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Playing With Fire (Little Secrets, #1)
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SOLVED: Children's/YA > SOLVED. Teen series about two rich cousins and some family scandals. [s]

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Dani Targo | 2 comments This series is about two teenage girls who are cousins and their family has quite a bit of money. Somewhere along the way, there is some sort of scandal, and the two girls have a falling out and one of the girls steals the other girl’s boyfriend. There was also a scheming aunt, and I do believe there was something about a fire/arson that went down. Also, I think the aunt was secretly hiding she was one of the girl’s mother all along. These books were REALLY thin. Maybe just over 100 pages each. Also, they came out sometime around 2004-2007. I also remember one of the covers being almost entirely blue and another one being almost entirely pink. I read the series in middle school and I am going nuts trying to remember them.

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Dani Targo | 2 comments I think that’s it!

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