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oliver's side
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William's Side
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If he were being honest, Oliver wasn't even that big a fan of the Beatles, and before having the dormroom customized, he hadn't even heard of the band. He'd chosen a color, purple. And that was it. He hadn't chosen the layout, nor the design, nor the location. It was per request that he be settled in the same room as Poseidon, or rather... William.

It was a favor, to him from another primordial. He wanted to watch William. Even if that wasn't the man he knew, the man he'd been in love with in those last fleeting centuries, the presence was still vaguely comforting to him.

He sat on the bed with his laptop open, textbooks at his side though he didn't need to read them. This was all for show. Every last bit was an act. He just hoped he could put on a good performance.

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His first day and William had no idea how he felt. His emotions where all jumbled up making it hard to decipher them. Though he felt he was in the right, after all it's not everyday you find out that you're the reincarnation of some god. He wasn't even sure if he believed that. He wasn't feeling very godly. Nor did he look it. Glancing down he saw that, yup, he was still wearing his worn out converse, a pair of blue jeans and a light blue t-shirt. He looked more like a typical guy going off to college.

College had been his cover story to his siblings, even if they thought it weird that they had no idea where he was even going. Not like he could just up and be like; hey apparently I used to be a god! Yeah, right. Stopping in front of his dorm room he wondered if it would be rude to just walk in, especially since he was pretty sure he was supposed to be meeting his roommate. Then he figured, why not? It was his room too, he wasn't always going to knock. With that decided her grab the nob and let himself in.

As he slipped into the room he pulled his earbuds out, the sound of Fallout Boy cutting off as he did so. Glancing around his gaze was immediately draw to the guy sitting on his bed, textbooks open around him. He grinned slightly as he noticed the Beatles sign above him and hummed the first few notes of the chorus to yellow submarine. "Hey," he greeted bringing his gaze back to the boy after taking in the rest of the room.

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<< he's wearing this because i really dont feel like describing the specifications, im lazy. >>

Odd attire? Definitely. He would need to arrange for an update on his clothing. It was very eldritch god chic, definitely not the type the average teenager would wear. But hey, he supposed they were at an academy for the gods, it wouldn't be the weirdest thing to grace these hallowed grounds.

He stared for a moment, eyes a pale hue of hazel that shifted as they flickered over the figure before him. Poseidon. God of the open seas and wayward vagabonds. An Olympian, in the flesh. It took him a moment to compose himself. "... Hello." he greeted, his voice low but holding an oddly melodic youth to it that seemed to contradict his appearance.

He was stiff too, leaned up against the wall, his boots settled beside the bed carefully, wearing a pair of black socks to match the rest of his equally dark toned outfit. "You are my roommate, I assume?" he questioned. He knew the answer.

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Though William noticed his weird clothes he said nothing. This was a school for gods or former gods. For all he knew that was normal. If that was the case he was definitely under dressed. His eyes flickered over his roommate so he'd remember what he looked like so he could recognize him later.

Walking farther into the room, Will walked over to his bed where he threw his ipod and earbuds along with the backpack he was carrying. He followed along, opting to lean against the wall of pillows eyes still on his roommate. From what he could see he'd guess his roommate was a fan of the Beatles, liked the color purple and was studious, if the textbooks where any indication. Though that was only from glancing at his side of the room.

"Yeah," he answered inclining his head slightly in the form of a nod. "My names William," he introduced waiting for his roommate to introduce himself that way he could stop calling him roomie in his head. Grabbing his backpack he unzipped it wondering why his sister had lobbed it at him insisting he needed it. He' already had his old one after all so the contents of this one were what she really cared about.

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There was a brief moment of silence as he studied William's movements. William. It was a respectable name. He was nervous still, though he hoped it didn't show. And it didn't, not in the typical way it might for others. His eyes shifted around the room, hands clasping together. But he always looked about awkwardly when he was thinking a whole lot. And he always clasped his hands together and tugged at the silver rings that lined his fingers when he felt uncertain. It was something he was fairly sure William would come to understand. Maybe.

"Oliver" he said simply in reply. It wasn't his full name, or even his real one. But William wasn't that boy's name either. Or perhaps it was? The thought was still unsettling to him. He eyed the other side of the room, noting how nicely the blue transitioned into purple. "... you like the ocean?" he asked curiously.

<< I actually had this idea i wanted to tell you about before but i totally spaced it
but typically the students get flashbacks of their old lives as deities, do you think william would remember anything from his time with aion? or do you wanna leave his memory completely blank? I just really love angst >>

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At the sound of his roommate: Oliver, introducing himself William pulled his attention away from the backpack in front of him before pulling anything out of it. Noticing the way Oliver's hands where grasped made him briefly wonder about the mannerism before focusing back onto the question he'd just asked.

"Like is an understatement," he answered. "More like love. I grew up in Florida in a beach house with my parents, older brother and younger sister, so I spent a great deal of time in the sea." He'd always felt this pull towards the sea, something he rarely ignored except when he was forced to. They're was just something about it that made everything else just better, like it was home. Which made no sense, but that's how it felt.

Thinking back made him remember what his mom always said to him. "My mom used to tell me she thought I was half dolphin," he shook his head lightly and laughed fondly as he thought about her. Though his eyes turned wistful and almost sad. He missed her and his dad, though he still had hope since they were only presumed dead. Nobody really knew. "What about you? Where you'd grow up?" he asked curious.

((I was thinking that growing up he often just had this feeling that something was missing, that he was different but he never really understood it. But now that he's here he'll start dreaming and having flashbacks about the past that he doesn't really understand. But I'd love to hear your idea either way))

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Oliver listened intently, gaze completely and entirely fixated, attention on William, undivided. He thought for a moment, mentally chastising himself for not coming up with some kind of story to tell.

".. I was raised in Alaska by my father who did research on seismic activity there" he was lying through his teeth and he wasn't doing the best job. He'd never been a good liar. But he went with it still. ".. Used to call you half dolphin? She no longer does?" he asked. He knew the answer to that as well. But he liked hearing William speak.

<< Oh yeah that was pretty much my idea
William has dreams and visions of his deity life, probably has some oddly sensual ones including Oliver, maybe freaks out a little. But it's different for each person

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William knew most people would be uncomfortable with the amount of attention that Oliver was paying to him, but he was used to it. As captain of his high school swim team he had to be. His entire team had always look to him for direction on lots of things inside and outside of their swim team. It was a nice feeling knowing they trusted him with their lives outside of the team, though he did his best never to abuse the power he had.

"What's it like there?" he asked curious having never been outside of Florida till now. He couldn't imagine living in Alaska, it was so different from where he grew up. Though he noticed he seemed a little odd while telling him about it, William decided to ignore if for now since he didn't really know the guy well enough to know why.

Turning his attention back towards the bag in front of him he pulled out a photograph. It was from the time his parents took them to Disneyworld on Kenna's tenth birthday. He was surprised to find it since he knew they're had been only one photo that used to sit in the living room. Kenna must've gotten a copy. "Almost two years ago her and my dad went out on the sea... and they never came back," he explained doing his best to keep his voice controlled though it cracked slightly at the mention of them never coming back. As he spoke his fingers lightly traced over their smiling faces.

((Yeah that's pretty much it. lol i just imagine him feeling awkward about it around Oliver and doing his best not to show it, but still someone paranoid that he some how knows what he's been dreaming about))

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<< hmMMM yes yes delicious angst i need this in my life >>

Oliver couldn't help but find a rather humorous irony in the situation, from his point of view at least. He didn't smile though, nor quirk a brow or give a singular chuckle. The crack in his voice sent an uncomfortable chill down his spine and immediately he felt the need to do something, to help somehow. As though it were his obligation, responsibility.

He didn't move. Aside from the twisting of the rings along his fingers. Four one his right hand, three on his left. There was one of them in particular that was a very gold color. It seemed out of place. But it had a lot of sentimental value...

"Cold" he lied again. But he figured William probably didn't want to open up to some stranger he'd just met. Even though Oliver really really wanted him to. He bit the inside of his cheek, "... I apologize, about your parents. Nature has the oddest ways of revealing a man's deepest weaknesses. Yours is simply that you care too much, and there isn't enough time to care as you'd like to." he explained in his rather cryptic manner of speech.

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He looked up briefly and gave a slight nod, otherwise saying nothing in response. And what was there to say? Nothing. Though he couldn't help but laugh dryly at the irony of his words. After all a year ago he was being accused of not caring enough. He could still remember the look on her face as she said, eyes filled with pity. Will honestly wished she had just hit him. It would have hurt less.

Unclenching his fingers from the photo in his hands, at the thought of her, he set the photo down on the sideboard to his right. Fingering the zipper on the bag, William zipped it up deciding to go through it later, even though he was curious about it's contents. Instead he kicked it towards the end of the bed before opting to talk to his new roomie.

He thought back to Oliver's words and wondered if he should say something in reply. But what was there to really say to that. Sure he was often times called smart, but that was a little too philosophical for his tastes. "So, anything I need to know before my actual first day starts?" he asked instead steering the conversation into much more mundane topics.

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Oliver didn't care for smalltalk. He found it tedious and annoying. Why speak if there was nothing to be said at all? He thought for a moment on William's words and twisted the little golden ring, staring down at little waves etched into the surface and tiny symbols in an ancient language lost to time itself.

"... There are many things to know, but those aren't important at this moment. You'll come to understand them through experience, and then you'll feel silly for not getting them immediately, as is the nature of a new environment" he replied, turning his gaze towards the window and going quiet.

Though even in the light of day the shadows along his face were rather dramatic, as though his presence were tugging at the fabric of reality itself. Ethereal, perhaps even a bit unsettling.

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Will couldn't help but stare even if it was rude. He said nothing in response having no answer to that. There really wasn't anything to say to that so he just nodded slightly instead as he watched the shadows dance across Oliver's face. Realizing he was starring he forced his eyes away.

Hearing his phone beep with an incoming text message he pulled it out of his pocket to see his sister asking if he'd gotten the backpack. He replied with a yes and then thanked her before putting the phone back. Instead he pulled out his Ipod again and put on a random song, one earbud while the other just hung there lifeless.

Scooting forward so he could lie back on his bed, Will closed his eyes and got lost in his music. It wasn't long before he found himself singing along, completely forgetting where he was. He felt peaceful in a way that he hadn't felt much these days. Maybe it was because he was finally away from everything that reminded him of what happened.

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To be fair, Oliver wasn't exactly the best at not staring. Manners were below him, societal constructs weren't something he typically adhered to and his moral compass was a little gray from time to time. So he stared as well, silent, expectant perhaps. He wasn't sure how this would all go down. He wasn't sure if William would even remember.

Some of them didn't. Some of them simply knew their deity but recalled nothing from that time. Others remembered everything, all the way up to their final moments as a god, surrounded by loved ones. Either way it was overwhelming he would guess.

He was pulled out of his thoughtful reverie when Will began singing, eyes pulled towards him, gaze settling over his body. He wasn't paying much attention to the song itself, but more the one singing it. The sound of his voice. Pleasing. He sat back to, listening, a small bittersweet smile playing on his lips.

<< we could do a timeskip if you want to >>

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<< mm maybe a few months later? they could be study partners? >>

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<< should i start?

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Months had passed and thoug the school had a penchant for being rather strange, Oliver was especially odd. From time to time he didn't even sleep, he forgot that he was putting up a facade. His half of the room was unreasonably clean, as if he hardly used it at all, and though he studied he never took notes - yet his grades were somehow pristine. There were other questionable events too, but they were commonplace by now.

Though he at the very least had friends over. One friend. Her name was Hanna, she was a very intriguing girl. There were often times in which people wondered whether or not they were dating. They weren't.

He sat at his computer, turning around to face the other side of the dorm, hands folded stiffly in his lap. He adorned trousers, not jeans nor the cargo shorts that were picking up in style again, but trousers. Old fashioned. With a button up white dress shirt and marble cufflinks. He sure had style, the style of a thirty year old man in the Victorian ages.

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As he walked into his room, William could hardly believe he'd been here for months. His very first day had probably been the most eye-opening and any lingering doubts he'd had about the various pantheons deities existing had been extinguished. The doubts about him being one of said deities (Greek made obvious by the dorm) had taken longer for him to believe. He himself had actually been the main factor in believing that what they said about him may in fact be true.

Dreams. He'd been having them since his very first night here. They'd started off extremely vague, just blurry pictures that made no sense, and as time went on they started to clearer. To his annoyance the dreams still didn't make a whole lot of sense though. And they were decidedly unhelpful in figuring out anything about who he was in another life. He knew they weren't normal dreams though. He didn't know how he really knew. it was just a feeling an instinct.

And then there was last nights, this mornings? dream. As his eyes locked onto Oliver, the subject of said dream, his fingers started tapping against his leg. A nervous habit he'd always had. He had to resist the sudden urge he had to leave the room and instead walk over to his bed. Ever since he'd woken up this morning he'd been avoided his roommate and now study-buddy. He'd pretty much bolted out of the room as soon as he was dressed and throughout the day anytime Oliver was near he'd avoided. He knew he'd been pretty obvious, and he felt kinda bad, especially since Oliver hadn't actually done anything.

In the time he'd been here he realized Oliver was different from anyone he'd ever met. Most of the other students here seemed somewhat normal, like him. Oliver was the only student he knew that really seemed like they might be a god. The guy walked around wearing clothes nobody in this century or the previous one wore, like now for example, and he just seemed like he knew more than the others. It was almost as if he knew exactly who he was, which was ridiculous because why be a student then? Though as his study partner, William had learned exactly how smart the guy was, enough to know that William himself almost felt like an idiot. Not because he did anything on purpose, he just had away speaking that made him seem older and wiser than he was.

"Hey," he greeted hesitantly, almost cautiously. There was anything unusual about it, he normally greeted everyone that way, only without the hesitation, but he also didn't usually avoid people and it such an obvious way either. Dream or not.

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Oliver knew much too much about the things that didn't matter, and far too little about everything else. He knew the way the tides shifted late into the night, the way decay settled into a young, prematurely dead fawn. He knew Ragnarok as though greeting an old friend, he knew death, he knew hell itself. But he didn't know how to flirt, he didn't know how to converse with teenagers, and he had no idea what "lit" meant in context outside of flame. He also didn't understand how "hella" was a positive thing.

Which honestly made school difficult. His appearance wasn't the ultimately compromising thing. Sure he was outwardly eccentric but it was the manner of speech, the stiffness to his posture, the eloquence of his words, his very syntax was otherworldly. But he was trying. He was really trying. And that only made it worse. He knew he shouldn't assume but he was wondering if he'd somehow put Poseidon off. Er... William.

He felt thoroughly avoided. He could recalled Tartarus telling him not to grow attached, just wait it out for him to be immortal, and if not wait for the next reincarnation but- Oliver was selfish. He couldn't stand the idea of seeing William with someone not him. He knew that if William didn't learn, he'd eventually reach four years, leave and meet a fine young woman, they'd marry and it'd be several decades of agony.

When William came in he was abruptly shaken from his reverie, eyes widening, ".. Hello." he greeted calmly, cordially.

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Despite what others sometimes seemed to think, William was not as oblivious as he seemed. He noticed things, specifically about people, which was why he noticed that he wasn't the only one who had been lost in thought. "Penny for you thoughts?" he inquired half hoping he'd share and half hoping he wouldn't. Sure there was of course the possibility that whatever Oliver had been thinking had nothing to do with him and his avoidance, but maybe it did. Of course there was the possibility that he just didn't care whether he'd noticed or not. And William realized that there was no way he hadn't noticed him rush out of the room this morning, but that didn't necessarily mean it had anything to do with Oliver, after all he could have been just late to meeting one of his friends for a before class meeting, which he has done before. The meeting, not the lateness. Or Oliver could just not have cared enough to notice William avoiding him the rest of the day.

As a result, William was sort of hoping that he'd answer just so he'd know whether or not he did and just to get it over with. But he was also worried that he did care enough and now he seemed like an ass, especially since it was hardly his fault. It was William's fault that he had to freak out over a stupid dream. He wasn't sure if it was really Oliver. Yes he clearly saw the guy, but what if that was just his mind choosing to put someone in he was familiar with in place of the person who'd he'd actually been with in the past. After all wasn't there something about how you couldn't dream about someone you'd never met? And technically there was a chance that he'd never met them. In this life.

Maybe it was Oliver though, or whomever he used to be. Then what? He wasn't sure. Though it made him wonder, did Oliver already know? He seemed to know about what was going on than anyone he'd met. Had definitely been at the academy longer. Maybe he could ask him about it? He opened his mouth to do just that before abruptly closing it when he realized that this entire conversation had all happened in his head. Oliver hadn't even said anything yet, and there was no way he was bringing up his dream unless Oliver gave away some proof of knowledge on his or even their past. Instead he focused his attention on Oliver wanting to hear what he said, even if his nerves where starting to get the best of him, if he leg jittering was any indication.

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There were several brief moments of awkward silence that really gave William away. If the past few months weren't enough to solidify Oliver's suspicions, the odd interactions alone were. He watched carefully, eying the clearly struggling man before him. But when his thoughts were inquired about, he found himself at a standstill. Typically he could monologue for hours on end about nothing particularly important. The nature of time, the nature of the universe, how both of them are intrinsically interconnected. All of that fun stuff.

But now he found himself speechless, trying to think of exactly what he could say. This wasn't just another student, or some condescending professor, or even another council member. This was Poseidon, his Poseidon. Well... this was William. He took a deep breath, still struggling to come to terms with that.

"We haven't spoken much, I've noticed. You typically go storming out of the dorm room before I can manage any form of conversation - I do hope this wont make you uncomfortable" he gestured to the books.

"Though I am intrigued, why is that? Do I unnerve you? Make you uncomfortable?" he asked with slightly raised brows.

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If Will was being completely one hundred percent honest his answer should sound something like this: Not normally, but right now I am a little uncomfortable. Luckily for him he didn't have to be one hundred percent honest, so he wasn't. "No," he said instead, "you don't unnerve me or make me uncomfortable or whatever," he explained running a hand through his hair.

How to explain his normal habits to someone he didn't interact with much? "I just... I'm not used to be inside this often. Back home the only time I really spent in my room was when I was sleeping and school... school we had class outside as often as possible," which he deeply missed. Will had never really been someone who liked being inside. He had his own routine in the morning as well that he'd mostly kept while here.

"Everyone morning when I wake up it's just a habit to immediately go to the lake or the indoor pool. It's just something I've always done. Being inside like this makes me feel... restless. I'm not used to be so confined," as he explained he got more restless and the more restless he got the more it showed in his body language. By the end of his explanation his hair was a mess from running his hands through it and he'd started pacing - periodically looking at Oliver as he talked.

He wasn't even sure if what he had said made any sense. When he'd last tried explaining it to the guys on his swim team after they asked why he was always so earlier they'd laughed. They weren't being rude, they just didn't understand this urge he had. Neither did his siblings or his parents. It was just there.

Sighed his clasped his hands together to keep them from running through his hair again. "I'm sorry for being rude," he apologized full attention now on his roommate. "I'll try to be...better." He just hoped he didn't ask about today specifically. He had no idea how to answer that.

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Oliver didn't mean to stare, at least, he didn't mean to be rude while doing it. But his eyes, a rich emerald hazel, bore into William's soul, studying his every movement down to the microexpressions that flickered along his features. Fascinating.

He listened closely as well and with adept ears. But the almost bored expression never left his face. He nodded along whenever William glanced over, letting him ramble on and on, not once interrupting. He tried to tell himself he was just being polite as he would with anyone else but he never really treated anyone else with this much intensity. Poseidon was just that way, demanding his attention, the pompous man - even if he didn't realize it right now, his presence was always so damn demanding.

"It wasn't in poor taste" Oliver clarified once he was sure Will had finished. He looked away, thinking over his words for once before he said them. "I never thought it rude. It was just.. you. I only wished to know why it was you rushed out so frequently. I don't mind it. Though I wouldn't mind... being able to talk with you.. on occasion" he explained, though stopped as he found himself caving in a bit, his voice getting quieter, hands clasped together, tugging at those rings that lined every other finger. Especially the gold one.

It was his favorite.

"You needn't change your schedule, or inconvenience yourself to accommodate... I suppose we should.." he gestured to the books he'd set out to study. "Get to the task at hand?" he asked, still obviously a little flustered. He also really needed to fix his vernacular. He would get being a teenager down eventually.

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