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Living Room:

Abi's Room:

Whitney's Room:

Mom's Room:


Dining Room:


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Abi crawled out of her bed when her alarm went off at 5:30. She went to her mom's room where her mom was still sleeping and started the fire. The bed was as close to the fire as safe due to her mom's cancer. She sighed wondering if she'd ever get better. Abi went downstairs to start on breakfast for her sister.

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Crystal knocked on the door poorly her hands freezing to the brim. She had walked out of the house to try to see another cabin. Well she knocked but quietly hoping someone answers.

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Abi went to answer the door wondering who on Earth visited anyone anymore. Who even left the warmth of their houses anymore? She answered the door? "Hello? Get in. I don't want my house freezing."

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"Whatever." She hissed and went inside. Crystal looked around and saw a little girl, Yule's age at least. She didn't want to intrude.

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Abi shut the door, "Are you out of your freaking mind? And who the heck are you? Holy crap, what were you doing outside?" she shook her head, walking toward the kitchen to continue making breakfast. Great. Now she had to make more to feed a random stranger.

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"You dont have to cook for me." She said sadly, "Im Crystal Pinesmith." She answered. Crystal walked leaving a thin trail of ice behind her. Dang, each step makes her ice spread. Crystal smashed the ice but no hope. Her cloak was covered with frost designs and her hair has ice clinging on to her braid.

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Abi noticed the ice on her floor, "Please tell me thats because I opened the door and not because of you. If it is, I recommend you give me some dang good reasons not to kick you out."

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"Im the one who started the god damn storm, if you hate me this much, i cant help it, I'm not normal." Crystal pointed out, "Im just trying to get rid of it." She stomped her boot on the ice and it all dried away. "I can get rid of the snow here if you want."

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"Get the heck out of my house," Abi growled, "My mother's ill upstairs and my father isn't here because of your storm. I have a sister I'm trying to raised and you expect me to let you, the cause of all my problems, into my fire with a warm welcome? Get out, now."

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Crystal looked at her, "That easy to kick out a winter spirit who could just stand here trying to give you information on how to take care and hide your family from the storm? Well if your attitude is always like that, I'm the same." She said politely. "I have two parents who never come home and usually come home drunk, a little sister thats trying to come through depression, you think I'm nothing like you?"

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"I don't care if your like me. Because it's your fault I'm stuck here alone playing nurse and nanny rather than following my dreams. I could already list a million reasons why your parents would rather be home drunk than sober and have to face reality." Her words were as cold as the storm outside.

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"Well you better not try to get all mad before you even know me." She said looking at her. "Frost bite is happening out there and freezing the ill. If you dont hide your family in the safe house underground where they are all being takking cared of then watch them both die." She added a sense of plead. She wanted to help every family.

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"My house is safe. It's warm. Besides, why should I take advice from the girl FROSTING MY FLOORBOARDS!"

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Crystal stomped the floor and everything melted and dried. "Its all gone, i cant freeze your house unless you stop being so arrogant."
She argued back.

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"Why would I want it frozen, hm? This is my house. I was born and raised here! I'm not going to just move and let you take that away too!" Abi flat out slapped the girl. Her skin was cold as ice. Unnatural.

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Crystal closed her eyes and slashed her hand away, "Enough!" She shouted. Icicles shot up from the floor and Crystal pulled her glove down more terrified. She was trapped away from them but too scared to run off.

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"That's right. Enough. Leave me and my family alone," she growled.

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Crystal then noticed a moan from upstairs and let the ice fall down to the ground. She had set off the frost bite to her mother! Crystal ran out the door and fell back into the snow afraid of what she will do next.

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Abi heard it and sprinted upstairs, "MOM! Mom!" She rapidly tried to stoke the fire but even as the frost melted off her mothers feet she knew it wouldn't last long. It would make everything worse. Her mother probably wouldn't make the night, "Crystal Pinesmith, you did this. And I will get you and kill you, and make you pay for this."

((dun dun duuuuuuuuun!))

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Crystal ran towards the back and saw the little girl, "Go inside now." She ordered quickly as she climbed up the tree. She sat hidden in the willow covered in snow. Instead of tears, ice falls down her face and she froze the whole tree with a touch of her boot..

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Abi saw the girl outside threw a window. She raced down the stairs, opening the backdoor and yelled, "You better hope your frost never ends and that I never dare go out in it, because I will kill you Crystal Pinesmith. Just as you're frost will kill my mother!"

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Crystal sighed and closed her eyes, she shot ice making spiral up her house to show her not to mess with her.

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Abi flipped her off, "You have no heart. I pity your parents." She slammed the door before she froze to death.

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Crystal put the whole house in ice before she closed her eyes exhausted. Her form vanished just when she closes her eyes so she won't be killed many times.

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Abi shivered and a tear slid down her cheek. This was pure torture. She went around stoking the fires, starting with the one in her mom's room and doing her best to help her passing mother, "I'm sorry. I'm sorry."

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Crystal dreamed of what happened when she lost her thought and human appearance.

Flash back
Crystal smiled as Elsa was carrying her across the frozen pond. "Why cant i walk?" She asks playing with her sister's curly hair. "Cause i dont want you getting hurt." Crystal sighed and she sat on the snow by her sleeping sister. She hiked on her sisters boots and went across the snow. Crystal was hearing cracks before her sister screamed. She had fallen in the ice. Then when Elsa was gone, she swam up the water. "Elsa!" She screamed.

Crystal woke up popping and closed her eyes again.

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Abi finished breakfast as the house slowly warmed up. She gave a plate to her sister and a plate to her mother, but didn't eat much herself. She was trying to save what little food she had because it was difficult to track down these days.

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Crystal melted the house and cleared the ice. She owes her for what she did.

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Abi felt the warmth rush through the house but there was no way in heck she was thanking that witch. She fed her weak mother the food, "Please hang on mom. Whitney needs you. Please be strong. Please."

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She tried to remove the frost bite but she had to get closer. She step foot on the air and ran towards the roof not making a sound and removed whatever sickness the mother holds. She tried to make it better for her when her hair was starting to form white tips.

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((she can remove cancer?))

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((remove like one of the stages but the frost bite completely.))

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Her mom stretched a little, sitting up. She said, "Abi, I don't know what was in that breakfast but I feel a lot better. Like I could even go downstairs and eat with you and your sister." Abi laughed surprised, "Really? Oh my gosh. You're alright! Oh my gosh." Her mom sighed, "I doubt I'm completely alright. Just feeling on the up." Abi smiled, "It's good enough for now."

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Crystal sat on the roof smiling as her hair turns a little more white. She was over working herself trying to help this family in every need. She lived with Yule but had to get her sooner. Crystal tried to provide the family what they needed and found out the mother is at stage 4. She wanted to help this family for real.

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Abi hugged her mom and handed her the plate, "Eat up. I'll make you more if you like." Her mom shook her head, "I can't ask that, but thank you."

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Crystal smiled and tapped frost on the window forming the word, 'hoped i helped.' She saw the family getting together and hoped Abi will forgive her.

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Abi's smile dropped. she traced with her finger in the frost, "I hope your conscience is clear when I fulfill my promise."

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Crystal wrote again with the frost, 'cleared one stage of cancer and frost bite, hair's freezing and tempeture dropped. Hope your family does well'

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"For your sake, we better," she traced.

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Crystal smiled and wrote again, 'well i tried my best to make your life easier..' Her voice drifted and her hair crystal white. Her powers made her weak and sometimes strong.

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((i have 30 members!!!!!!!!))

"Your storm made it a thousand times worse."

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'not my fault, my sister has cause it also' She wrote.

((lets make a contest!!))

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((it claims i only have 29. there are exactly 30))

"Then kill her."

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((Its 30 what type of contest??))

'She doesnt remember me after i died'

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((Oh its really 29))

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((ya. ill make it soon))

"You aren't dead."

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'yes i am, thats why my sister forgot me, i died so long ago'

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"You're alive enough to kill my family."

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