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message 1: by Diana (new)

Diana Ragsdale One last question... final thoughts?

message 2: by Kelly Rose (new)

Kelly Rose | 60 comments I love this book and I love that the last chapter is devoted to explaining all the little bits I was still confused about such as, how in the world did Stapleton plan to inherit Baskerville Hall? Did he think he would just march right on over there after murdering the last two inhabitants and be like, "Oh yeah funny story, I forgot this whole time that I too am a Baskerville, well it looks like I'm next in line for the property. Convenient how I was a neighbor this whole time huh? I guess I forgot to mention that this lady who looks nothing like me is actually Mrs. Stapleton and not my sister, sorry I get confused sometimes." That would have been interesting to see.

But the reason I say the case is complex is because Stapleton wasn't physically doing the murdering. Poor old Sir Charles was scared to death, Seldon the convict fell to his death, and Sir Henry was on the verge of being mauled to death by the so-called Hound of the Baskerville "curse." So he really could have gotten off scot-free had it not been for that meddling Sherlock. His only mistake was underestimating the astute detective and overestimating his own evil plan.

I must say, I love the climax and resolution of the story. I would have been bitterly disappointed if there had been no real hound at all in the story (I am a bit disappointed that it was only an ordinary dog, but I supposed believing it to be some supernatural specter beast in a Sherlock Holmes case is setting my hopes too high; ah well).

I said it before and I'll say it once more, I'd love to see a movie adaption of this case. I could even plot out who I'd cast to play the characters if I'm not already talking too much. ;)

message 3: by Lou (new)

Lou (aliceinbagend) | 41 comments Mod
I was hoping there was an explanation at the end and thankfully there was!
If I must be honest I thought Dr. Mortimer was going to share more of the spotlight and I didn't exactly expect the hound to be real! I thought it was just going to be an illusion or whatnot. But I'm glad it was a real hound. (Would it be okay if I said I was wanting it to be something like a orc's warg?)
And I know what you mean Kelly, I was confused about what Stapleton's plan was too ;P
Seeing reading Sherlock Holmes in action with a pistol was awesome, you know when he's normally just the thinker?
Halfway through this book, when Sherlock and Watson were pretending to go to London, I realised, I have watched a movie adaptation of The Hound of the Baskervilles albeit a very old version. Still it was so long ago and I must have been really small but I just remember Sherlock and Watson pretending to go to London on a train. Funny that that was the only memory of the case I have... ;))

message 4: by Kelly Rose (new)

Kelly Rose | 60 comments I agree! I like Dr. Mortimer and he seemed like a capable guy, I wish he did have a bigger role. Haha I was also imagining a warg or those giant dog things in the Hunger Games movie.

That's so true, I hadn't even thought of that. I really like his character. Not only is he extremely good at what he does, he genuinely cares about his clients' well being.

That's interesting. I'd like to see that movie. Was it the 1939 version?

I forgot to mention in my first post about Mortimer's dog. That was the saddest part for me. I was praying that he would somehow turn up again. When I read the ending it broke my heart. :,(

I was also a little disappointed that nothing was said about Sir Henry and Ms. Stapleton's relationship after the fact. I know she lied to him and everything but it seemed like there was a connection between them. And Stapleton died so she's free (both literally and figuratively). Perhaps it was too much for Henry to process. It seemed like a good ship to me though.

message 5: by Diana (last edited May 22, 2018 12:01AM) (new)

Diana Ragsdale I know, I shipped Sir Henry and Ms. Stapleton too! I loved how this mystery had a smidgeon of romance. That's part of the reason why it's one of my favorite cases.

Also, I want to thank you guys for joining me on this reading adventure! It was an interesting case and it was nice to hear both of your thoughts!

message 6: by Lou (new)

Lou (aliceinbagend) | 41 comments Mod
Yass the Hunger Games mutts!
Yep I'm pretty sure it was the 1939 version.

The fact that the dog was missing slipped by me! I had totally forgotten until it was found dead and noooo! Poor thing!

I was also annoyed that the romance between Henry and Ms Stappleton ended on a chiffhanger but I think we can all guess what (hopefully) happens next.

This group read was so much fun! Glad you enjoyed it too, hopefully we'll be able to do another one again sometime!

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