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The People (Karma Finds You Series #1) by Zachary Byrd Zachary Byrd

Title: The People (Karma Finds You Series #1)
Author: Zachary Byrd
Genre: Science Fiction
Formats Available: Amazon Kindle
Time Frame: 4 Weeks
Copies Available: 20


Experts tried justifying this, tried explaining it with logic. Anything concluding her fallout to settle down students of the university, and residents surrounding. Doctors have deemed it mental, while well-known demonologists have come forward claiming evil spirits. One thing is certain. The details surrounding Kendall Harrison are not only baffling, they are terrifying.

Countless hours have been spent with the Harrison family, Marcy Simmons, and Ryan Denning. Attempting to try and understand this sporadic event, it has been requested to respect the privacy of those mentioned, and all others involved with this case. What you are about to read is an occurrence taking place near a university in Indiana through insight shared. The Kendall Harrison case has become one of Indiana's most disturbing investigations, creating much public attention and hysteria, within the past few years.

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sent in your request Jo-Anne

Cobwebby Eldritch Reading Reindeer  (readingreindeerproximacentauri) | 42 comments Mobi, please

(Mallory A. Haws)

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