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Little Fires Everywhere
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May 2018: Family Drama > Little Fires Everywhere - Celeste Ng - 4 Stars

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Jason Oliver | 2105 comments Mia and her daughter Pearl move to a new city. There, they are befriended by the Richardson's. Then everything starts to unravel, from a custody dispute or teen pregnancy.

The more I think about this book the more I feel The Great Gatsby. I'm not sure if I stole that from someone else and just don't remember or if I came to that conclusions on my own.

At times I had problems with the writing, especially the back story parts. It felt more as if I was being told the story instead of seeing the story. The change in timeline messed with me a bit, especially in the beginning.

Overall however, great book discussing very important issues in a realistic way without speaking from a pulpit. Some issues are just so complex that there is no way everyone can win.

Anita Pomerantz | 6756 comments Interesting that this reminded you of The Great Gatsby. I haven't read that one in sooo long, so not sure what the parallels are, but it kinda makes me want to revisit that one. One of the few books I've read more than once.

I agree with you on the writing.

Jason Oliver | 2105 comments The parallel is someone coming into a higher society that they don't really belong, they are taken into the fold but then everyone around acts for are complete disregard for are none else. Paraphrasing The Great Gatsby, but Tom (think it's his name) and Daisy causes a train wreck and then moves on. The story is not similar but the attitude and the selfishness.

message 4: by Amy (new) - rated it 4 stars

Amy | 9384 comments I agree that that’s a very interesting illusion. What’s so interesting about this book is that there’s so many angles to see it from. I love that we’re having so many discussions I bring so much greater depth and different angles to it.

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