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Aden (9thDraftpublications) | 5 comments Hi All, Sister Earth is not strictly Fantasy. It has elements of, but could easily fit into Urban Fantasy, Adventure, Sci-Fi and Literary Fantasy.
Some might even consider it New Adult.
It's not really important. Anyone interested in receiving a Free copy in exchange for a 'fair' review please contact me. Paperback only. Thank you in advance.

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Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) Hello, Robby,

I'm an editor and I do PR for a small press. I think there are a couple things that might help you with promoting your work. While your cover is great we don't get a real feel for what the book is about because here on GR we don't have a synopsis posted and on Amazon the synopsis is a little vague. It helps if the reader gets a good general idea of what they'll be getting into so that they'll let their guard down and give it a go.

Aden (9thDraftpublications) | 5 comments Hi, thank you, but what do you suggest. I didn't want to give away too much in the blurb, but....

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Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) Think of it as being a little like flirting. When we flirt we don't boldly lay out why we're flirting, we find a way to subtly hint at the idea without being too overt and obvious. If it's done right the remaining elements make a nice general statement about the plot and then leave room for a final sentence when they've been polished into a paragraph. That final sentence should be a vague hint toward the bits we cut out as too revealing.

This is your synopsis:

It has been twenty years since WWIII where we find two English families eeking out an existence in a beautiful city in Colombia ... They've escaped their ravaged country, built a new life and now they are challenged in confronting a past they didn't know they had, to discover their future. The adventure takes them to new lands and strange worlds, but nothing is as it was and they can't go back now...

Most of the elements are there, but it doesn't quite sell your idea. Taking the elements you have here see how this works:

Having escaped their ravaged country and built a new life twenty years after WWIII, two English families find themselves eeking out an existence in a beautiful Columbian city. Wandering new lands and strange worlds, they must confront a past they didn't know they had in order to discover their future. In this strange new life nothing is as it was and going back is not an option, what will become of them and at what cost?

Aden (9thDraftpublications) | 5 comments Thank you Amanda, I like it. It sells more than mine.

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Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) I'm glad to have been of help to you. I try to help when I can, I started out self-pubbing in April of last year and its very hard doing indie. I learned a lot from other authors and I try to pass on what I learned was effective.

Aden (9thDraftpublications) | 5 comments Much appreciated. Yes, Indie is hard going - OMG, there isn't a day that doesn't go by where I think I should throw in the towel!
Thanks again.

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Amanda Lyons (amandamlyons) No problem and don't! It sounds like you've got a great story there and in time and with luck it will be one of many being read :)

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