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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) Want me to repost the plot?

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After the brief bout of dangerous and deadly hurricanes along the east and south coast of the United States, Muse A had realised that he wanted to help those who had been affected by the hurricanes, and made it his mission to help at least two-hundred and fifty people whilst down in Florida, and Louisiana. Upon his father flying him out there, he met Muse B on the plane, it seems the other man wanted to go down to Florida and Louisiana to help the affected as well. The two got to know each other just a little more, and decided that upon their arrival they would share an apartment, paid for by Muse A's father. ( Muse B does not know that Muse A is rich, neither do lots of people ).

Muse A and Muse B find that they have both always had the desire to help people in need, and find that the two of them have both been through some sort of hardships within their life. The men bond over their share of hardships and their share of sexual commonalities. Upon finding work under the same organisation, the two learn to work together but find that it is hard due to some feelings arising between the two.

After an accidental kiss that led to things escalating beyond what they should have escalated to, the two are forced to find separate jobs that do not interact with one another. After weeks of working separately, occasionally joining to work at the first organisation that they had started at, the two finally come to terms that they wouldn't be able to stop their feelings, and decide to embark on something. Those they are working with and worked beside are rather supportive of the two of them, and it comes to light that everyone has been rooting for them since day one.

Will Muse A and Muse B be able to survive the hardships of seeing hurricane survivors everyday, whilst also trying to maintain a healthy relationship? Or will things be revealed, and cause things to go down the drain?

• MxM only... obviously.
• Muse A and Muse B should be 20-30 years in age.
• I would prefer to be Muse A, and the more submissive character
• 2-3 Paragraphs per post. Add details, emotions, drama, and such when responding, I need stuff to reply to.
• Do NOT rush romance, as this is not love at first sight.
• Sex is pm'd, but you should also be okay with other non-sexual, but mature themes.
• Thread or Private Group.

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Davenport Nicholas Pomme

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Davenport Pomme always had this inkling that one day he would be able to make himself useful, rather then sitting around doing absolutely nothing while also making thousands and thousands of dollars. His family was literally one of the most richest families in the world, they owed no one anything, and received millions from the bank thanks to his father's bright idea of Pomme's Rags to Riches. Pomme's Rags to Riches was exactly what you would think it was, they gathered old clothes and spruced them up to make them look new. Davenport loved the idea, considering the fact that his father makes sure that literally none of the prices exceeds over twenty dollars; which makes it so much easier for those who can't afford rich clothes, but want to look good. It was this movement that made Davenport want to help others in need, he liked the idea of helping people, but hated the idea of them knowing who he was and constantly asking for money, instead of his help.

He sighed as he entered the plane and glanced around, there were way too many people here but his father had suggested in order to not be found out that Davenport may not want to be seated in first class. Checking his plane ticket, he found that he had a window seat, he began to make his way towards his seat, completely disregarding nor noticing that there was already someone sitting there already. When his bags were stuffed into the overhead bin, he went to sit down, but finally realised that someone was already seated there.

"Ezcuse a moi... but you are zitting in my zeat," Davenport said, his accent heavy, and his annoyance clear as day as he crossed his arms over his chest.

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) (( really sorry... i haven't had time to respond. i recently graduated and I don't have my iPad so I can't respond as much to Goodreads anymore. I plan on getting one soon, but im more focused on my job, my boyfriend, and getting out of my mom's house...

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j a m m e s  (thepanbigensister) {{ Yikes! I am terribly sorry about not responding, I don't have an iPad anymore and I tend to prefer iPad over Phone. I also managed to forget all about this app, because I don't usually have it on my phone... so I apologize for any inconvenience that I have caused you. I shall reply as soon as possible. }}

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{ it's too hot in Wisconsin, I literally forgot what my characters name had been }

Davenport huffed like an angry child and narrowed his eyes at the man sitting in the seat; ' Az if! I am not going zo check my plane ticket unlezz God comez down and tellz me,' he thought to himself. "Ezcuze me?" Davenport asked, pretending to be shocked that someone would even say a thing like that, "Check a ticket that I know izn't wrong? How about no?" Davenport hissed, eyes narrowing as he stared down at the man in his seat.

(( sorry it's short! I'm just now getting back into things! ))

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Davenport dropped his heavy French accent and settled for a more relaxed one. He uncrossed his arms and dug around for his ticket, "I have proof that this is my seat, and I shall have it, I have anxiety when riding on planes... I can't be anywhere else but a window seat, I need to see what's going on..." Davenport said softly as he showed the guy his ticket. "I don't want to argue over a seat... but I won't sit down until I have that seat," he added.

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