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Sofia Rivera Wonder is a book written by R.J. Palacio about a child who was born with a facial difference, and his experiences attending school for the first time. The book was completely eye-opening and is the kind of story that you finish, and then think about for a long time after, reconsidering moments in your life. One of the main ideas in the book is how people would hurt Auggie's feelings, without actually meaning to. This recurring theme is one that stuck with me; it made me rethink moments in my own life where maybe I could have hurt someone's feelings unintentionally. That's exactly what this story does; make you think about your own life and how you can and do affect others. I really enjoyed how the book changed perspectives over time, from being from the point of view to August, to his family and friends. I did not really know what to expect going into this book, but I can definitely say I enjoyed it. The book gets a message across clearly and frankly, without beating around the bush, which I liked. I would definitely recommend this book to anyone. It is an easy read, but that does not make it any less interesting or impactful.

Ella K I love how you blow me away with your awesome description! Have you seen the movie yet? If not, you really should. Thanks!

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