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Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 1761 comments Based on author Justin Cronin’s best‐selling book trilogy of the same name, the one-hour drama is described as an epic, character‐driven thriller about a secret government medical facility experimenting with a dangerous virus that could either cure all disease or cause the downfall of the human race. It focuses on a 10‐year‐old girl named Amy Bellafonte (Saniyya Sidney), who is chosen to be a test subject for this experiment and Brad Wolgast (Mark‐Paul Gosselaar), the Federal agent who becomes her surrogate father as he tries to protect her.

In addition to Sidney and Gosselaar, the series also stars Vincent Piazza, Brianne Howey, Jamie McShane, Caroline Chikezie, and Emmanuelle Chriqui.

TRAILER HERE: https://youtu.be/6rJ64J-gSbY

Erin (ems84) | 7667 comments I think the trailer looks great. This is the only show I am looking forward to for the new TV season. I'm kind of annoyed it won't premiere until midseason, though.

message 3: by Rachel (last edited May 16, 2018 07:13AM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Rachel Bea (gekrepten) | 1761 comments I think it looks good too! I have the book but haven't read it yet.

Also, I'm so mad they cancelled The Exorcist. I hope somehow another service picks it up. Would love to get at least a final season to end it properly

Erin (ems84) | 7667 comments I thought the whole trilogy was good which I assume if the show makes it, that it would follow all three books as the seasons went on.

I read about The Exorcist cancellation, that was the one show I watch that I ended up losing. I guess there is always a chance it could be picked up. There have been some talk that other Fox shows (like Lucifer) are trying to be shopped around.

Kelly B (kellybey) | 605 comments Ohhhh, that looks good! Normally, I don't watch much Network TV, but it looks like I'll have to make an exception.

Latasha (latasha513) | 11269 comments Mod
I loved the building old but thought the show looks not so good.. I’ll give it a try but I’m not going to get excited over it just yet.

Latasha (latasha513) | 11269 comments Mod

we are buddy reading it if anyone of you would like to join in.

Nancy (paper_addict) | 744 comments The preview looks interesting but I can already see a lot of changes from the books. I joke they don’t screw up the basic idea of the books and ruin the entire ending (if the show makes it that far).

Anne (w/ an E) (mzcatnthehat) | 799 comments I am not a big fan of "that kind of monster", but I read the first book and really liked it and the trailer looks great so if I can find FOX network in RI, I plan to watch it.

message 10: by Alex (new) - rated it 3 stars

Alex Murphy | 28 comments I didn't think too much of the book. The first half was ok, without the prophecy stuff. The latter half, would seem like The 100, but with vampires. The book wasn't as good as the Strain, and I doubt the show will be either, and that show had it's problems.

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