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message 1: by Drew (new)

Drew (thataleech) | 40 comments Mod
What were some of your first impressions when reading the book?
- Which character did y0u immediately like? Which one did you dislike?
- What did you think of Hogwarts?
- How did your first impressions change after you read the book?

message 2: by Elma (new)

Elma Hermione was, like, my greatest hero upon first reading The Philosopher's Stone. A clever, strong female character WITH flaws and actual purpose in the storyline? Wow. I remember also liking Quirrel and, surprisingly, disliking McGonagall. She just gave off such intimidating vibes! That impression definitely wore off after reading the book a few times, and nowadays she's one of my favourite characters.

About Hogwarts, well... It was the greatest place I ever could imagine! All the magic, the cozy yet mysterious and surprising feeling of a place that is a literal castle but also a home, what else besides admiration could you have felt towards Hogwarts? There was just always something new to learn about Hogwarts, always a new room or corridor or painting that you hadn't encountered before. That was my first impression of Hogwarts and it didn't really change during or after reading the book, not even after reading it various times.

message 3: by Elisa (new)

Elisa (ravenclaw_patronus) | 29 comments When I fist read HP1 I was so amazed and excited by everything because I had no prior knowledge to the series. I immediately liked Hermione and Ron and disliked Malfoy and Dudley and Snape. I immediately fell in love with Hogwarts because it's so magical and I really wished I went there. After reading the rest of the series, I still liked Hermione but I came to prefer Ron and I still hated Snape a lot and didn't hate Malfoy as much.

message 4: by Abbie (new)

Abbie Wells | 24 comments Hogwarts seemed like such a magical place and it's always been a dream of mine to study in a castle, it just seemed so mysterious. Growing up near Oxford I was able to visit various places used in the movies, however all of the colleges truly make you feel like you are inside Hogwarts itself. I fell in love with the magic of the school, but was also slightly jealous that I would never experience it for myself. At school I would always pretend to act like Hermione by working extremely hard and always putting my hand up to answer a question. Nowadays I've dropped the answering questions element due to my anxiety, however my work ethic is just as strong and so is my ambition/desire to succeed

message 5: by Anne (new)

Anne Herondale (ravanneclaw) | 6 comments Majestic Hogwarts. I love it how when you read, you see what the character in the POV sees. I remember being entranced by the beauty of the castle as we were sailing toward its entrance. And then the Great Hall. Add up to that the mysteries of the school like the hidden passageways and more than a hundred staircases. I really felt how magical the setting was.

I felt really sorry for Harry for the way he was being treated by his family; that he grew up with these horrible people. I liked him since the first few chapters, for showing courage (and sass 👌), being humble despite knowing how famous he was and being an adorable kid.

Hermione annoyed me tbh maybe because I don't like being bossed around. I mean, you can be smart and still be able to shut your mouth and be humble, you know. She didn't have to tell people how much she studied or read and give that horrifying look to others when she learn they are not as enthusiastic in studying as she was.

I loved how the Golden Trio started off in a bad way. Like Ron and Harry being irritated at Hermione. How the two would always bicker but in the end, they got along well and became best friends. That's just so sweet. Their characters blend well with each other's and I love following their friendship as they grow up through the series.

message 6: by Chloe (new)

Chloe (chlochloreads) | 13 comments I loved Harry. Ever since I first read about him, I loved him. No one ever really says Harry is their favourite character (I have to admit, I do this with Ginny) but I think I see him as a best friend, while the other characters are just characters. I felt so sad that Harry had to have a horrible life to start off with, and I was so glad when he met Ron and Hermione.

I also LOVED Hogwarts. It's the best place ever! While it's still a school and you have to do exams and everything, it's still such an interesting place!

I think I still get those impressions when I read it now, but more escalated. Whenever I read the first few chapters with the Dursley's in it, I get so angry! How could they ever do that to a child with no parents? They're disgusting human beings and I'm glad they're fictional- because if they were real, you'd see me storming up to their front door right now.

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