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Lizzie Twachtman (lizzietwachtman) | 186 comments Mod honor of Solo coming out this month, I've made a change in the reading schedule and moved Last Shot up the list. Since we're halfway through May, I'm gonna make it the book for May and June and reorganize things after that. I've been trying to go chronologically through the canon, but since they're releasing so many books on the reg, it's hard to keep it chronological.
So I'll try, but I'll also do what I want ;)
IF you have any thoughts, let me know!!
And happy reading!

N.E.C.C. | 59 comments Wise decision in my opinion. I've finished it already so, waiting for the movie now hahaha. And Star Wars: Most Wanted.

Liz wrote: "IF you have any thoughts, let me know!!"
I do have thoughts hahaha.
I was thinking that instead of having all the discussions in the same group (the one name "general") it would be nice to get them separated in groups like "books, movies, comis, etc." . It'll look cleaner and it would be easier for us members to creat new discussions and set them in their corresponding section. Also, easier for new members to find the discussion.
Just a suggestion :)

Lizzie Twachtman (lizzietwachtman) | 186 comments Mod
That's a great idea!! this is the first Goodreads book club I've ever done. So i never really thought about it!
I'm gonna start to do that!!!
Thank you for your thoughts!! keep em coming if you have anymore!!!

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