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UNSOLVED: One specific book > Historical Romantic Fiction: Young Woman moves to Africa "chasing" a missionary/doctor/non-government worker, falls in love with man AND Africa. Serves the people of Africa as a doctor/nurse. Lives in Africa her whole life.

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Mel Ailiff | 1 comments I read this book in about 2006 but i got it from a book exchange so the book was probably much older. I think the story started in the early 1900s in a city (maybe Philadelphia). A young doctor/missionary/nonprofit worker (not sure which) is speaking. A young woman hears what he says and chooses to travel to Africa to help him. I think its the Belgian Congo. after a few years, her parents die. She falls in love with the guy. Spoiler: I think in the end he might die. I think because of civil war in Congo, she ends up moving to South Africa. She ends up living her whole life in Africa once she moves there. I don't think she ever traveled away.

I read this book several times but lost it, somehow, and can't recall enough of the book to find it again. I don't think it is a true story, but it feels like it could be based on actual events.

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Julie It doesn't quite check all those boxes, but The Poisonwood Bible is similar thematically.

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Mel, are you still looking for this or did you find it?

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