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message 1: by Emma (new)

Emma Calin (emmacalin) | 6 comments Hi, If you fancy some non-fiction for a change and like sport or history, or love the Tour de France, here's your chance to get a review copy of newly released audiobook 'Tour de France: The Inside Story' by sports journalist Les Woodland.

The book goes back over one hundred years to the origins of the greatest cycle race in the world. Peppered with and stories from the evolution of the race to modern times. Featuring anecdotes involving many famous cycling characters from Britain, France, Germany,Italy, Belgium the Netherlands,Spain, USA, Australia and beyond. The book looks at the commercialism of the Tour, the drugs, the deals and the goings on behind the scenes.

The audiobook is just over 9 hours long. I have 5 review codes for Audible UK and USA and would love to share them with listeners who enjoy non-fiction and particularly sports-related/historical books.

Tour de France: The Inside Story. Making the World's Greatest Bicycle Race
Tour de France The Inside Story. Making the World's Greatest Bicycle Race by Les Woodland
First come first serve!
Emma Calin (audiobook producer)

message 2: by Kevin (new)

Kevin Corby | 13 comments Hi Emma,

I'd love a US code please. Does the book go through the Lance Armstrong era?

message 3: by Emma (new)

Emma Calin (emmacalin) | 6 comments Hi Kevin

Thanks for your interest. Your code is below.

The book does cover the Armstrong era - but as one of many, many riders who have used substances in order to survive and win, in the context of the history of the tour as an event that has taken place for over one hundred years. This is interesting in itself - he is one of many champions who have 'cheated' but as this book reveals, just how do you define 'cheating' when everyone else is taking something as well? It does make you wonder if his treatment as a pariah is deserved when the whole tour since inception has been soaked in substances.

Here's your code:


Here are some instructions on how to use it:

Go to my book's page on

Add the audiobook to your cart.

Enter the promo code, and click "Redeem" on the cart page to change the price from full price to $0.00.

Create a new account or log in.

Complete checkout, and start listening to the free copy of the book.

Many thanks for your interest and happy listening. We would really like to know what you think of the audiobook - please leave a comment, however small after you have finished listening.

Thanks again.
Emma (producer) Oscar (narrator)

message 4: by skinmaan (new)

skinmaan | 17 comments Emma,

If you have any copies left my wife would love a chance to read and review this. She is an avid cyclist with an interest in the history of the sport.


message 5: by Emma (new)

Emma Calin (emmacalin) | 6 comments That's great - she sounds like our ideal listener! Here is another code - follow the same instructions...


Many thanks and happy listening in tandem!

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