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The Cat Who Went to Paris
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LibraryCin | 9085 comments The author was a writer of screenplays and books, and never liked cats. When a girlfriend and his brother got together to get him a Scottish Fold cat (their ears are bent down), he fell in love instantly! But, his lifestyle involved a lot of travel. Right from when the little kitten, at 6 weeks old, came to live with him and flew across the country to do so, Peter brought Norton with him most of the time when he was travelling. Norton had no problems with it. He loved people and people loved him.

Love this little cat! What a charmer! Felt badly that he was separated from mom and siblings at only 6 weeks, though (that’s really too soon; from what I’ve read, ideal is 12 weeks to be completely socialized, though most breeders and many rescues will send them out at 8 weeks, when they are physically ready). I’m not sure the years/decades Norton lived, but the book was written in 1991, so maybe less attention was paid to that back then? There were cute little cat illustrations at the start of each chapter, as well.

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Cynda  (cynda) Just a book for cat lovers like us :-)

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Joi (missjoious) | 3834 comments One of my mom and my all-time favorites! My mom got our family a Scottish fold when I was around 5-6 literally BECAUSE of this book, and Salem the Scottish Fold was my childhood cat. When I'm older, I'd really like to have another Scottish fold kitty.

LibraryCin | 9085 comments Oh, they're beautiful! But, I volunteer for rescues and will adopt only. Not likely that I'll ever find a Scottish fold at a rescue!

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