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Emily Freed Review 7

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Emily Freed The book I chose to read this week was called Everything Everything by Nicola Yoon. This book is all about promoting diversity and is one to for sure make you cry. The main character Madeline is a mixed race individual and has a rare disease called SCID. She calls it the “bubble baby disease” because she lives in a metaphorical bubble where she is not allowed to leave her house. The only people she ever really socializes with are her mom and her nurse. However, this all changes when she sees her neighbor Olly for the first time. Through Madeleines conversations with Olly we are able to learn so much about her character and really connect with a lot of the feelings she has. Through the conversations the two characters have we are able to see Madeline develop as a character throughout the novel. This book reminded me a lot of The Fault in Our Stars because they are both about sick teenagers who find love. I think this book would be a great read for high schoolers because whether or not they can relate to having an illness like Madeleines a lot of her feelings and comments about life are extremely relatable.

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Emily Freed a

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