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message 1: by Robert (new)

Robert J | 6 comments I have a completed novel appx 1mb in file size. It has not been copy-edited but most of the grammar and punctuation errors have been corrected. It is my first novel completed and I have become blind to pacing and possible jargon spew that I tried to correct.

The story:

Tucker Miera is at a crossroads.

He left his job last year after losing the woman who raised him, his beloved Gran. Gran devised provisions in her will for the family to vote, if necessary, on what to do with the businesses, properties and especially Tucker's birthright: Miera Ranch. The love of Tucker's life, Marla, is 1600 miles away doing a job she loves when his former fiancee brings a job offer to search for a “treasure.” A local author has written a book hinting where he's hidden this treasure—somewhere in the Southwest. The elements have claimed the life of 2 treasure hunters already. Add to the mix, bullets fired at him and his cousin and no one is sure if it's revenge or to keep Tucker from finding the treasure. Tucker has to figure out if the treasure is real, keep the former fiancee more than an arm's length away, get the family vote to go his way while trying to figure out what to do with his life. And, most importantly, make sure Marla knows how much he loves her. And needs her.

With humor and a setting in Santa Fe New Mexico, the search goes forward for Tucker. He has more questions than answers, paths that circle more than the roads surrounding the downtown Plaza, and decisions that affect family, friends and the people around. Without A Doubt tells the story of a man thrust into a situation that he didn't choose, utilizing abilities that everyone knows he has, except maybe Tucker himself.

The story runs at almost 98m words.

message 2: by Christine (new)

Christine (cefletch) | 42 comments I will have some time at the beginning of June. I will PM you with my details.

message 3: by Robert (new)

Robert J | 6 comments Christine wrote: "I will have some time at the beginning of June. I will PM you with my details."

Thank you, it is appreciated.

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