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message 1: by Michael (last edited May 14, 2018 01:54PM) (new)

Michael Selden | 14 comments Do you prefer to read a book that is a part of a series or a stand alone novel?

My own preference is for either a stand alone or a book that may be a part of a story (like a trilogy that spans three books but is a continuous, or near continuous tale). The reason is that the true series I've read seem to wind up simply repeating the same plot over and over again, with small variations. And, there is also a lot of repeated information for those readers who didn't read earlier books in the series (which I find tedious).

It's the same when I write. I intend to make one book into a single-story trilogy, but—other than that—I do not intend to write a series. I would find it boring to write the same thing again and again.

message 2: by Lynne (new)

Lynne Stringer | 346 comments I can read either. I like a stand alone novel but I also like a series, if I feel the idea deserves one. I write the same way. :-)

message 3: by Tara (new)

Tara (taraax) | 31 comments I personally prefer to alternate between reading series and stand alones. If i read too many series in a row i somehow get bored of it.

message 4: by Caelena (new)

Caelena Fey (caelenabooktopia) | 5 comments I prefer series, because the plot is more complex and the story can be more memorable and unique.

But, it is better if the series I want to read is already finished. Because if the waiting is too long (more than a year), sometimes I just lost interest in the series.

message 5: by Crystal (new)

Crystal Triplett | 15 comments For the most part I prefer series because I get more invested in the characters. However, the story has to require a series. I absolutely hate reading a series where the story could have been condensed into fewer books and been much better.

message 6: by Rasa (new)

Rasa Ievkalne | 42 comments Series,definetely.Preferably consisting of 3-5 books.Enough to fall in love with characters and get a full,well developed story.As a rule i read only finished series though.I also hate when authors overdo them and go for more than 5 books or get a series out of one book by spliting it into several short novels.But only series can spin the web to captivate for a long time for me.

message 7: by R.S. (new)

R.S. Merritt | 154 comments I like a series. I'm also a binge watcher on Net Flix... I read really fast so one book just isn't enough to satisfy me typically. Unless it's something like the Stand or Battle Field Earth.

message 8: by Dan (new)

Dan Lutts (dan_lutts) | 2265 comments I like to read both. The problem with reading a series, though, is that too much time goes by between books in the series. I usually wait till all the books are published before I read a series. Unfortunately, I couldn't wait for Cinda Williams Chima to finish her Shattered Realm series. I recently read Stormcaster, the third volume, and forgot who a lot of the characters were from the earlier volumes, which interrupted my reading quite a few times as I refreshed my memory. I'll probably have the same trouble when I read Deathcaster when it comes out in 2019.

message 9: by stardustreader (new)

stardustreader | 19 comments Reading both works for me. It depends on my mood really. I think standalone work for summer/spring, especially if romance or contemporary. As we get into the later months, I prefer science fiction and fantasy so I'll probably pick up a series. I think having a mixture of both is great for reading. A series can be very comforting and exciting while a standalone brings you new ideas and characters. Both books should be so good it leaves you wanting more, however

message 10: by Morgan (new)

Morgan (morganusry) I definitely prefer reading stand alone novels. Mostly because a lot of series I've read are just kind of unnecessarily dragged out into too many books.

message 11: by kaitlin (new)

kaitlin  (thereadingslytherin) | 1 comments I typically prefer stand alone novels, but sometimes a series hooks me. But I MUST have the sequels before I’m done. I hate to wait!

message 12: by D.T. (new)

D.T. Henderson | 66 comments I generally like stand alone(s).

I like the feeling of completion than to be left hanging. I also like standalone sequels like stories set in the same universe with the same characters but with an entirely different storyline/no continuation to the previous story.

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