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[1] 守鶴, Shukaku, One-Tail (一尾, Ichibi): Reserved to the Sand Village
[2] 又旅, Matatabi, Two-Tail ( ニ尾, Nibi): Open
[3] 磯撫, Isobu, Three-Tail (三尾, Sanbi): Open
[4] 孫悟空, Son Gokū, Four-Tail (四尾, Yonbi: Open
[5] 穆王, Kokuō, Five Tail (五尾, Gobi): Open
[6] 犀犬, Saiken, Six- Tail (六尾, Rokubi): Open
[7] 重明, Chōmei, Seven-Tail (七尾, Nanabi): Open
[8] 牛鬼, Gyūki, Eight-Tail (八尾, Hachibi): Open
[9] 九喇嘛, Kurama, Nine-Tail (九尾, Kyūbi): Reserved to the Leaf Village

All members who wish to apply for a Jinchuriki position need to PM one of the Moderators with an average roleplaying sample, both a primary and secondary Bijuu you'd like to attain, your planned village and even a little bit of backstory of what angle you'll be taking with this character. Mods will then bring up your case with the administration team if to see if you receive a majority vote for either of the bijuu you would like to have and you will then be informed on whether or not you've been approved to proceed or not.

People should never apply for Bijuu by just making an application for one. You will not be permitted a Bijuu without PMing Adam and then receiving a majorities approval.

Since the creation of the this world there have been creatures roaming the lands with unspeakable and horrible power. This power was so great that early man dared to call these creatures gods. In total there were nine of these false gods with each of these having a certain number of tails seemingly representing their rank among themselves or their status of power. The fewer the tails then the weaker the beast was it would seem then the rest of its kind, this would be the main trait that gave these gods there name; Bijuu or The Tailed Beasts. Though these beasts possessed great power and raw chakra, they were only that, just great masses of chakra. Like the animal driven beasts they were they did not have the intellect to function or think as a human would. They had the power to completely destroy the world, but without the intellect they were nothing much more than over-powered behemoths.

With that intellect, nations began to research ways in controlling these beasts for their own reward, and this gave rise to what is known as Jinchuuriki-"Power of Human Sacrifice". The sealer would give their life to bind the soul of the demon to the host, and together they created a Jinchuuriki. These Jinchuuriki were created to be heroes and powerful warriors for their village, but the councils of the numerous village didn't expect the side effects of having a demon taking residence in one's body. The Jinchuuriki's personality and body were altered by their Bijuu, and many were unable to properly control their bijuu, and began to go on violent rampages, induced by fear or anger. The men and women of many villages began to shun the Jinchuuriki, because it was difficult for people to forgive and forget the Bijuu who slaughtered their family and destroyed their homes. To them, instead of seeing a person, they saw only a beast.

Even though some Jinchuuriki didn't meet this fate, feared or loved, they still existed as outcasts. No man or woman aside from another Jinchuuriki could understand the painful and mind altering effects of being possessed by one of the Bijuu's powerful and influencing auras. While their demon prisoners gave them immense power and the potential for great and wondrous deeds, many never learned to control the power of their Bijuu. Those who did, however, become vastly powerful and influential in their home village. As each Jinchuuriki failed a new one would be forced to step up. As the sealing abilities improved over the decades the beasts finally became tame and were being controlled successfully by their hosts.

The type of sealing that holds your Jinchuuriki's Bijuu in is very important. To make things simple on Naruto we have gone with the simple version of sealing and its methods. The techniques listed below must be used to either seal a Bijuu into a person to become a Jinchuuriki, or to release the Bijuu from that Jinchuuriki allowing the Bijuu to roam free. All Jinchuuriki must have either one of these seals as the seal that has contained their Bijuu inside of them. They are listed below:

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If one successfully survives the process of having the Bijuu sealed within their body, they will gain access to a range of different abilities that can be unlocked by tapping into the power of the beast within. Each Bijuu comes with its own chakra supply, dramatically adding to the power of the user and there control over the Bijuu. Each Jinchuriki gains access to several different abilities, some of which include "tailed forms", "beast mode", "wild beast mode" and Bijuu specific traits and abilities.

Firstly, the Bijuu on the most part have been created by the Mods on Naruto. If you wish to acquire a Bijuu then you can choose from the list and if you are good enough you will be able to have it. The only requirement is for you to show that you have the skill and dedication that is required to obtain a Bijuu for personal use. This is done through writing an elaborate history of how your character was first 'introduced' to the Bijuu. This history will need to include such things as how it was sealed within you, the story behind why you were chosen, how this impacted your life, your families and peers, and if you wanted this to happen. This history has no word requirement but it is expected to have some length. Administrators are really looking for something that is well written, exciting, interesting, detailed and most importantly fits in with the sites history and storyline (as it is easy to go off into a tangent of demons, dragons and flying pigs).

If staff approve your history then the Bijuu will be yours! From then you go to character creation where you will create your character around the Bijuu. One must create an entirely new app of a character that holds a Bijuu, this is why we recommend you apply for the Bijuu before you start a character. The character must start at the lowest rank available in your chosen field and cannot have any sort of Kekkei Genkai ability. In the app must be a 'sealing' and 'Bijuu' arc that holds the details of how the Bijuu was found, captured and then sealed into the character (your written history). Though this is the easiest of ways to obtain a Bijuu, one must realise that the app will be under heavy scrutiny, and can easily be denied if the history or detail in the app isn't adequate.

The second way, is via RP. Once sealed, it becomes possible that others can steal the Bijuu from the host. The most common way of doing this is to kill the host and re-capture the Bijuu as it escapes resealing it in the user or another target. Other more specific ways of extracting a Bijuu can be made possible via customizations. Current hosts are always in danger of being attacked. If these Bijuu are sent to roam free then it would be near on impossible to find their location. This brings us to the third, and only other way a Bijuu could be obtained.

If a Bijuu is sent loose into the world then their location would be classed as 'unknown'. Staff would then disclose their locations via contest or announcement. The Staff may release announcements of locations of a found Bijuu, in which one will have an opportunity to Roleplay in that area to possible defeat, capture and seal a Bijuu. Anything goes in such topics, thus approach with caution, however let down your guard and show mercy, and a Bijuu may escape. Contests may also be held, where the trophy is one of the prized Bijuu. Stay active and check the Announcements and Contest areas for opportunities to find a wild Bijuu if they escaped. But this would be deemed as rare on the site, as we promote Bijuu as Jinchuuriki not roaming free in the wild.

There is no doubt that the power of the Bijuus that dwell within the Jinchiruuriki is great but harnessing this power is not as simple as one might think. Those with Bijuus within, must train hard throughout their lives in order to gain control over this immense power. The path that a Jinchuiruuki walks is dangerous, as each step they take may be fraught with the threat of those who wish to steal their power for themselves along with the threat of losing control and possibly their lives to the beast that dwells within.

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The Lucid Dream State is most likely the first ability that a Jinchuuriki will unlock during their journey to tame their Bijuu, as it allows for host and Bijuu to communicate freely and build some sort of understanding of one another. While a Jinchuuriki possesses great power, one must never forget that this power is not entirely theirs, rather, it is borrowed from another being that lurks within the host. Those Jinchuuriki who wish to grow strong and harness the power of the Bijuu within would do well to remember this. Because the creature inside of them has their own personality and their own temperament, that it is an impossible task to draw upon the full power of the Bijuu without being able to communicate with them. Of course, there is no guarantee that communication will reap the benefits that are desired and there is also no guarantee that such attempts at communicating will be pleasant or even safe experiences.

Communicating with a sealed Bijuu is not an overly easy task. One's mind must be focused and be able to delve inward in order to find the monster sealed within. This ability to shut the external world out and to look inward toward the Bijuu is called the "Lucid Dream State", so named due to the parallels such an experience has to being asleep and dreaming. When one enters the Lucid Dream State, they are seemingly transported to another realm and while they experience this new realm, their physical bodies remain stationary and unmoving. Indeed it is as though the Jinchuuriki has entered a state of sleep or meditation. Time within this state is an arbitrary concept. What the host may perceive as minutes or hours within the state will usually only be a few seconds to those in the physical world. It is in this way that full conversations can be carried out between Jinchuuriki and Bijuu within the span of a second or two. While interacting with the Bijuu, the host will be able to witness the true nature of the beast and be able to get a feel for their personality and in return the Bijuu will also learn more about the host who contains them. The interactions between Bijuu and host are not always friendly and can be frightening at times as the monster, depending on which one it is, may try to intimidate or scare the host away, not wishing to speak with those they deem unworthy.

The appearance of the realm in which the host and Bijuu speak to one another differs from person to person, some environments being high in the mountains, or within a cave, or in a jail type structure or even underwater. The environment is a unique touch that usually draws upon the hosts personality, giving physical shape to an otherwise metaphysical plane. While the environment may vary, the one key factor in every single instance is the binding of the beast, a physical representation of the seal that holds them within the host's body and contains their powerful chakra. Should the host every choose to undo these binds they will most likely find the power of the Bijuu to be too strong for them and will succumb to the deadly effects of the monster's chakra taking over their bodies until there is nothing left of the host's original self.

Unlocking the ability to enter the Lucid Dream State can be a somewhat confusing process due to the variety of ways that one can access this state. For some it is as easy as breathing and for others it is one of the hardest things they've ever done. It takes a great deal of focus to reach this state when the host is actively trying to communicate with their Bijuu for the first time. For this reason one is usually not able to willfully enter the Lucid Dream State for the first time without a clear and calm mind. Such a mental state is usually brought about by deep meditation. When attempting this method, the host must do well to keep their mind free of distractions and in a state of calm serenity, failing to do so will immediately result in the host losing their concentration and thus being pulled back to reality. To make matters worse, it is often the nature of the Bijuus to try and chase away inexperienced hosts upon the first meeting, making it very difficult for the host to maintain a calm and focused mind. For this reason it can take a Jinchuuriki a great deal of time to fully master this power and as a result those who wish to gain such an ability will need to type up two training topics with each topic consisting of 1,000 words or more. Once the Jinchuuriki had accomplished this, they will be able to enter and exit this state whenever they please, so long as they are not in a combat situation.

For those wishing greater mastery over the Lucid Dream State, another 1,000 word training topic can be done. Once this third training topic is completed, the host will gain the ability to freely move in and out of the Lucid Dream State, even when in combat, making communication with their Bijuu a very simple matter.

While meditation is usually the preferred and mainstream method of unlocking one's ability to access the Lucid Dream State, there is an alternative way for those less versed in the ways of meditation. When a Jinchuuriki is put into a life threatening situation where they truly fear for their lives, they may be able to access the Lucid Dream State, depending on their personality. This is done out of the interests of self preservation as the hosts will usually search for any strength or power within them to overcome the situation, that power being the Bijuu. This method is usually considered more of a freak occurance than actual training, but for those hosts who are not gifted in the areas of patience and focus, this may prove to be the way in which they make contact with their Bijuu. The same rules from above apply to this method, with the requirement of two 1,000 word training topics needing to be created to gain access to freely use this ability outside of battle and another 1,000 word training topic to gain the ability to use this state in battle.

Calling upon the Bijuu's power is the fundamental and primary ability of those who are called Jinchuurikis. Summoning the beast's power takes an incredible amount of focus and effort on the part of the host and in the end, if used unwisely, can take a tremendous toll. But for those who can master this ability, they will find that they will always have a trump card up their sleeve and that their combat prowess and sheer destructive force will drastically increase. Of course such a power does not come without a price. Obtaining this power is no easy task, requiring intense training and focus and once obtained this power may prove to be too much for those who try to tap into their Bijuu's energy before they are sufficiently prepared or those who rely too heavily upon the monster's energy.

The power granted by the beasts comes in set bursts, providing incremental boosts in power. These increments are visually represented to both the host and onlookers by the manifestation of tails protruding from the user's body. While each beast has a unique look to their tails, a general rule of thumb is that the tails, at lower levels, appear to be made from dense and powerful chakra that surrounds the host's form. The color of this chakra and the shape of the "tails" depend upon the beast. As the host proceeds to unleash more of their beast's power the number of tails will increase. It should be noted that as the number of tails increases the appearance of the host becomes more primal and eventually the host will begin to resemble their Bijuu culminating into a final form which will look, more or less like a miniature form of the Bijuu within them. As the number of tails increases they begin to lose their chakra like appearance, taking on a more physical form and in many cases solidifying as actual appendages from the host's body.

As mentioned earlier, obtaining the beast's power is no simple task. For one to harness their Bijuu's power, they must train extensively in the art of safely drawing the energy from within. How one does this is up to personal preference as every host is different and the relationship between host and Bijuu can often become a factor. No matter what method is chosen, it requires both time and dedication as the process for mastering even a single tailed form can take quite some time.

It should go without saying that one must first master a tailed form before being able to use it freely in battle. While there is really no set method as to how to train one's ability to draw upon the Bijuu's power, there is a required amount of effort that must be put in. Training of a tailed form is done in the form of a training topics with a required word count, much like the training for Special Characteristics. While it is possible to train multiple tails within a single topic, one should be aware that these training topics must be open to the public, leaving the host vulnerable to attack from anyone who may be seeking to make the power of the Bijuu their own. Below is a list of the required word count for each tailed form. The tails, if trained within the same topic, must be trained in separate posts (meaning the word counts for two forms can't be combined in a single post).

One Tail: 1000
Two Tails: 1500
Three Tails: 2000
Four Tails: 2500
Five Tails: 3000
Six Tails: 3500
Seven Tails: 4000
Eight Tails: 4500
Nine Tails: 5000

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As stated earlier, mastering the tailed forms is no easy task but due to the sheer power one gains from accessing these tailed forms, the effort is well worth the reward. As one can see each tail has a set number of words needed to successfully train it. So for someone to master their first tail they would need to create a 1000 word training post within an open topic after applying for permission to train said tailed form within the miscellaneous section of the custom's registry.

Once one has successfully mastered a tail form they are able to freely call upon them in battle. The benefits and appearance one takes from unleashing their tailed forms differ from Bijuu to Bijuu, meaning that what one host may gain from a single tail of the Sanbi may not be the same as one may gain from unleashing a single tail (and the only tail!) of the Ichibi. Another benefit to using the tailed forms is the ability to access both Universal Bijuu jutsu (listed further down) and Bijuu Specific jutsu (listed in the specific Bijuu profiles).

Now that we have gone over how to obtain the tailed forms and what one gains from unleashing such forms in battle, we must now talk about the rules and drawbacks of such a tremendous power. The first thing that needs to be discussed is the cost of such a power. Once the host unleashes their first tail in battle they are subject to pay a specific CP cost per post. The cost will be listed below and is specific to each Bijuu and their specific tailed form. If a host should find that they lack sufficient CP to maintain their tailed form, they will revert back to normal human state, losing any and all benefits granted from being within the tailed form. Because of the constant drain on a host's chakra supply, it is advisable that Jinchurikis use their tailed forms with discretion and aim to end conflicts quickly while under the influence of their Bijuu.

Now one may wonder at this point, given the cost of maintaining their tailed form, why one wouldn't just summon the max number of tails to quickly dispatch their foes. The reason for this is that the Bijuu's power is immense and the act of summoning more multiple tails at once is a near impossible feat; not to mention a dangerous one, due to the fact that many hosts, if they could perform such an act, would die in the process due to the shear power of the Bijuu. For this reason Jinchuuriki are only able to summon one tail per post when performing other actions. It is possible for a Jinchuuriki to summon two tails in a single post, but doing so requires complete concentration and as a result the Jinchuuriki must look inward and remain completely still. Doing so leaves the host vulnerable to attack and indeed, if such an attack were to strike them their concentration would be lost and they would need to start all over. When the host enters this state of intense concentration they are left completely oblivious to the world around them. So even if the host were to break this concentration early they would be left disoriented with the current situation. It is advisable to any Jinchuurikis who wish to use this style, to do so only when accompanied by trusted allies who can defend the host as he summons such an immense power. It should also be noted that hosts who have not fully mastered the Lucid Dream State (being able to use it in battle) are not able to use this method of summoning tails.

(view spoiler)

Unique Traits:
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-While going through Tailed Forms, one can only access a single tail per post, unless using the special method to summon two tails per post (see "Tailed Forms" section)
-One cannot use jutsu of the bijuu if they do not meet the same requirements. C-ranked shinobi will be unable to use the 'B' ranked jutsu of the Bijuu. Shinobi with fire and wind affinity will be unable to use water affinity techniques etc.
If the Host dies, the Tailed Beast will be released in the wild. In which cause they must be obtained in the ways stated above.
-If the Host is defeated while in Tailed or Beast Mode, they will be knocked unconscious and neutralized.
-Sealing of beasts requires the ability to use Fuuinjutsu as a main or sub, along with the specified rank for the listed techniques required to seal that beast (displayed above).
-Inactivity, God Modding, Abuse of ability or otherwise lack of RP skill can result in the loss of ones Bijuu. Such violations will lead to a staff vote in which the problem will be judged. Staff vote decisions are final.
-Jinchuriki are not allowed to be part of a specialized clan at creation.
-All special characteristics possessed by jinchuriki apply with your special characteristic limit. They also cannot be removed from your character, unless otherwise specified.
-The jutsu listed under each Bijuu do not need to be learned, rather they are unlocked when in the tailed mode. If you wish to create a custom Bijuu jutsu then please submit it for review. If accepted it will be added onto the already existing list of Bijuu specific jutsu. You will not be charged EXP funds for doing so.

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