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Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
Magie are a Group of human's that have discovered the are of magic, in this art there Disciplines are Very limited, for Taking just one was a task that could kill them, that and when they learned one discipline they quickly discovered that the discipline that balanced the one they learned was lost to them.
Magie only can take up to two disciplines at first a primary witch is your strongest and a Secondary in witch you are just learning

Death: Deals with death, darkness, decay, ghosts, souls and other such spooky stuff. Is more or less a "new" Arcana not directly taken from the original Mage game, but it's got some elements of Entropy.
Fate: Mostly stuff like luck, fate, fortune and oaths, but at the highest level you can go Old Testament on people and summon rains of frogs, swarms of locusts and otherwise turn probability into your own. Derived from Ascension's Entropy.
Forces: Fire, wind and electricity, heat and cold, light, sound, gravity and even radiation: Forces is a potent Arcana indeed. At lower levels you're a bit limited, but at higher levels you can shot lightning like there's no tomorrow and slap physics in the face by creating or destroying energy. And then you can give someone cancer by radiating them.
Life: The Arcana of healing, of rebuilding life, but also working with animals or shapeshifting: Life is a very useful support Arcana. At higher levels you can almost bring people back from the dead, or even create brand new species of life.
Matter: The Arcana of solids, liquids and gasses, of form, shaping and changing: Matter is a real hands-on Arcana. This works with both base materials and machines, allowing a mage to mess with electronic devices, reshape matter, fuse machines together so you have a shotgun that shoots nails, create golems or create matter ex nihilo.
Mind: Jedi Mind Trick, the Arcana. With some extra abilities involving the Goetia and altering the mind of people till they die. Also allows for telepathic networking and creating friends.
Prime: The Arcana of Metamagic. This allows a Mage to mess with the Aether, Tass, Nodes and allows Sleepers to become Sleepwalkers. Has less to do with making objects permanent like in the original Mage, but it still allows for messing with the trappings of magic like back in the day.
Space: Correspondence, but with the connections between things played down slightly. This Arcana allows the mage to mess with three-dimensional space to move faster or keep people away from certain locations, lock them in rooms that air can't get into, warp someone's flesh, fold space or even create pocket dimensions. Space can still mess with connections between things or people, but this is not Fate or Mind magic: it is merely the connection itself which can be returned to its original state.
Spirit: The Arcana to deal with the spirit world. Allows the Mage to commune with spirits, survive in the spirit world, create fetishes and familiars and at the highest levels alter or even create new spirits, Loci or a permanent residence in the spirit world. Remember that it is unwise to annoy the spirits, and even more so if the Uratha have to get involved.
Time: Precognition and postcognition, prophecy and change and even compressed or reversed time: while difficult to use Time is a very potent Arcana. At lower levels a Mage can alter minor events or see a bit into the future, at higher levels they can see far into the future, rewrite history, age someone to death on the spot or have time around them slow to a crawl while the Mage has hours to spend.

Voldkin~ " Home, the place you go to escape the world." (voldkin) | 41 comments Mod
if you take one the other becomes unusable (for know)
Death - Life
Fate - Time
Mind - Space
Spirit - Forces
Prime -Matter

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