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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Western romance about a woman who gets a ride (on horseback) from a guy to a town, eventually he gets her drunk and there's a shotgun wedding, he takes her to the saloon he owns and she sings and plays piano

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Rebekah kjos (kjosr) | 4 comments I can hardly remember anything about this one but I remember that in the beginning the woman gets kicked out of a saloon after going in and trying to play the piano (but no women allowed inside).
So there's this dude who is supposed to give her a ride to a town (on his horse), and later for some reason he manages to marry her (very not nice since she was drunk) and yes it was a shotgun wedding.
Anyway in the town they travel to the dude owns a restaurant/saloon and the woman ends up signing to entertain the guests.
Sorry that's about all I can remember except the cover had illustrations of the main characters and I think it had yellow on it.

This book has been BOTHERING me for so long and I just want to know what it is!!! Hoping someone can help. :)

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Lobstergirl | 41878 comments Mod
Rebekah, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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