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Turner [hiatus]

Nico's side:

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Today was shit. That summed it up for Jeremiah as he had made his way to the violet dorms to talk with his friend, Nico. She seemed to usually know what to say when he got in one of his funks, so off he went. The soft tapping of his cane could be heard as he reached the door, or what he thought was the right door, and knocked. A hand went up to move some hair away from his face, as he decided to not put it up today. Then Jeremiah tugged at his sweatshirt. He wore some really soft sweatshirt today with cargo shorts and his old ratty sneakers, giving him a slightly slept in look, though his mind still wandered back at what happened earlier today.

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Turner [hiatus]

Nico tucked a half-finished sketch under her pillow as she bounced off the bed. That telltale extra tap of cane against door gave away who her visitor was, and she made sure she’d moved any stray items to the corners of the room as she went to the door, keeping a path clear to the designated Guest Chair.

“Hi-” She greeted him with a smile in her voice as well as on her face, opening the door wide. She cocked her head at his loose hair and the seemingly troubled set of his lips. “Is it all okay?” Her phrasing may be odd, but it got rid of the word ‘everything’ and it had basically passed muster with her english teachers in HAVO without making her sound too stupid.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments His head was down slightly and he was rubbing his arm. "no..'' Jeremiah took a step in a gave her a hug, almost wanting to cry but stopped himself as he took a step back again. "..I just wanted to come hang out with you, if that is okay.." Jeremiah knew enough about her speech issues that her odd speech patterns seemed normal to the blind man. "today was bad, I feel three times.." He began to walk back into the dorm, hopefully finding the soft chair he preferred to sit in and just let loose all his issues to Nico. He hoped she was ready for it.

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Turner [hiatus]

Her eyebrows shot up in empathy even as they hugged. “Always,” she agreed. Of course he was welcome to come hang out. She closed the door behind him, going to where she kept her electric kettle and tea fixings. Three times? She let out a sympathetic breath. Ouch. “Nothing too bad, I hope.” She expected it was more his pride that was hurt. God - gods? - she could remember her complete loss of pride whenever she’d made such a noticeable error.

“Tea?” She offered, flicking on the kettle to bring it back up to heat and scrolling through her phone to find some music to put on (quietly) in the background. She didn’t share his entire taste in music, but his interests were broad enough to encompass hers as well. Something relaxing… not too sad, hopefully. Forgoing the loose leaf, she dropped a tea bag in her empty mug, poised to pick one for him as well.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Jeremiah was silent for a bit, before speaking in a quieter voice. "I twisted my ankle a little bit and scrapped my hands, but I am okay. Yes, please." He could already smell the tea bags and slowly turned his chair to face in her general direction. "It has been a rough day, people make fun of me but I don't get why. We are all literally all-powerful beings or something, but they still have time to pick on a kid because he can't see. It just crushes my spi-" He stopped when the drum kicked in during the song and listen to the song for a moment, slightly intranced. "I just want people to look at me for me, not for whatever god I am or because I am blind, but for the music addicted kid I am." He sighed and closed his eyes, taking a very deep breath.

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Dropping a second tea bag in the other mug, she returned to her bed, sitting across from him. People could be terrible. Even gods. Her lips lifted briefly from their frown as he reacted to the music, but faltered at his next few words. “That sounds awful.” Her voice was quiet, too reminded of her darker days. “You’d think we would be - I don’t know…” Better. “...We would have added empathy. Maybe less judgmental at least. Gods should be beyond humans, hm?”

She brushed her fingers under her pillow, pulling out her sketchbook and flipping to a new page and starting a sweeping arc, not entirely sure what she’d be drawing, but moving her hand over the paper anyway. “It is odd, isn’t it… It’s still difficult to believe. And the student population isn’t the worst, but there are bad apples.”

She paused for a moment, hand stilling. “Do you think about what it was-- Who you were the last time? When that was?” She’d thought on it a few times since receiving her letter. And now she had to wonder if these people - the ones who took weird joy in tearing someone down - if it was in their nature.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Exactly, maybe more understanding." He took the glass in both hands and took a sip, just enjoying the warmth. Any hot drink just made him feel better, Nico knew that, so the tea was actually really good for him. "Yeah, I have a feeling that they were blind too. Just a feeling though..besides that, I have no idea what or who they were. Or even who I am.." Jeremiah knew that godhood didn't change any ones personality, them being dicks were completely on their own. "What are you drawing?" He heard the sound of pencil on paper and smiled a tad bit. Jeremiah loved hearing all about her drawings and just what she was drawing in general. He especially loved her description of trees.

Turner [hiatus]

At his question, Nico glanced back to her paper. “Nothing, yet.” She paused. “Actually…” A quick gesture line became an arm, and a light touch made a soft sweep of hair. It was her go-to, really, people. “She looks kind of… sad. It’s still just beginning though.” She started in on an eye, erasing a few times to get the shape right, shifting her notebook to check the angle on the face. She’d have to break out the watercolors for this. Finish the sketch first though.

She shook her head, returning to their conversation. “Maybe a book at the-” ugh, library: she hated the word as much as she liked the place. “-the bibliotheek. It may take a while, but I know they have some audio editions on the desktops.” And surely someone could help if he asked. Someone must know all the gods - or, or whatever they were - that were known to be blind. “You may be Lady Justice,” she smiled. She hadn’t mused on her own identity. Not lately.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Lady...Justice? Like the big lady in New York City? He raised an eyebrow in confusion and nodded. "That would be good to know, maybe my deity isn't blind, but I am just blind and they can see just find." Angelo's eyes remained closed, slightly puffy from crying, but closed. He began to imagine what this woman his friend was drawing looked like. "She should have that..." He snapped his fingers to remember the color. "blone hair...I think." He meant to say blonde but close enough. Another sip of the teas and Jeremiah was already feeling better, and the tiniest of smiles began to appear.

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Turner [hiatus]

Nico cracked a slight grin. “Lady Justice, like in law. The statue -- of legal things.” At a courthouse. For courtrooms. If his deity wasn’t blind, would he regain sight if he -- whatever they did? Became a god again? She felt a guilty twist in her gut for even thinking of it. She didn’t want him to change. But was that selfish? Would he be happier seeing? She wasn’t sure. And thinking about it just confused her.

His suggestion was met with another smile. “I can do that.” She finished the gentle outlines, all just a suggestion of form, and reached for her art markers. “Why blone?” she used his term, not wanting to call him out on anything -- besides which, it was just another color. More trying to shift the conversation away from godliness. It made her uneasy, knowing she had so little time to learn something so big about herself.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "I dunno, a sad person usually has black or blone hair, or that is what I have been told." He let out a small, nervous chuckle and opened his eyes once more. Godhood made him equally uneasy, the whole craziness about it was good enough to put anyone on edge. "What is your woman doing?" Jeremiah inquired, keeping his mind off it while occasionally taking drinks of the tea. The thought of sight has always been an a small obsession, just for only a moment to see what it was like to see everything, to see his friend's face and her art that she described so wonderfully.

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Turner [hiatus]

Nico paused, looking at her illustration. “You know, I have - I am a blonde,” she informed him, subtly slipping the correct term in as she tried to remember if it had come up before. She usually described light and dark more than specific colors, sometimes feelings like warm or cold.

What had she drawn, exactly? She spoke first in french - her favorite language, the easiest to speak - before translating herself. “Elle est recroquevillée, pas allongée, mais assise les genoux levés, la joue sur les genoux. Elle frotte les doigts sur le sol, peut-être sur un nom. Ses cheveux sont comme un rideau sur le côté opposé de son visage, comme si elle se cache de quelque sentiment. Fait petit. Elle a l'air de se souvenir de quelque chose de très triste. Elle ne pleure pas, mais elle est perdue dans ses pensées.”

“She is folded - not laying down, but sitting knees up, a cheek on a knee. She’s moving a hand along the floor, maybe on a name that’s on it… The blonde is like a sheet on the opposite side of the face, as though she’s hiding against some feeling. Made small. She looks like she’s thinking of the past. Something sad. She does not weep, but she is lost in thought.”

((the pic i have in mind, btw, though you don’t need to spoil it. Also if you translate the french it will come out slightly different from Nico’s own interpretation. It has more “r” words XD))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "You are? That is..neat" His eyes closed again as she began to speak about the drawing, then talked once she finished translating. "It sounds like you drew you, Nico. Or, at least what my mind thinks of you." His smile returned, bigger this time and slowly touched her paper, using feather like touches to feel the pencil and the other marks on the paper, giving him a better idea of what it looked like. "you should draw more happy drawings, chéri." He liked using what French he knew, mostly from listening to her. It made him feel smart. "Like trees, oh trees are my favorites."

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Turner [hiatus]

She watched him examining the paper, wondering how he interpreted things like that. Eyebrows raised at his words, but she felt a smile pull at her lips. “You think I’m sad?” she asked, a slight teasing in her words. She wasn’t sad. Maybe a bit overwhelmed with the prospect of having to discover herself, but not sad. Maybe… maybe a little at a loss.

Her smile grew at his suggestion, pursing her lips to hold back a giggle. “Happy tɿees?” She winced a bit as her mouth jumbled the consonant, and corrected herself quietly, determined even as she felt a blush rising in her cheeks, and she was glad he couldn’t see her. “Trees.” She forced her mind back to the topic at hand and was more careful with her diction. “Like Bob Ross.” She’d been informed of the public-access painter in her brief time at Tufts and wow did her dorm-mates love the guy.

((using the ɿ as indication of her rhotacism -- basically comes out like a w))

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "No..not sad..just." He has to think about it for moment. "Well, yes sad. But like you are sad inside, not like pathetic sad." Jeremiah hope that made sense. When her little mix up happen, he laughed a little bit, but just because he got the joke. "Yes, like Bob Ross. He has such a nice voice, very soft and warm." What made you good looking to the man was your voice and there were a few peolpe around the campus that just..Jeremiah shuddered a little in remembrance. "You are really good at explain nature, I could probably draw something if you explained it to me."

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Turner [hiatus]

She giggled again. “Glad to know I’m not pathetic.” Nico was further amused by the glowing praise of the king of public access art shows, though she had to agree. The few videos a dorm-mate had forced on her were incredibly peaceful and just so encouraging. Her eyebrows at the suggestion that she could do something similar. “I- well thank you, I guess.” She let out a breath of soft laughter at that. “I couldn’t do the man justice, but I’m honored.” She swiped a finger across her phone screen, fixing some settings, and touched the corner to Jerimiah’s hand. “Want to pick the music? It’s voice command, just hold the button.”

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "But you could, peolpe said he has crazy hair so all we would need to do is get you some messed up hair and then you could make drawings like him. It would be easy." Jeremiah was shocked for a moment when he felt something on his hand, but it went away quickly when she explained. "Oh, alright..let's see." His mind wander a bit before saying into the phone. "P-play Baby Driver." He then sat back as he waited the song to begin to play. When the guitar hit his body began to sway on its own and Jeremiah was just feeling it.

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Turner [hiatus]

Nico bit her lip, still chuckling at the image of herself with the mad poof of hair that was definitively Bob Ross’s signature look. She shifted, moving to the foot of the bed where she had a little flat surface that held some more art supplies, going for some ink to accentuate the lines. She nodded along to the music, enjoying the brief comfortable silence, occasionally taking a sip from her own tea.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Jeremiah remained silent for a moment before he thought of something. "W-we should do something.." The rare thing for him to say, as he never did anything but stay in his room most of the time and listen to music, but Jeremiah was feeling better and need to get his body moving. His tea was quickly gone as he stood, not grabbing his cane since the layout of her side of the room was easy enough and he sorta walked/stumbled onto the bed next to her. He fell onto it actually with a small thump and moved his head up so it appeared he was staring at the ceiling.

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Turner [hiatus]

“Oh?” Nico glanced to him in pleasant surprise, then out the window. The weather was nice - sunny - and she didn’t have any classwork queueing up. The art she was working on was more to kill time than anything else. “Did you have something in mind?” There was an odd assortment of features on the academy campus, and there were places she still hadn’t visited, even after being a student for months.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "I dunno..just to go do something." He turned slightly towards her voice. Her voice was by far the most soothing he had heard, and just hearing her speak to him had calmed himself down enough. Jeremiah hadn't been hardly anywhere around the campus, just his classes, so anywhere would be good for him if she knew places. "We don't even have to go anywhere, just doing something would be nice, keep my mind off things for a little bit.." The frown returned for a moment then his hair went everywhere as Jeremiah shook his head to keep his thoughts off it.

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Turner [hiatus]

Nico’s eyes narrowed with determination. She could do that. Keep his mind off things? She could come up with something- “Oh!” She bounced off her bed, reaching under it for her ukulele. “There’s a gazebo in the - off the lawn -- I don’t see people at it often, so maybe outside music?” She strummed a quick C-chord with a grin. The gazebo had been one of her favorite finds.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "That is a good idea, maybe we can make some money." He stood up, whipping out his cane since it was foldable, and followed her out to the gazebo.

(short way to end it but that is the end)

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