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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments The somewhat loud old truck of Angelo "Baby" Holloway pulled up to his favorite spot, where he had already been once today, and turned it off. He hopped out and quickly tossed a blanket over the chair of his project partner's choice for her favorite and stepped inside, breathing the air and ordering a sandwich and finding a nice seat in the back.

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Sure she was perfectly aware it wasn't a date. It was just a school project. Purely academic. Nothing more. But so what if she wanted to look nice? She rarely looked nice in public. Now was one of those rare times, and even so she still wore a modest sundress. It was a pale blue, almost lavender color, it stopped at her knees with thin straps along her back. She had a small bag over her shoulder filled with art supplies, she sighed stepping in and glancing around anxiously.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Angelo waved at the girl when she came in, and immediately noticed she changed. He didn't know why, but he digged the dress on her and when she wasn't looking, took a quick whiff to make sure he didn't smell. Again, the self consciousness was a strange feeling for him so he may have looked a bit awkward. "You got everything? Because this is going to be wicked." Angelo gave her a smile and handed her some of the art supplies he brought for her, just some nice drawing paper and some paints.

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Zinovia glanced over at him and approached, sitting down beside him and pulling her bag onto her lap, "I brought what I have" she offered up, chuckling nervously. He was oddly enthusiastic about constellations. It was kind of cute.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Well we will make due. With our powers combined, we will make stars n' shit." He set the large piece of paper in the middle of the table, moving the weird lantern centerpiece onto a chair. "So like, what constellations should we make?'' He was super excited about constellations, Angelo's "secret pleasure" is learning about the stars and all the sweet shapes and the stories behind them.

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Zinovia stared at the centerpiece and raised a brow, "Well they're not the same constellations that we see because our constellations are relative to the position that we're in. So a star in say... the big bear could be somewhere clear in Sagittarius" she opened her textbook, pointing to a diagram of constellations and smiling, "That one"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Uh..alright." He had about zero idea what she said. "I know Sagittarius, he is suppose to be, like the god of archery or something about archery." Angelo looked at the book and saw all the other ones and tried to figure out what could be close to Venus so that you would see it. "So like, They proably wouldn't be able to see the Big or the Little Dipper, right?" Honestly, he had no idea and was hoping she had an idea.

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She chuckled quietly and shook her head, "Zodiac sign.. when were you born?" she asked as she began to sketch out the constellations for him to copy onto the actual piece. She glanced at him from the side, a small smirk reaching her lips.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Oh, yeah, zodiac signs. Forgot about them." Angelo watched her sketch it out, scooting just a tad bit closer so he could look at the paper. "I was born July 2, so that would make me a..uh..Leo, right?" He knew he wasn't a Leo, but was gonna let her seem smart, she looked kinda cute when she was explaining all this to him. "Ya know, I got this spray paint stuff that will work for being the gas for Venus."

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"I.. think that would be cancer" she nodded in thought before turning to glance at the paper, "What color is it?" she inquired, glancing up at him again as she continued to sketch it all out. It was a rough sketch. She clearly wasn't much of an artist.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "It is orange, and it glows a little bit in the dark. I bought it a long time ago on an impulse." He grabbed it out of the bag he brought in with him. "I don't know if I ever even used it if I am being honest..." Angelo let out a nervous chuckle then sat in silence, just watching you draw the stars and planning out the rest of the project in his head, like he did all his art. "I brought that chair you liked, if you want to see it." He finally said after awhile.

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Zinovia's eyes widened at him and she smiled, "Really? Yeah I'd love to" she replied. She finished the sketch of the constellations, pushing them forward along the table, "Just fit them to scale with the paper, they'll be a bit more spread out" she explained.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Angelo began to draw, as he had said before, drawing anything didn't work out as well and he kept on erasing the same constellation he was working on. "Yeah, it is just in the back of my truck, it is the old one with blue paint." He looked up again and couldn't help to smile. She just seemed to be having a good time which always made Angelo feel better, not just with her but with anyone he could get to smile. But, he remained to at least keep some of his cool guy attitude that he always showed so quietly he went back to work.

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She noticed he was struggling and though it was funny at first, she couldn't help but feel a little bad. So she reached forward, placing her hand over his hand and guiding it carefully, "Each inch is a measurement of distance" she explained quietly, continuing with a firm, determined gaze.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "I see. So like, you shrink the picture onto the paper so it is smaller. I got it. When she grabbed his hands, Angelo at first looked at her in complete bewilderment. She seemed so shy and he figured she would afraid to be even talking with him, so her grabbing his hand to help surprised him quite a bit, and it showed for only a moment, but what a long moment that was. The constellation was finished in no time with her assistance and he looked at it, that great smile had returned to his face.

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Zinovia pulled away and blinked, blushing faintly at her own actions. Sometimes she could get a little carried away. She wasn't entirely shy, just apprehensive. Unsure of how to approach conversations. But she was inquisitive, her curiosity outweighed her social ineptitude by a landslide.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Well.." At this time he had forget about his sandwich and it arrived. "Oh, yeah, thanks Amelia." He nodded and gave the worker and smile. She seemed a bit flustered but said thanks and off she went. "Like I was saying, we should probably color this and then spray it and then that will be everything for the project. Pretty easy one overall, this was." He moved a hand through his wild mane of hair, finally about to actually just sit and look at the girl, which he did.

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Her eyes momentarily shifted towards Amelia and she quickly looked away. Other girls tended to intimidate her, mostly because she had an incredibly low self esteem. She nodded in agreement, ".. mhm" she replied, looking through the colors silently. She was a little disappointed, she was having a good time, she didn't want it to end so quickly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "then again.." Angelo looked at her, his grin slightly turned mischievous. "..all this coloring could take a while and then we would have to hang out with one another for longer. So as long as you do't have a few books to crank out, wanna have a bit of fun?" He took another bite out of his sandwich and awaited for a response, hoping she would say yes. He knew a few places around if she wanted to stretch her legs or a karaoke bar if she enjoyed some liquor and drunk fools singing.

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She quirked her head to the side at his suggestion, her hands slowing to a stop as she stared down at the paper and the supplies. She worried her lip between her teeth and spun a marker betwixt two fingers. Rationally, it probably wasn't the best idea. But she wasn't the most rational person anyways. So she nodded, "... Yeah, that'd be cool" she smiled.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments Angelo gave her a thumbs up. "Alright, that is sweet." Proud of himself he stood up. "Come on, I wanna show you the chair." He walked out to the trucker, a tad bit of swagger to his step that was 100% natural and then when he reached it, lifted the blanket covering it. There it was, in the flesh, and it was a lot more beautiful in life than it was on the paper, every curve of it looked gorgeous and so pinpointed to make it look slightly life like.

((Here ya go. The Chair (view spoiler)))

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<< oh btw idk if i put her voice in her template but here have that fuckin masterpiece >>

Zinovia's eyes widened and she tucked her bag closer to herself, staring at the chair, completely entranced. She stepped forward, fingers looping around the intricate designs, "Where did you learn to do things like this?" she asked quietly.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "My grandfather, he was a carpenter. When I was a youngin' he taught me everything I know." Angelo's eyes weren't on the furniture, but on Zinovia, so glad she loved it. The chair was one of his favorite pieces and if the blondie thought it was so great, than so did he. "It is not bad, but you should see the swords I have done, you want to talk about intricate designs."

((Well if you wanna know what my homeboy actually sounds like, here is him cutting a hella promo though in the rp, I imagine it deeper))

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<< i cant take him seriously lmao >>

Zinovia glanced up at him and nodded, "I would be interested in seeing them... what did you want to do?" she asked, glancing around. She didn't know this town very well. She didn't know any town very well actually.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Well, what are you wanting to do. We could go make fun of the drunks at the karaoke bar, or there is a park nearby, maybe like one of them fancy shamncy art museum, or my favorite, the children's place. That is one giant little kid playground that they adults screw around with." Angelo picked the chair up with ease and put it back into the trunk, the blanket over it once more.

(I love the guy in the back nodding with what he is saying, he looks kind of cooky)

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<< lmao yeah that dude is a meme >>

Zinovia was twenty one and technically she was allowed to drink but she'd never had a sip of alcohol in her life. But... she trusted him. She wasn't sure why, though she suspected it had something to do with Aphrodite being his deity. She really trusted him. Enjoyed being around him, wanted to be around him more. So she nodded, "... I've never been to a bar"

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Oh, I like your style. Yeah, the place is called Curly's, owned by Curly. Nice Fella, big." Baby had the problem of being to friendly and as such had met quite the number of people. "It is about 20 minutes from here if we wanted to go now, but there wouldn't be that many people now, only the regulars. So, like, it depends on you when you want to leave or what we are doing. Thy wish is my command." He then did a perfectly dramatic bow to her.

((just look up the cleaner kenny omega entrance if you wanna see a living breathing memE))

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He provoked a grin and a small chuckle escaped her lips. Lips noticeably coated in something pale pink and shimmering. It was her lip gloss, it tasted like strawberries. She rarely wore it, ever. ".. well.. I don't know this town very well. So you could.. give me a tour?" she suggested.

<< i shall >>

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments As he stood up straight again, Angelo gave another mischievous smile to Zinovia. "A tour? Well, I don't see why not. How about you hop in this here good ole tour truck." He smacked the side of his car, then looking back to her, noticed the little shimmer on her lips. Was she trying to look nice? Because his mind got a bit distracted before he continued. "And I will show you all the best hole-in-the-wall places int the town. Also you can see all the local celebrities if we happen to pass them by.'' Still slightly distracted, he turned to look at her and gave her one more of his killer smile before it slowly faded back to a much more natural look on his lovely face.

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Eager, she sat herself on the passenger's side after taking a moment to admire his enthusiasm. He was hyper, a little off the wall. Probably held a drink well. And she kind of wanted to touch his beard, as odd as that sounded. "Off we go then" she settled, pulling the seatbelt on and taking a moment to glance around the truck.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Amazing." Angelo followed suite, hoping in and buckling up, beginning the drive to Curly's Karaoke Bar. "If you look to your left.." He began, in the most ridiculous droning voice. "You are going to see a building built a hell of a long time ago, and to your left." His finger pointed to a small white building. "Is Otto's grocery store, they have the best pork cutlet sandwiches." Towards the end of the that sentence his voice returned to normal. She had no need to worry about him keeping the alcohol down, but Angelo did worry slightly about her. The main drink there is Jungle Juice, known there as the Twisted Bowl. It would be the dangerous combination of really potent vodka's and other tasteless boozes with a whole lot of kool-aid and juice. It was delicious and you couldn't taste a drop of alcohol, hint why it was dangerous. "How good are you with your booze, Zin?" He spoke abruptly, just letting out whatever he was thinking. There was also no one way in hell that Angelo was gonna call her Zinovia over and over again, so Zin is what she would be called.

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She was confused at first by the nickname but eventually thought it more practical than saying her full name, which she'd always liked but really it was extra. She raised her brows and thought for a moment, "Oh.. you know... the best" she lied awkwardly before running a hand through her hair and shaking her head, "I've.. never had a drink in my life" she fessed up quickly, she was the worst liar anyways.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Well.." He kept driving at a slower pace so you could see the buildings and somewhat remember their names. "Be careful of the Twisted Bowl. You are not going to taste it but the stuff is super liquored up." Angelo saw the larger building slowly weeding out and knew he was close. "if you have never had alcohol, you will probably just want a beer or something light to start, or even one of them airplane bottles of the harder stuff they sell." Angelo knew a thing or two about mixology, he had been to a few and loved all the little theatrics of it and so he learned different drinks and stuff that doesn't taste like gasoline.

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Zinovia glanced at him and listened to him explain, nodding slowly and keeping that in mind. "you know a lot about drinks?" she asked, tilting her head to the side curiously. Perhaps that could have been taken the wrong way, as an insult to character or something silly along those lines, but Zinovia was genuinely interested in him. And gods drank all of the time, she figured it really wasn't abnormal.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Yeah, you could say so. We were in Puerto Rico for about a year and this older bartender taught me quite a few tips and tricks. I make a mean Cubra Libre." Angelo let out another chuckle. She seemed interested in just about everything he was talking about. She must be a good person to talk to, his mind thought as Angelo continued to speak. "Are we going to see some of those shower singing skills we had talked about earlier." He gave her a bit of a nudge with his elbow while he teased the girl, trying to get another smile out of her.

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Her cheeks darkened and she nervously tugged at the fabric of her dress, "Uh.." she chuckled awkwardly, "Probably not" she replied, she didn't have the confidence for that. "What about you?" she asked, glancing back at him.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Maybe, we will see." Angelo quickly put his hands back on the wheel and kept driving, eventually just clicking on the old radio and finding a station to play. One thing he did not enjoy AT ALL was making peolpe get all nervous and fidget-y, so when she did it, he just left her alone for a minute before eventually pulling up to the small brick building. It had a neon sign of a pig with a microphone with the words "Curly's Singin' Bar" and he let out a sigh. "Here we are."

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The thought quickly lightened her mood and she glanced up at the sign, tilting her head, "Ah" she stepped out of the car, being careful not to slam the door and glancing up at him. He really was a tall guy. "So I take it you work out a lot?" she asked suddenly. It was her way of flirting. Mostly because she didn't know how to flirt...

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Huh?" He looked down at her and then smiled. "Yeah, I like to lift weights, it is like a stress reliever, ya know? It is also good for the body so there is that." Angelo looked down and decided, this girl is going to blush tonight. "That dress looks fantastic on you, Zin. It goes well with the gloss." When they reached the door, he held it opened for her and into the small bar with a stage and a microphone and lots of flags and little pig things everywhere.

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She didn't know how to respond, she wasn't the one typically receiving compliments. And when she was it was never on what she wore. Always how "nice" she was, or how "smart" she was. But she appreciated it, cheeks turning a faint pink, "... Thanks" she murmured. She noticeably looked around a lot, observing everything she could.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments He did a little pump fist at her blush and stepped in. "What would like to do first? Try your first bit of liquor then work your way up to the Twisted Bowl?" He had a seat at the stool and ordered two of his favorite beer. It had a really good taste to it while keeping the hopsy flavor. "Your Welcome, By the way." The beers came and he popped the caps off both, handing one to the girl and taking a drink out of the other.

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Zinovia stared at the beer skeptically and eyed it up and down before taking a small sip and scrunching her nose up. She didn't not like it. It wasn't bad at all. It was simply an unfamiliar taste. She glanced at him, her posture already loosening up a bit. "do you come here often?" she inquired.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Not particularly often, maybe once a week or so. It is just a good atmosphere. Like a nice tight nit group of people." Angelo laughed at the girl when she took a drink, "Yeah, figured that would happen. You'll get use to the taste." taking another drink, he began to pop his back and lossen up bit, getting ready for some fun.

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She certainly hoped he was right, the taste still bothered her even as she sipped on it a bit more. She glanced up at him, nodding, "You have a lot of friends around here" she noted, glancing around, "Though I guess it's pretty expected.. what with the whole Aphrodite thing" she shrugged.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Nah, I am just friendly. If your friendly with people, they'll like, be friendly back. I hardly even know anything I can do as the goddess of love, I just know I am." The idea of having powers scared him, he just wanted to be normal and work on wood, but this was the way it was now so he tried to just keep looking foward. "You could get a more fruity drink if you don't like the beer, what kind of flavors do you like?" He slowly took the bottle from her, realizing the girl did not like the flavor. Zinovia's face really did tell him that. ''Or you can just look at the board and pick one." He pointed to the large chalkboard with all the drinks and foods they had there.

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Zinovia glanced up at the board and shook her head, "it's fine" she replied. She could tolerate the drink, and anyways, the flavor wasn't getting to her like before, she was even kind of getting used to it. "... you don't think that maybe it's your deity that attracts people to you? A side effect I mean? You're a pretty magnetic person" she commented.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "You sure?" Her bottle went onto the table. "Because they got some cocktail that taste like skittles. Real good." Angelo stopped what he was about to do when she said that. "I..never thought of that." His eyes widened a bit and a small frown was on his face. "So, I probably wouldn't be as popular if I wasn't like this?" He did a little gesture to his body and took a seat on the stool, since he was standing. "That is pretty insane to think about, like, what else about me is influenced by Aphrodite." Angelo scratched his beard, taking out the rubber band he used as a ponytail holder and let all fall out a bit more.

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Her eyes flickered to his hair, and again she had the urge to run her hands through it but of course she didn't because that'd be weird. She nodded slowly, "But you aren't like that, it's just you. You are Aphrodite. Not related, just.. you. You're popular because you're you and you just so happen to be Aphrodite" she explained, furrowing her brows and pushing the nearly finished bottle to the side, "Am I making sense because I feel like I'm nt making sense" she asked, a little woozy.

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Benny Boot (bennyboot) | 226 comments "Yeah, you're kinda making sense. I am popular because that's who I am, not because of what I am." Angelo slung down the rest of the bottle down than ordered another with a little wave, setting a twenty down just to keep them coming. "Come on, time I fail at singing a song." He wanted to forget he was a god for awhile and just have a good time. So he grabbed the two new fresh bottles for himself and for Zinovia and walked towards the stage, which had a couple couches surrounding it with a handful of other normal college students just hanging out. "Hey guys." Angelo nodded at them and found himself a seat, leaving a spot open either next to him or having a little distance if she wasn't comfortable enough right next to him.

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