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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Contemporary Romance, second chance love story, the guy is from a rich family and the girl is from the wrong side of town, they both return to town after a death in the guy's family. Spoilers ahead.

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Lauren Wattts | 2 comments okay so confirmed spoilers ahead bc I can only remember some big plot points from this book. I read it maybe 2014? So in this book the main characters dated in high school, he was a rich kid and she was poor and being raised by her grandmother. While she was in high school she was stalked and raped by a cop, she then killed the cop and the guy helped her cover it up. They eventually broke up (I think it was blackmail?) and she left town. Eventually she comes back to town bc the guy's grandmother died and they were both close to her. At the end of the book they get back together and you find out that she had a baby which she gave up for adoption in the past. I think the main character was also an actress? PLS HELP SOS sorry that this description was all over the place.

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Lauren Wattts | 2 comments Also I'm pretty sure the reason they broke up was because of the guy's mom. I'm pretty sure his mom was a main antagonist of the book.

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Lauren, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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