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message 1: by Eli (new)

Eli Breakstop-Kings (elibreakstopkings) | 1 comments Genre: Fantasy, LGBT
WC: 99k
PoV: Mostly 3rd person from 2 protagonists (some short dips into other PoVs-a good area in need of review)
Sex: No sex scenes, but some nudity and lewd behavior/language
Violence: lots, graphic
Triggers: graphic violence, frequent cursing and foul language
# Of Betas Wanted: Any!
Level of Feedback: whatever you’re willing ;)
Swap?: Absolutely! I do inline critiques with a brief summary at the end. However, I can skip the inline if you prefer.

message 2: by Reid (new)

Reid | 1 comments Are you still looking for beta readers? Would you be willing tow swap and beta read my 75k coming of age/coming out memoir about a Pentecostal preacher's kid from Mississippi. The story takes place at the nexus of identity, religious faith, family, and mental health.

There are some scenes I'd rate at PG-13 for sexual content and language.

Back-of-Book Blurb
I lost my sense of self soon after moving to Texas. Going into that graduate degree program, I was at my pinnacle. The picture of me on my student ID even shows my sense of strength and pride. Being on my own for the first time, living in a new state, in a challenging degree program fractured my sense of self/pride/competence. Then I realized that I was gay and made the mistake of telling my dad. My whole world changed. I had to flee the state in terror of my dad’s rage, into the arms of a practical stranger. My family began to crumble and with it, my sanity.

Let me know if you are still open to doing any beta reading and if you would like to beta read my manuscript.
Thank in advance,

message 3: by Layne (last edited Aug 11, 2019 10:51AM) (new)

Layne Pierce | 4 comments I would also be totally willing to swap. Mine is high fantasy, first person present, ensemble cast. YA, trigger warning for violence, fantasy bigotry and subtle mentions of sexual assault. Social justice oriented, meaning that most characters are queer in some way (though that's not explicit at first), and only one protagonist is a white male. 123K Words.

Blurb: On the Isle of Those Dearest, two fourteen year olds, from wildly different worlds meet for a second time. Emmelyne Grenbol is a Wyclathi, a witch of phenomenal and dangerous power. Peter Tane is the Crown Prince of the Saldarian Imperial Republic. The year since they last met has been hard on both of them, and each have witnessed horrors that haunt their nightly dreams. They are hoping, therefore for a quiet week, and both are in for disappointment.

Henihan's Cove, the island's only town, is suffering the disappearances of its citizens according to Peter's cousin Lysander. And Emmelyne keeps getting attacked by the other Wyclathi in the town, a boy her age, an old, drunken woman, and a girl with orange eyes who appears in her dreams. By virtue of misunderstanding, and unfortunate timing, Peter blames Emmelyne, and the island's other Wyclathi for these disappearances. Meanwhile, both deal with the personal trials of family and teenage life, as they navigate the political and magical dangers of The Isle of Those Dearest.

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