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message 1: by Mitchell (new)

Mitchell Roy-Raia | 9 comments Below is basically the body of my query letter to give you an idea of what you are getting into:

Eighteen-year-old Serge Colletti is an impulsive, self-aware rebel with dreams of grandeur whose father and brother went missing a year ago. While attending their funeral, a scream erupts and Serge sees his brother, Vince. He shambles into Serge’s arms, bloodied and disoriented, but remains silent about where he’s been.

After being assumed dead for a year, Vince finds he can’t reintegrate into normal life. He hasn’t told a soul about his time in the magical, parallel world of Placu—but he can’t stop thinking about the world that made him a hero.

When signs emerge that Placu might want him back, Vince returns to the portal between the two worlds—which he destroyed so he couldn’t return. But he finds it repaired, and is greeted by the God of Light, Dagoroth. The angelic fiend tells Vince that he wasn’t a hero but merely a herald of the true champion of Placu—his brother, Serge. In a desperate bid to save his brother from such a burden, Vince travels back—but finds he’s not quite cut out to be a hero anymore.

If you are still with me, I'm looking for a beta reader/s that can help me with identifying pacing issues, anything that just doesn't work, clunky dialogue ect. Any help would be tremendously appreciated. Thank you so much for your time

message 2: by Utsav (new)

Utsav | 3 comments Happy to help. Would you mind doing a swap? 110k Epic fantasy novel.

message 3: by Mitchell (new)

Mitchell Roy-Raia | 9 comments Sounds god to me, shoot me an email At

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