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Slip! | 1407 comments ((...meep))

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Amber-Lily looked around the house with wide eyes. Her parents house was way smaller than that. She realized that it was actually clean but she though it wasn't going to be.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt lets her look around, guiding her through to the kitchen. "Well? Thoughts?"

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"This is place is like my dream house except I had 3 cars infront but this is really cool" She said with a smile.

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Well, whats mine is yours..." MAtt drifts off. "Shall I show you your room?"

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"Yes Please" She said with excitement jumping up and down.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt laughs, taking her hand and leads her upstairs.
"I have two spares, one is larger than the other, though the smaller has the queen bed."
He takes her to the third door. "Bathroom..."
The fourth; " room."

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"Is your room messy or something?" She teased.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt looks at her. "Why miss Lilly, are you poking to get into my den?"

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She blushed realizing what she said, "Hey I am cleaning here I just wanted to know if it was or not. You make it sound strange"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt chuckles, tossing the door open to reveal a cozy, clean room.

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"Well I guess I was wrong" She mumbled to herself looking around.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt shrugs. "If you aren't neat in your room, it reflects your life. I always like to say one's room reflects on personalty."

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"I guess that makes since" She said stepping in sitting on his bed with her eyes closed, "Sorry about the kiss I should have asked for permission"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt frowns. "What do you mean?"

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"Its just" She went through her hair, "I don't know honestly I am starting like you very slowly but surely I am. I just don't want to get hurt. The only reason why I am staying longer is because"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt blinks, and then slowly sits beside her, pressing against her for solitude. "I see," He nods sagely. "You don't have to apologize for having feelings, you know."

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"I do if the person doesn't return them" She said biting her lip, "I am staying in your house, went to your secret hideout, and you paid for my food at a restaurant. I have to apologize for that"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt laughs, catching her chin to force her to meet his gaze. "Why do you think I did it? Because the feeling wasn't mutual? Silly pup..."

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She looked at him with her eyes her gaze became soft. Her face began to also soften along with a confused smile, "I am sorry I didn't know that's why you did that"

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Slip! | 1407 comments "And if I still haven't made myself clear," Drawing her in, matt gently lays his lips on hers

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She kissed back softly before she wrapped her arms around his neck pulling them closer. She blushed but she never pulled away because she like it. She couldn't even deny how much she felt.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt sighs, holding her close as he moves his lips against hers.

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She fluttered her eyes open as she pulled away looking at the wall. She tried to not look him in the face letting out a small laugh, "I understand."

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt smiles, nuzzling her in a wave of affection. "Good. Glad your comprehensive skills are up to par."

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"You make me sound like I am retarded" She said laughing at him finally meeting his eyes

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt winks. "Hormones makes event the smartest Einstein a babbling bafoon."

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"That is actually true in your case" She said pushing him playfully.

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Slip! | 1407 comments MAtt laughs, catching her wrists in his hands.

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She smiled at him when she looked in his eyes, "You have me hostage again"

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Slip! | 1407 comments "Do I?" MAtt does nothing to release her

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"Yes you actually do" She said trying to get from his grip but ends up on top of him, "I um- uh-- Sorry"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt laughs, transferring his arms around her to keep her firmly agains his chest. "Well, I'll have you know I don't really intend to release my prisoner..."

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She blushed when she looked at his face saying it was serious, "And I don't intend to be your prisoner for long sometimes they are smarter than you think"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt laughs, running his lips along her jaw. "Well then, I shall have fun foiling your attempts of escape."

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She blushed wanting to pull away but she strangely didn't move one bit, "Don't understate me Matt"

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Slip! | 1407 comments He shakes his head seriously. "I won't."

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She looked at him before gently placing her lips on his with a smile on her face. She pulled away looking in his eyes once more, "Good"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt kisses her lightly, eyes twinkling.
" can choose your room now"

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She nodded getting up off of him looking at the room he should her before. She entered the room with a queen size bed, "What have I gotten my self into"

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Slip! | 1407 comments MAtt follows. "A good choice,"

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"Yeah I will probably decorate tomorrow when I get a chance" She said calmly before she took a steady breath.

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt nods, "Yeah, it was my brother's before he moved out. Didn't like the whole pack thing, so he dropped us and is living pretending he isn't one." A look of sadness crosses his usual smiling featurs

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"I am sorry Matt" She said with a frown also before giving him a hug, "My parents had the same problem but me on the other hand I loved what I am. I ran away since I was 13 on my own. That is why I don't trust people and stay around for long"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt looks at her deep in the eye. "Don't leave me, please." The pain reflect in his voice

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"I promise I wont leave you I will stay as long as you want me to" She said putting a hand on his cheek, "I don't break promises"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt closes his eyes, pressing his cheek against her palm, breathing a sigh of relief.
Under her palm, he trembles.

This is a new side of Matthew that he never reveals to anyone, a side that hides his pain and lonliness.

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"I don't want you to feel lonely anymore behind that grin of yours its a lot of tears" She said feeling her eyes water, "I can tell you that I know how you feel. I don't want you to feel this pain and sorrow anymore"

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Slip! | 1407 comments Matt turns his head away. "I...his haunts me ever day..."

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"Matt, Just focus on me" She said seriously, "Just breath okay and tell me what happened from the beginning so I can understand more"

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