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Bookswapping, Jakarta

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message 1: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Hello all
Im in Jakarta, southern part.
Just thinking to make/organize small-scale book swapping. In bahasa Indonesia, we can say 'tukaran buku'.
I have several books/novels to swap, all in English.
Anyone interested?
Pls let me know who wants to join [volunteering] making this idea works out. :)


message 2: by Devi (new)

Devi Satriani | 1 comments Count me in!

message 3: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Devi wrote: "Count me in!"

Lets talk, Devi :)

message 4: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot Hi,
just wondering if this thing still going on. Would love to chip in if it's still on :)

message 5: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments No participants yet :(
Sorry for my late response.

message 6: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot Would love to help to kick start this. Any others that might interested though?

message 7: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments I guess we can think a way to collect people.
Are you in Jakarta,btw?

message 8: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot Yap. I hv few romance novels, semi autobigraphy and some comics in bahasa and english, if you're interested.

message 9: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Ok. We can exchange emails for a start: ethnicthai11@gmail.com

message 10: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Let's arrange a meet up with books exchange activity in October 2018.
Location ideas: parks, library, any other?

message 11: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot Is there any good library in Jakarta? I dont really know though. Or maybe a book cafe?

message 12: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Yes, one between Ratu Plaza-fX Mall and of course Indonesia national Library.

message 13: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot Great! Book cafe might be nice place. So when that would be?

message 14: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments October 6 or 7?
Maybe a book cafE in Kalibata city square is a start..

message 15: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot Hi, sorry for responding just now. Been out of town for days. I prefer on the 7th though. I may not still b back yet on the 6th. As for the place, i checked national library in Matraman online, it looked awesome after renov. Maybe we can check that out? Anyway, ill bring a friend who also interested in book swap. Toodles!

message 16: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Sorry Granger, I can't make it on Sunday 7th Oct.
Btw, I prefer library in Cikini, Sudirman or national library in Merdeka selatan (next to Balai Kota Jakarta)

message 17: by Granger (new)

Granger McGringot The one next to balai kota seems good. How bout around 20/21?

message 18: by Triana (new)

Triana Gal (triana11) | 11 comments Alrite I'll schedule it & we shall talk again..😊

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