The Dark Forest (Remembrance of Earth’s Past, #2) The Dark Forest question

Help me understand the ending. (Spoilers obviously.)
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In particular, Luo Ji's threat. I don't understand how he expects it to work so quickly.

He says the entire transmission should be viewable at any point in the galaxy within a year. And some recipients may see it within hours.

But the Milky Way is 100k light years across. How is someone in the middle -- let alone the far edge -- going to be aware of anything that happens in our solar system within a year? And who are these recipients that will be able to respond within hours? Is he assuming other civilizations have faster-than-light sophon-type bugs already in place spying on our solar system?

This was a great book! Loved it way more than 3BP.

I think what he means was it will take other civilizations at most a year, or as little as a few hours to understand the broadcast

If the Trisolarans have sophons which can transmit information instantaneously, it is a safe bet that other civilizations will have developed similar tech. And at least some of those civilizations will have deployed some of their sophons to remote locations across the Dark Forest in an effort to locate other civilizations before being discovered themselves. These need not be spying on our solar system specifically. They need only notice that a small yellow star which used to be steady has now become very mildly variable. The fact that Luo Ji’s “spell” drew a response is proof that the hunters in the Dark Forest are real, and they are looking for patterns.

Also, the transmission would be second in relatively short time because of the first spell. I'd assume many civilisations would send mentioned syphons near there just because there was something happening in a past.

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