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May 2018: Of Mice and Men > May 2018: Of Mice & Men Spoiler Thread

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Bookworm with Kids This is the spoiler thread for Of Mice and Men.

Bookworm with Kids I really felt sorry for George at the end of the book but also a little glad that he was now free of Lennie. How did anyone else feel abut the passage at the end?

Peter (catching up) (peterdonnelly) | 35 comments You can't do right for doing wrong. There was a deep connection between George and Lennie and while we may feel a relief for George we know that he will always be haunted by the final incident - because he cared.

Bookworm with Kids Peter, that is a very profound comment. I hadn't thought of the long term effect on George, merely the immediate lessening of his burden in looking after Lennie and covering up his mistakes.

Peter (catching up) (peterdonnelly) | 35 comments I found the book really powerful and it was very cleverly positioned to deal with immediate and long-term issues. Super read

Peter (catching up) (peterdonnelly) | 35 comments Just to keep the deep meaning chat going :)

Did you feel the book had a sexist vibe to it? For example, the woman was only ever referred to as Curley’s wife and yet she had such a pivotal role in the story. Did her attitude and antics also play into this notion?

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