Siva Kumar | 5 comments Hey there, I think that idea sounds really interesting. I am actually a new beta reader here too but I want to help. If you could email me I think we could discuss how long it would take me. (For that length It will not take long I think.)

And, if it's not too much trouble, could you read my Novella?
It's a samurai styled fantasty novel that has a fair amount of swearing. No romance, gory fight scenes and is 19400 words long.

Email me at

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