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Salt to the Sea

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Karina Serfozo (kserfozo) | 4 comments Mod
Of all the narrators, who are you most drawn to, and why? What new knowledge or insight are you gaining? Consider that, though essentially based on events of the Holocaust, this story is about the effects of others during WWII. Be sure to do your own light research as you read.

message 2: by Dawid (new)

Dawid | 1 comments I feel more drawn to Florian because he has a very interesting personality and there is always something new I can find out about him throughout the book. He is a type of individual that prefers to be alone and we can see that he would rather fend for himself. This became the mind set of many people during the holocaust where they only began to worry about themselves, for example when sons no longer helped their fathers or killed them for food was a sign of survival by means anything. Through the perspective of characters during the time of WWII, Florian only wants to fight for his own survival but we will see if he will still stick with the group or go his own way.

message 3: by Nyla (new)

Nyla Jackson | 2 comments I feel more drawn to Joana because she is a very caring and nurturing person. She decides to help people with her medical training that she has. It didn’t matter if they were a stranger, if they were injured she would do her best to help them. I can relate to her because I love to help people especially when they really need it. During the Holocaust, there weren’t many people like that. Most just cared about themselves (survival by any means necessary). Except Joana, she had a caring/loving heart. Which hurt her when she couldn’t help those people on the cattle car during their journey.

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Nyla Jackson | 2 comments

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