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Ask here

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 17 comments Will there be a face claim?

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Its up :)

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 17 comments Ok so I wanted to have a character named Elsa after the fairy tale because her parents liked the morals of the story, is that oK?? And then town like turns on her or something simply because of her name?

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Oh Denver, you just read my mind. Having a girl named Elsa is perfect but there will be another girl with ice powers also that set off the winter. They could be siblings in a way.

Denver -writes poems drinks wine- | 17 comments Of course! My charrie won't have any powers, (or at least not yet if you think implementing that would be good later??) but she simply has the name(:

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Yep! ((Maybe sooner when she finds out how to use them!)) The name Elsa is simply okay. And if anyone wants a charrie named like the other characters in frozen, i will be okay with that :P

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Welcome :)

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Is there where I'd request for someone to make characters for my charries family? if anyone takes me up on it ill do one for them.

I need a sister and a mother.

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Tinker bell  | 4 comments I would be willing to play her sister

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sweet. make the charrie, get it approved and meet me in the martinez house. :) the sisters name is whitney martinez

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Tinker bell  | 4 comments I can't right now I'm on my iPod and I'm at work so I'll start her as soon as I get home

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I still need a mom though. I can try doing it myself but it would be helpful :)

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