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Never Fall Down
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Never Fall Down

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Karina Serfozo (kserfozo) | 4 comments Mod
Hi, Patryk. What was your background knowledge, if any, about the Cambodian genocide? From what you've read so far, how does it compare with the Holocaust in Europe during WWII?

Patryk (patboi) | 1 comments I have heard about the Cambodian genocide before, but I had no idea that it was so horrific. It seems, from what I have read so far, almost as terrible as the Holocaust in Europe during World War II. The Holocaust, in my opinion, was much worse than the Cambodian genocide since it had a much higher death count and used cruel methods to exterminate the Jewish race. However, the Cambodian genocide was still very horrific. Many books were created about the Holocaust, and it is taught in schools all the time, but I've only heard of the massacre that was the Cambodian genocide. I feel as if it isn't as known as the Holocaust. All in all, I had barely any knowledge going in to Never Fall Down, and the Cambodian genocide was very horrific, even if the total death count wasn't as high as the Holocaust.

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