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Anyone else not crazy about this book?
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First of I just wanted to say this is not a hate post about the book. I realize alot of people LOVE this book. Thats fine, I respect you opinion. But I didnt like this book. To start with I found it full of cliches. Girl has mean parents who ship her to a boarding school in a foreign land, she instantly falls for a cute guy with a foreign accent. and blah blah blah.
Second, I did not like Entiene (i think i spelled that wrong) I found him pompous. Not to mention he emotionally cheats on his girlfriend and strings both of them along. I found all his good qualities forced. I also did not like Anna. I found her extremely naive.
I get it that all characters have flaws and thats what makes them, them but I had an extreme dislike for these ones.
I found the secondary character much more tolerable.

Overall I was irritated. I found the love problems being drawn out as long as possible and done to death. I was just like, okay we get it, they love each other. he has a girlfriend, misunderstanding misunderstanding. GET TO THE END.
Further I found the ending especially with his dad rushed and unrealistic.
Anna seemed to fall in love with him to quickly, and everything was resolved perfectly in a split second. Basically I hated it and thought it sucked. Just mindless dribble

PLEASE NOTE: I don't want to offend you or this book. I would like some comments stating if you liked it or not and why. I am NOT looking to argue but to discuss. Be mature Thanks

I agree with you, it wasn't one of my favourites. I found the constant back-and-forth he loves me, he loves me not thing to be way too repetitive.

It was alright. It was highly clicheed but that happens in a lot of YA romance novels. But Stephanie Perkins did manage to write like a teenager. It's not a great, realistic book but its not the worst so I might read the next two. :D

It's not that I didn't like this book but it was annoying I didn't hate it but the characters were annoying I agree with everything you stated raynebow but i didn't hate it lets just say I've read worse... And leave it at that.

this book was fun. light read.

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I wasn't a huge fan either. It was very frustrating and annoying with all the back and forth! I agree that Etienne obviously liked Anna and kept leading on both her and his girlfriend. He would yell at Anna for hitting on him saying he has a girlfriend but then the next chapter he would be flirting with her! It was ridiculous. I did love Lola though!! Cricket was so amazing! They were a lot more up front with each other about their feelings. I felt like it wasn't dragged out as much. Looking forward to Isla next.

OMG!! exactly! I am not the only one who finds Anna annoying,right? I mean she was whining about everything and after a while I was rolling my eyes to her. lol. I mean of course many might like the book,I just didn't :/

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I liked this book as a light, fluffy summer read, but it wasn't exactly life changing. If you're willing to ignore the cliches and suspend disbelief for a bit, this book is an enjoyable read when your brain doesn't want to work too hard. Overall, Stephanie Perkins' books are great if you're just going for a fun, cutesy read.

I do have to admit that in the first two books of the trilogy ('Lola and the Boy Next Door' and 'Anna and the French Kiss'), the stringing people along got on my nerves, but it's fairly standard as far as teen drama goes.

I really liked the Lola book better than this book because of Etienne's weakness in not breaking things off with his girlfriend. It was tiresome and a little clicheed that the dead relationship dragged on. I would have liked to have seen more of Etienne and Anna's relationship once they got together.

But I really like Stephanie Perkins' writing, and she does create great characters....and I will probably buy every book she writes because the quality is so high.

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Raynebow I will say that I think her writing style is good. My problems were more in the story.
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